Monday’s Eye Candy- Daddy Yankee, YO!

Reggaeton has been around for many years, this type of music started off in Panama, long before love filled the air in Woodstock, but it didn’t come out of the underground scene until (you may remember) Tu Pun Pun. Shortly after that it was adopted by the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico, which took the Caribbean sound to a whole new level.

When I got a hold of it in the early 90’s, I was floored. I couldn’t believe that I was walking around my neighborhood with a mix cassette tap straight from Puerto Rico, that contained the young voices of Vico C, Nick, and Ramon. During this time, no one knew who they were, and I had no idea that the tape with four songs, held the words of a boy who would go on to change the face of reggaeton years later. By this time I began to appreciate the rocksteady beats a little more, joining in with the rest of the young adolescents of my time overplaying the sounds of Shabba Ranks, at every house party we went to.

Fast forward 10 years later, I received a burned CD that read, “This will change your life”, and when I placed it in my CD player, it sure did change my life, Daddy Yankee was born.

When I first heard ‘No Mercy’, I thought, “what am I going to do with this?” I needed to share it with the rest of the world, I began to share it amongst my friends, which at the time didn’t welcome it too openly. By now the internet had begun to take shape, and I got a hold of Homerun-es, I spent most of the early years of myspace sharing nothing but reggaeton. It didn’t sit well with the listeners, so I did what I’m known for best; I obsessed over Daddy Yankee, when ‘Barrio Fino” came out until everyone knew his name. While people played the Gasolina, and learned about Daddy Yankee, I was siting back thinking, “well its about time!”

This beautiful man from Rio Piedras, is my reggaeton John Mayer, and I’m happy to share him with you on today’s post. Daddy Yankee released a new video over the weekend featuring Arcangel. Please take the time to listen, taste and enjoy!

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