Fab Fashion Fridays – Mad Men!

HELLOOOOO, FRIDAY! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had quite a busy week and I’m stoked that it’s finally Friday! Thanks for hanging out with me while Wajima took some time off to focus on some important things going on in her life these days!

Let’s see, so far this week, I’ve shared with you my love of both beautiful faces and beautiful music! Now, let’s take a look at my obsession with the retro 60’s clothing worn by the cast of the AMC award-winning series, Mad Men…more specifically the characters of Don Draper and Joan Holloway.  No need for me to ramble on about how much I love them because I could go on for DAYS!  Seriously…when I “grow up”, I wanna look Just. Like. Joan…or at least have that woman’s measurements!!

Take a look for yourself at the sexy, classy and sophisticated style of these two drop-dead gorgeous characters!