The Secret!


When I first read this book, I was in a different place then where I stand today.  I had everything I had always wanted for my life. I was married with children, had a great job, living in a beautiful place, comfy for six with a dog, and a cat. At the time I felt I had reached the ultimate high, were there wasn’t room for wanting anything, because I had it all.  The idea of one day being married was enough for me, that when it actually came to pass, I didn’t really put mind to what holds it all together.  Reality came setting in, and what I wanted was no longer what I had, because although I had the beautiful home, and the two cars, and the family with a dog, and a cat, there was always something missing from my marriage, and that was unconditional love and understanding.

Although when it comes to unconditional love, there’s no love like a mothers love for a child, or vice versa. However when it comes to the love of a woman and a man, something happens that its hard to understand.  Where does: I do, for richer or poor, in sickness and in health, till death to us part, fall into: I will love you, until I no longer understand you?

How is it possible that those vows are easily mistaken into: What I loved about you in the beginning has turned into the same things I hate about you now towards the end?

As the world we live in grows with the need for material things, I settle deep into the reality of wanting something no money in the world could ever buy, and that is unconditional LOVE. The Secret felt like no secret to me then, because for years, I believed that if one envisioned themselves doing it that eventually it’ll come true.  Sure its no rocket science crap, however that’s the idea of the Secret.  See it, and see yourself doing it, there for life will start to place the right people, and situation to get you to that vision.

“Laws of Attraction.”  Its easy to see why I disregarded the book so easily then, because I felt I had everything I had ever wanted, but with that came the ultimate price.  I didn’t have what I had always wanted, I had part of what I had always wanted, and that part of my life had reached its point of growth, and the universe knew it, there for removing the things that  weren’t working towards what I had once perceived to be perfect.  My heart had always wanted more, and so life took away the things that were holding me back from actually getting what I wanted out of it.

These lyrics are perfect and in the perfection of its words, I will reference them openely:

I believe that my life’s gonna see
The love I give
Return to me…

Now in the new faze of my life, I’ve gone back to the drawing board, and re-reading this again, so that I can see what I missed the first time around. Maybe I will find some reason that would compliment the why I walked into a dead end, and help me figure out how to turn that into a sweet cul-de-sac.

Have you read the Secret? Give me your thoughts.