This Is Halloween!

So this year I have decided not to buy a costume for Halloween.  Instead of driving myself insane I have chosen to pick one from past Halloweens, and this year I’ll be recycling my daughters Alice in Wonderland’s dress.  How do I look?

Traditions in my house had always consisted of heading to the pumpkin patch, dressed in our Halloween’s best, to pick out the biggest pumpkin there.  Last year I swore I would never put myself through that again, after walking around in the heat or slight breeze depending on what mood mother nature was in that Fall.  I had ended up with a million and one pictures hoping to find the perfect one for our annual Halloween cards & nothing!  This too was suspended rather quickly.  Every year a pumpkin would come in to the home, and the children wanted nothing to do with the decor: the older they got the less Jack o’lantern it looked.  So this too became obsolete.  Until this year, where I decided to buy a pumpkin, and dedicated to music! What do you think?

I went to the inter web to see what I could find, and what I came across was spectacular.  There are some really fun looking pumpkins out there dedicated to peoples favorite bands, and musician… take a look!!

This one is inspired by John Mayer’s heart Break logo for the Battle Studies winter/summer tour.

This one was done by Michele showing her fangirl love for the band Colourslide

Tonight I will be heading to Tobacco Road for their Halloween batch hosted by Queen Of the Scene, to watch 7Seas rock the joint & then I’m off to the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes for the force that is, FALSETA!