I had the opportunity to be one of the few who got their hands on GLO’s new EP ‘No One Hears Me’, and I’m very excited to share this little interview with you. I have build a sweet relationship with the Canadian Alternative Rock band, whose music has landed in my iTunes library for the past two years, and counting.

I’m a sucker for lyrics, and I live for all things ballads, ‘Falling into You’ has been on loop on my mac for days, and Glo’s new EP is full of melodic adeptness, and captivating hymns, which sets perfectly well with my ears.

Q: What are your roots?

A: We are all Canadian citizens. However Eddie, and Rick are both of Italian origin, and Patrick’s family come from Ireland.

Q: How did Glow get started?

A: Eddie, and Patrick had already been playing together in a metal band, that had just produced their first CD when their singer up and left. They then took out an ad in the paper to look for a new singer, and held a ton of auditions. Rick was the last audition of the day. When he came into the room he had a bunch of songs that he had written. With other singers we were playing our tunes, and having them jam with us, but with Rick, he came in and showed us what he had. It kind of clicked naturally…It was like we’d known him forever.
Q: How did you decide on the bands name?
A: We’d been kicking around a bunch of names trying to find one that was acceptable to everyone when out of the blue, Rick’s brother, who had just been sitting there listening to us jam, blurted out “How about ‘Glow’?” And we thought, “Yeah, that’s a good name for what we want to do and for what we sound like. We dropped the “w” for aesthetic reasons…Simply put, we all just thought it just looked cooler without the “w”.
Q: How would you describe the Glo?

A: Musically, I’d say we’re a modern alt-rock band. We generally write songs that are accessible to the masses but still have an alternative spin to them.
Q: Who are your main influences?

A: Really the band’s musical influences are quite diverse. We all like different styles of music. For instance Eddie, the guitarist, listens to a lot of metal like Slipknot, Godsmack and Tool. Meanwhile, Patrick, the drummer, also enjoys some metal but leans more towards Dave Matthews, Rush, and drum-oriented rock. Finally, Rick the singer opts for rock/pop bands like All American Rejects as well as bands like Radiohead and Foo Fighters. I think that all these musical influences is what makes Glo so unique.

Q: What’s, ‘No One Hears Me’ about?

A: No One Hears Me, the name of the new album, and the title track from the album, is a song written for today’s youth. It’s about the frustration of not being heard, feeling like you don’t have a voice at school, at home, and in society in general. Hopefully the song will resonate with the youth, and make them feel like they are not alone in feeling this way, and encourage them to find ways to express themselves.

Q: Where would you love to perform and why?

A: Truthfully we’ll play anywhere. Being in studio and creating is great but there’s nothing like getting on stage, and connecting with the public. So while there’s no one specific place we’d like to perform, I can’t think of anything better than playing on a large outdoor stage with thousands of fans on a hot summer day.

Q: Is there anyone you’d like to write a song for, or collaborate with?

A: Of course we would like to collaborate with other established acts we respect but really, we would take the opportunity to collaborate with anyone. Collaborations don’t always work out, but it’s the best way to learn more about songwriting.

Q: What advice would you give to the young musicians of today?

A: Nothing will help your career like writing good songs! So keep writing, and re-writing. Also, try to collaborate with others so you can get an idea of how other people write. The minute you think you got the songwriting thing covered is the minute you stop growing as an artist.

A: F*** censorship.

Q: What’s in the works for Glo in 2012?

A: Our new album ‘No One Hears Me’ is being released on April 20, 2012. After which we will start to tour, and promote the record. We already have a video out fro the first single called, ‘Don’t Believe’. We are also going to tour in support of the record, we already have gigs booked in Eastern Canada, and we will make our way West later in the summer before hitting the US.

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