Navegante Takes Over the Vagabond in Miami!

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Miami what can I say just when I thought you didn’t have it in you anymore, you managed to rock the hell out of a joint!

The Pass

The Pass sparked up the evening for the wild fire better known as Navegante, that would engulf the Vagabond later on that night. The energy was high, the music was out of control, and the Miami Bass towards the end was a beautiful compliment to a set list that turned into 8 songs of nothing but Electric pop rockin’ beats!  I can’t emphasis this enough, you have to see them for yourselves, because its an experience unlike any other…please believe me!


Now I came across a sample of what the energy was like last night…and hopefully all the videos taken at the show will surface soon, I will keep you posted on those over at WAJIMA via Facebook so head n down, and “Like” me.  Also don’t forget to follow Navegante on twitter you never know when they will rock out in your hometown!  Thank you for an amazing night, guys I will see you in NY!