Music for the Soul – Colourslide!

Photography by Michele

My friend Michele introduced me to Colourslide a few months back, and I automatically fell head over heels.  You would have to listen to their “Plastic Rock N Roll” song  or be a FanGirl to completely understand.
Colourslide is a North Carolina band, and as a local she has seen them preform countless times, (LUCKY GIRL) and all the while taking some amazing pictures of the these guys.  What do you think?  NICE right? Yea!

Photograph by Michele

I find myself from time to time needing new music in my life, and so Michele was kind enough to send me their CD via snail mail; and what can I tell you, they have made their way into my top 5 must listen to bands before going to bed.  So now as a fan of the group myself I need to continue doing what us fangirls do best, share them with all of you!  I hope they make their way down to Miami soon so that I too could have the chance to appreciate their style a La LIVE. Thank you, M for trusting me with something so special, I owe you BIG TIME, girl!

Colourslide is in the studio right now working on their next album which should be making its way to me come Fall.  They are joining some very BIG names this year in dropping albums right in time for some cozy winter weather nights.

Have a local band you want to share?  Tell me all about them here!

Here’s a pick Shannon took during my impromptu 1:30am Deep South set a couple weeks back. 

Pictures by Alex Lawhon via Tumblr 

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