Fifty Shades of Grey!

For the majority of Grey, I wanted to beat the crap out of Ana, myself. Until she gained enough strength towards the very end to put that man in his place. I’m so intrigued by what Darker has to offer; I need to know why Christian Grey, is so fifty shades of fucked up! Now, let me express that I am not a violent person, nor do I condone violence in any way, I’m all about making love in all the right places. Now with that said, it’s interesting how there are men, and women like Grey, in this world.  Oddly enough I find a little pleasure in knowing that they do exists,only cause it can spice things up in a very dull relationship or lack there off. It makes life far more interesting knowing that someone isn’t afraid to explore a little in their sexuality. After reading this book, I spoke to a few men, who decided to share their stories with me, and what I found is that, it’s not so much the pain that turns them on, but the fact that they are “pleasing” a woman (with consent) with another form of love making.

I also spoke to a woman who said, “It’s not so much the slap on the ass at the moment that excites her, it’s the idea of the slap on the ass that turns her own most.”

Now, I’m a fan of strapping someone to a bed… but we live in a society of phobias in which people don’t like the idea of being strapped to a bed, even if it’s for pleasure. Also it’s kind of hard when you live in the new millennium where flats bed, head boards, and sleigh beds rule the bedroom.

However, this book is filled with a life style we dare not speak of, however it feeds a small part of us who want to let go, and indulge just for the sake of exploring…in doing so, we might find that the outcome may not be a bad thing after all, but… how far would you go for pleasure, and pain &  love and lust?

We may not have the extremes that Christian Grey, exhibits in these books… but we often find ourselves in a relationship, where we would succumb to pain in order to feel love, whether it is with words, physical or emotional. Unfortunately we live in a time where relationships don’t always last, and some of the ones that do often come with a price. Now please know that this isn’t my idea of love, moreover it’s quite frankly one of the darkest sides to a fantasy one could ever obtain…and the fact that it comes in a form of a so called love story completely captured me.

I don’t want anyone to mistaken this with the ultimate signs of love, cause SNM isn’t LOVE. However it’s differently one of the most seductive stories I have read in a very long time. I’m usually caught up with the hopeless romantic novels, that in fact it’s hard for me to see beyond anything that’s not, boy meets girl, falls in love, and they live happily ever after, but I for once felt I needed something more out of my reading past time. And heaven behold this book is full of it, now if you can get passed the repetitive dialogue, and the fan girl story line based off of Stephanie Meyers, Twilight, than this is the book for you.

So with that said, let me also add that I’m seeing a lot of talk about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ becoming a major motion picture, and I’m not very happy with the names thrown out there, but if I were to have a pick of who should play Christian Grey, I’m going to have to go with Tom.

One thought on “Fifty Shades of Grey!

  1. So, Fifty Shades of Fucked Up, is the man of the hour/year. When I first heard what this book was about, I was like “I’m straight”. I am definitely not into SNM thing whatsoever nor fictions, but recently I have been reading quite a few; such as Twilight, Dark Series and now Grey. I must say that I will never judge a book by its cover again. This book is by far, the best! It’s erotic, sexy, enticing, funny, sad at times and it will even make you mad. Book 2 puts a lot of things in place and three is just as great. It may be fiction but some of it is also compared to real life situations. I can’t wait for the movie, but I hope it’ll catch a lot of parts of the book as well. I’m not sure who Tom is bit I think Matt Boemer also fits the Grey fit.


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