Taurus Vs Cancer!

Cancer: June 21-July 22. As a Taurus I keep hearing that one of the most compatible signs out there is a, Cancer.

Why? Let me tell you.

It seems that they are lovers just like Taurus, creative, and often find their outlets to be cooking, they are great at coming up with new ideas/topics and love music and writing. However, they tend to be sensitive, and self-conscious, and I may have a problem with this…let’s be honest.  I have a strong personality and very confident, sometimes I can be overly sensitive and that’s when I need someone to remind me to keep my pieces together.  I have a phrase that I use often, “Even when you think its about you, its not, its all about me,” and “Just because I do this for you, its not for you, its mostly for me”, nonsense, yes, but its how I work.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m not sympathetic to others, I am completely sympathetic which is why I often end up broken hearted, but I need someone strong, who will stand with the glue when I need it most, not watch me break and then break on their own because they have nothing to fall on. Sounds like I’m going to have to find me a Cancer, to mingle with… this doesn’t sound like a match made in heaven, sounds more of a friend with tons of things in common rather than someone who I can be romantic with.  I am a believer that one could be attracted to someone who they have nothing in common with because I believe its all about growing. However, people tend to stick to what they only know, which is, if you have zero in common, you are a complete write off.

From what I’ve read, Taurus and Cancer seem to have a lot going for them.  Both are homebodies, lovers, sentimentalists, and highly sexed. But I’ve also learned that if you come on to strong you can hurt a Cancers, feelings…and I have a thing with having to walk on eggshells. I want to be outspoken and liberal with all the things that come out of my mouth, its not an attack on anyone in particular, I just like to be able to speak my mind with whomever I’m with.  Turns out that Cancer needs someone like Taurus to depend on; I’m not sure how I feel about having someone depending on me, when I’m so busy taking care of everything else. I need someone I can depend on from time to time, because lets face it, a girl needs a hero, No?

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