Music for the Soul- 7 Seas

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys practice for their up coming show this Thrusday July 7th, at JAZID’s on the Beach, and they are pretty BADASS. Some of their jam sessions are so intense that at times I can feel my little heart pitter patter…be still my heart.  They are a local Miami Rock band, and it wont be long before they make their way on to your area.  These boys are really talented, and it doesn’t hurt that they are so damn cute either.  Allow me to introduce you to, 7 Seas.

7 Seas

top picture: Guitarist/vocals Ryan Rachal (center) bass player Nick Musumeci (left) , and drummer Andrew Nicholson (right).

Trio by

Come to JAZID on the Beach this Thursday, and jam out with me as I sing along to these dudes!

You can also visit their myspace page to listen to some of their old material, or like them on fb for up coming events.

2 thoughts on “Music for the Soul- 7 Seas

  1. These young guys are lucky to have your support!!! Good local talent deserves to be nurtured and supported! Enjoy the gig tomorrow night! July 7 is always a special night. A dear friend’s birthday and the 3rd anniversary of the night we celebrated her birthday together at a JM concert at the Molson Theater in Toronto. My profile pic was taken before the concert began…hence a look of joyous anticipation on my face!


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