Are We Ever On The Same Page?

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We like to think we’re on the same page for the sake of arguing, but it’s only to keep the mind from wondering into territory that hasn’t been established.

It’s been brought to my attention several times this week that I have a weird taste in men…yes I do; allow me explain.

While most women take their time looking for the perfect man, with the perfect hair,  the perfect smile, with the perfect arms, the perfect job, and the perfect car…I’m in search of the man with the best heart, the best sense of humor, with the perfect personality who not only carries the world on his back, but can also brings the moon to me every night. I look for the man with the tender touch, and the soft eyes whose smile can light up the world (my world) after a long day.

This got me thinking about the phrase: All Men Are The Same.

I’m going to say that I completely disagree. None of the men I’ve ever dated in the past have been like one another. Now I’m also going to add, that I haven’t dated many to fully place them all in the same category.

Which brings me to the next topic: If by my horoscope, I’m considered to be earth, why am I always searching for air?

There comes a time in a persons life when we have to stop looking for what’s perfect, and solely focus on what’s right. Many times I have walked into a situation thinking it was perfect, only to find that no matter how perfect it was in my head, the fact of the matter is, compatibility is a must in any relationship.

Which brings us to my next topic: Horoscopes.

When I was younger I found myself with the most tedious question ever known in the history of me, “Why didn’t it ever work out?” After every relationship ended, I was always given the same lines…

“It was never you, it was me.”

“You were perfect.”

“I was wrong, and completely stupid in letting you go.”

Now a little older, a little bit wiser I’ve come to understand that no matter how many times I have tried to convince myself that this wasn’t the truth, I also have to accept the fact that I have been dating all the wrong signs.

Moreover, I find myself questioning this once more, is it really wise to date a sign that is not compatible to yours?

Capricorn ✓
Aquarius ✓
Aries ✓
Taurus ✓
Gemini ✓

9 thoughts on “Are We Ever On The Same Page?

  1. Although I did find similarities between foretold horoscopes and reality, I don’t think you should rely on it. All guys aren’t same, neither are all girls. I don’t know why they say it. Possibly because after failing to pursue the right person, they just get frustrated and say that all guys/girls are same.


    • Sajib? Did you notice that part where I placed myself as an exception is disagreeing with the phrase? I don’t think all men are the same, and although you are right, women aren’t the same neither, we all find ourselves in the path of all the stars….waiting for that moment when it all begins to make sense, No?


  2. Horoscopes are fun, but I don’t take them seriously, not when it comes to dating or anything really. It says I am Fire (Leo), when I can relate completely to Water (Pisces), the Zodiac Sign where the Sun was at the time of my birth. So where does that leave me? I never know. Water and Fire don’t really go together. LOL


    • Its fascinating, Cassia. I’ve read in most horoscopes that I’m compatible with Aries, a sign that in no way am I truly convinced of our compatibility, and I’m speaking from experience, lol (3 relationships with an Aries) … I should be an export ;). Now although we don’t like to believe in all the magic that the stars have to offer over a written piece of paper better known as our daily horoscopes, I find it extremely interesting when it comes to the people in our lives who walk in, and walk right back out.


  3. I’m certainly no expert on love, and when it comes to horoscopes and what our signs say about us/love, I’m not AT ALL convinced that they are relevant to the success/failure of relationships.

    However, I DO believe that compatibility IS important when it comes to things like your views on family, children, religion, your work ethic, ways of communicating and showing love, etc…

    Despite all the broken hearts I’ve had…I still LOVE to love. I still believe that someone will come along and be absolutely perfect FOR me and TO me…and although he doesn’t HAVE to have amazing arms, I certainly won’t be a bit mad about it if he DOES! :)


    • You’ve made me laugh so hard while reading your comment, that I don’t think I have anything wise to add to this… except that I love you, and I pray for the day that HE comes into YOUR life, and for HIM to make YOU the happiest girl in all the land with his BIG arms, of course! :)


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