Monday’s Eye Candy- Marcus Fernandes!

If you have been following my blog, then you will remember this face featured in my ‘Music For the Soul- Falseta’ post. Well after careful consideration, and spending an entire day with these guys at the Broward Center for the Performing arts, I felt as if there wasn’t a better time like the present to feature this beautiful man… so here we go!

Meet Marcus, front man for the hottest local band in Miami, Falseta! Not only is he completely gorgeous, but ladies, the man is ultra sweet, humble and soft spoken…wonderful traits that go hand in hand with his boy next door kinda look, don’t you think? Thank you & You’re Welcome!

I Attended a Hip Hop Symphony!


As the world pays $50, 000 to P. Diddy’s Oscars after party, I paid $30 to see Falseta at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday, followed by a very lovely dinner.

The Hip Hop Symphony was in full swing on Sunday afternoon bringing to life a mix of a classical music and dance, with a full Orchestra, a twist of Jazz, ending it with some urban infused Hip Hop.

My friends from Falseta took the stage in what has become their most creative production yet. I am beyond proud of these guys, and will continue to go the extra mile for them, because they are simply delicious!

Also check out their newest member of the band, another extra eye candy bonus to add to the mix…guitarist, Ernesto Paez. Welcome to the Falseta family.


¡Suénalo! and Roots Of Hope!


I have a passion for anything Classical, Rumba, Casino, Baladas, Flamenco, Jazz you name it I love it, and if it makes me move…well that’s even better.  ¡Suénalo is full of all the great feel good sound that reminds me of how much I love being a woman.  Which brings me to Saturday night, my boy Abner played at PAX  in Downtown Miami with his band ¡Suénalo!, and I decided to take a drive in what seemed to be the coolest, and most beautiful night in Miami in a very long time.

Once I arrived it felt as if I had walked into Havana Cuba, circa 1950.  There were models dress in Copa Dresses, which also included a Miss Cuba walking around the venue, this night was dedicated to some serious Spanish heritage.


Roots of Hope is an organization that is bringing thousands of people world wide to help empower the youth in Cuba, by providing the latest in technology, and allowing them the opportunity to be free by bringing out the young voices of the island.

Today, we encompass a dynamic and diverse group of young servant leaders throughout the U.S. with students at more than 55 universities and young professionals in Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. We hope to make a positive impact on Cuba – an issue often tangled with pain, separation, fear, emotion, misunderstanding and politics – through academic and cultural initiatives guided by three basic principles: amor, amistad y esperanza (love, friendship and hope).

For more information on how you can become a part of this movement, visit them on the facebook, and also follow them on twitter for minute by minute update during events.