Monday’s Eye Candy – Dr. Drew Pinsky

I’ve decided theres no better time like (post-rapture) to feature this Celebrity Dr, since he’s The-Go-To Guy for all the looney’s of the world.  He was actually number 15 on the list after it was brought to my attention that: Hot, Tall, Mysterious and Sexy… aren’t always the attribute many look for in someone.  Most happened to think that Dr. Drew is attractive, and I have also learned that Dr. Drew is considered to be “SEXY”.  So after receiving email’s, and a wall post’s on my fb about him, I figured why not give him a chance.  Now in doing so, I have discovered that I reconnected with the love for geeks, like I had had once upon a time, when I used to stay up for MTVs Loveline.  You would think Adam Corolla would’ve caught my eye, with his arrogance but no… the Doctor did.  Shortly thereafter I lost interest in MTV for a while, and so it happened that I lost interest in Dr. Drew as well.  But this shouldn’t stop him or anyone from making it on to the spot,  here you go ladies, the first real doctor to make it on to Monday’s Eye Candy, Dr. Drew Pinsky.  Jennifer and Annabelle this ones for you, Enjoy!