Music for the Soul- Falseta!

Last Wednesday night, Andrew and I went to the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes, for their once a month event of DIRTY RHYTHM WEDNESDAY to checkout some of his fellow rock heads.  Now I have to admit I had no idea what I was in for by the end of the night.  After a few mellow bands took to the floor with some original/cover songs, others showed their love for women’s underpants by having some of their fans throw a bunch of granny panties while they played to a pool playing, bar drinking and dart throwing crowd.  Needless to say the mood quickly shifted the minute the energetic, and completely flabbergasting sound of FALSETA came crashing through the walls.

(fan-girl alert)

You know the part in the Little Mermaid when Ursula comes out from behind the rocks, and starts to sing magically with Ariel’s voice. Yeah….well that (aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aahaa) sound is what I felt the minute the lead singer of Falseta started to rock the mic!

The man is so freaking gorgeous and talented he makes Jim Morrison rollover a thousand times in his grave as he swayed about.

So far a lot of  the bands I’ve seen in the last few months not only have Rock in common, but are also originally from Hialeah. I’m beginning to think that the reason why the chonga’s are no longer competing for attention, is due to the fact that these bands are making a movement straight out of the dirty waters, showing that Rock is still very much alive in Miami.  Therefore leaving very little room for the awful outfits, and bad hair styles that infested the factory working city a few years back.  

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