Halloween Edition 2011 !

Saturday night I found myself in a dilemma.   I waited to the last minute to buy the perfect mask to wear to Bardot, for their masquerade Halloween bash featuring Space Between Words, and RadioBoxer.  Yes I am a loser!  Not only was the rain ruining my parade, but so was the thought that I wasn’t going to show up bare face to the event of the year! So I did what I always do best when I can’t find something to wear, stayed home!

At around 9pm my phone starts to go off, from all the notifications coming in about whether or not I was attending Bardot…after a few “I’m lame and have nothing to wear” excuses , I recieved a text from my buddy Rafael with this beautiful link to this wonderful last minute resort.  He was having some mask issues himself, and found this lady who so happens to live in Miami, so he jumped in his car, rain and all, drove to her house, and bought a mask. He also came across a beautiful orchid one which reminded him of me, so he immediately had to let me know :) !

Needless to say I had already decided to stay in for the night, but had I known this two days prior to Bardot, I would’ve been knocking down her door for that enchanted orchid one as well!  However I’m glad Rafael came across this lady because I love masks, there is no set rules that says you can’t wear one for all holiday events!  ;)

If you are anything like me, and wait to the last minute for a quick Halloween treat, then here is a cool youtube video with some pretty neat websites where you can find something to put together for tonight. Good luck & have a safe Halloween!