Music for the Soul- 7 Seas!

You know that sizzling sound when water touches fire after its been burning for hours?  That feeling that causes the wind to grace with intensity over what’s left of the smothering heat from the ground?  The essential to survival after overcoming destruction is what cleanses the soul, now the only way to withstand flames so deep is by delivering the desire to re-birth with music… well that’s what 7 Seas sounds, and feels like to me!

‘Vertical Horizons’  now available online, check the bands pages for the latest updates in music, and events!

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Rock Takesover Starbucks!


Last night the local Starbucks by my house on 136 and Kendall Drive, hosted a series of live music to what seem to be one of the best Alternative Rock shows to hit the very un-trendy 88 for the I’M ADDICTED TO COFFEE FEST.  I have to admit, when I first heard of them doing this I was a bit on the doubtful edge, but the turn out was pretty great for a non alcoholic event.  Who knew that you could jam to a live rock show, and have a cup of joe at the same time! Let’s make it a habit people, shall we!

Fall Fashion Must-haves- BOOTIES!

This year Fall is all about the booties, and although Fall is known for its warm earthy tones, something tells me I’m going to be looking for the ultimate BOLD & vibrant booties ever.  I’m always looking for the ones that will make my jaw drop instead of yours. ;)  Do you have the ultimate Fall Boot?   Show it to me!

Taara $159.95

Pembrook $129.95

Cirkus Taupe Price: $149.95

Savana Lace Booties $98 at

Music for the Soul -Boyce Avenue!

I have a love hate relationship with this song ‘Superman’ by Boyce Avenue.  I’ve heard it live, and many different way through cover bands, yet it seemed like it would forever sound the same to me,

giving me a sense of slapping myself stupid, but when I came across this video I just fell head-over heels in love with the song all over again!

Monday’s Eye Candy – ALEJANDRO SANZ!

I thought it was the perfect time to bring some heat into the blog as the temperature begins to drop in some parts of the country welcoming fall.  I also like to remember Alejandro Sanz when he was hot and sexy, even though he is still sexy in his own way, and his voice is always hot, I like to picture this Latin pop star in my head just as is.  This Spanish artist is one of the hottest male singer/song writers to come out of Spain in a long time, and he has made his way for the past twenty years into the hearts of most Americana/Latina’s in the US.  Some of you may remember him from the Shakira video: La Turtora ( the Torture).  Now forget about the language barrier, and go check out the eye candy in action!  I am happy to report that I am one of those women who is crazy about his style and his music.  I can certainly appreciate all kind of sounds, especially when they come in this kind of form.  ;)  Alejandro’s sultry look and Don Juan demeanor  has had women all around the world going crazy for his swag, not to mention the sex appeal he projects in every video he’s in.  The man is, OH SO DELICIOSO!

Music for the Soul- Greg Hansen

Remember Greg Hansen?  Sure you do, he’s one out of the many beautiful Eye Candy’s featured on the blog.  Well it just so happens that Mr. Hansen has drop yet another album which is now available on itunes just in time for Fall, and this has given him that chance to make his way back on the website not only as a Monday’s Eye Candy, but also this weeks choice as, Music for the Soul.  Enjoy!

Monday’s Eye Candy – Joseph Gordon-Levitt!


There are no words to describe the guy, not only is he adorable but he is a small business tycoon.  You may know him as that strange alien kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun, among other countless indie films, and stage shows…but did you know he’s also the owner of an online collaborative production company called hitRECord? Gordon-Levitt is BOSS & in so many ways than one!  Don’t miss him in 50/50 out this Fall.







Fall Fashion Must Haves- Steve Madden!

It never fails that every Fall people turn into animals for the latest in fashion must-haves!  Well Steve Madden has made it very easy yet again by giving every woman, the chance to become one sexy leopard with these beautiful WICKED peep toe wedges.  I want them BAD!

These WOAH are just about right, they are perfect for a nice coffee chat, dinner with the girls, or a fab night out on the town.  You can’t go wrong with sequins, even if it is on a peep toe wedge shoe. ;)

Get a view of this princess!  She is absolutely stunning. Nothing says trendy like Steve Madden’s Whisttle Bright Multicolored peep toe wedges.  Look at those eye popping rich colors that are just in time for Autumn, and Fall !

Music for the Soul- Space Between Words!

I have a serious crush on all the members of Space Between Words, Ssshhhh…don’t tell a soul.  There’s just something about the poetic rhapsody that sends me into a whimsical musical universe of yellow fields, and bare foot walks with daisy flowing above my head, as I process what feeling adhere with me best.  I had been listening to the buzz about SBW for the past 6 months or so give and take a couple of weeks.  And when I finally got to see them perform at Churchills last month; I was blown away by their style and energy… it was totally worth the wait to see them go on at 2:30am.

After their set I had the pleasure of speaking with Steven (guitar/singer) of Space Between Words, who handed me the bands album “And We All Follow the Sun” & can I just add…that he is one of the most genuine, and kindest men I have come across in a very long time.  His voice on stage is pure power, his energy electrifying for someone who steps off the stage, and becomes soft spoken and humble.  Since that night I have grown a liking to Space Between Words, who have now made their way into my ipod, and if you know me, then you know I never go any where without my ipod. Every song makes me move, I even caught myself having a rush to paint, and just the other day as I was listening to them I had the urge to have a brush in my hand and so I painted.  Haven’t had one of those moments in a long time.  Its just like my friend Michele said: They fuel my own creativity.

If you’re a Miami local, or simply visit often & or happen to catch yourself near a venue in which they will be playing, GO!  Because they give one heck of an awesome show!

Robert Pinon
Robert Pinon
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez
Verdi Mayer Jr.
Verdi Mayer Jr.
Steven Weingarth
Steven Weingarth
Steven on top of the drums playing while Robert is drumming. Taken by yours truly at Churchills
Steven on top of the drums playing while Robert is drumming. Taken by yours truly at Churchills