DECO RING no.47-Purple Silk Fabric with Black Lace Overlay Ring

This beautiful fabric ring is the perfect accent piece for any holiday event for that special someone in your life.  It says: delicate and straight to the point; HOLIDAYS Chic!


There’s not a sibling in the world that doesn’t go CRAZY trying to find the perfect gift for a sister.  The question that arises most is: What do you give to someone who has it all?  I say, why not something meaningful!

Pencil cufflinks - Gift for coworker, boss, art person - Black friday sale (C007)

Most of us go out of our way for one of the most important people in our children’s universe, Teachers!  If you are anything like me, then you go looking for something that screams, A B C’s and 1 2 3’s.  I love these little cufflinks that scream: Educator of the World!

City Lights necklace (N053)

This pretty city necklace is the perfect gift for the specific dreamer, the adventure & world traveler in your life.

Super Hero /   Bottle Cap Party favors (6) / Spiderman / Superman / Captain America / Batman / Flash / Green Latern

We all have a superhero junkie in our lives, I have 7 of them & these bottle cap chains are super cool for any geek in your circle of friends.

Beloved Red Book Necklace, jewelry, handmade

This red book pendant is beautiful, and it would bring lots of joy to that special Bookworm in your life.  Not only does this scream: the perfect conversation piece, but it also says, I put a lot of thought into what you like.

My Third Eye - unisex tshirt - MEDIUM - Egyptian screenprint on Alternative Apparel army green t shirt

We are always looking for that one gift in the world that says; Unique.  We spend so much time searching for a bargain that we forget to add personality to it.  How many of you have bought something, for someone, and the gift doesn’t match the person whom you bought it for?  Well this fits that Free Spirit Soul in your life.