Is My Personality Really That Awful?

I got into a very heavy conversation about signs, and personality today. The feed back was conventional and by far one of the best topics I have allowed myself to engage in. The reason why I find the topics of zodiac signs so gratifying is quite simple, I love all things romance, and if I would ever get a chance to be someone in my next life it would have to be, cupid.

Now seeing that horoscopes intrigue me, I have decided to add the topic to blog. Every month a sign will be displayed and I’m going to discuss all of the things I find attractive about them. Now on that note, seem’s like us Taurus’s are known for two things…great sex and bad personalities. I’m sure we are known for something more meaningful, so I’m on the hunt to finding this out… until then I have decided to change my sign.

From now on I will no longer be a, Taurus. I will consider myself an Aphrodite.

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