Light Me Up in All Shades of Blue!

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I know it’s hard to get dressed in a comfortable fashion when you have to work, especially during these hot summer days.  But wouldn’t you just love to picture the pieces you would wear if only you had the entire summer off?

Every day would be a Maxi day, if only I could put together a beautiful collection fitting enough for all 31 days.

Colorblocked Halter Maxi Dress $39.80

I love men. That’s an understatement; I also love a man who’s not affraid to wear any accent colors, it shows tons of confidence.

Bonobos Wild Turqeys 80.00

Ever since Madden came out with these hotter than life booties, everyone and their mother had to duplicated the fabulous out of them. I love these boots, and I think you should also, for the fact that if you don’t, you’ll be completely left out of these must have bad boys.

Go Jane: Lace-up suede platform $39.95

Every year just like the strips I watch the Wayfarer come around, and every year the color to rock is the teal blue. If you can’t afford the Ray Ban, at their fashionable price, head on over to Forever21 where you can gift yourself a pair for less than six dollars.

FOREVER 21 F5421 Wayfarer Sunglasses $5.80

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