Talk to Me, Before Sunrise!

Last night while things went bumping in the dark, I stayed up to have a movie date via my laptop, and I couldn’t have picked a better film to watch.  This story gives us an insight to that bond we talk about wanting in our lives. While we secretly dream of one day finding a connection with someone, and having instant chemistry one only reads in Hemingway’s novels, ‘Before Sunrise’ feeds the craving of spontaneity by capturing the romance of two complete strangers.

Who wouldn’t want to have the courage of attracting that one person who you have only begun to accept with a glimpse of an eye? Something we dismiss rather quickly due to the awkwardness of speaking with a total stranger.  Things were different in 1995, here we have two strangers who connect and fine themselves in Vienna roaming around speaking about life, and finding that place in the back of their minds that screams: It’s Ok to Be Free!