The Force Awakens!

No, this is not a Star Wars post, although those who know me well –know that I am a fan of the saga. This however, has everything to do with turning 37, and what turning 37 means. 37 means power, it symbolizes force, a force that can only be understood once the soul awakens after combat.  37, is the moment of self understanding, which is why its numerical value in Hebrew language is “I AM”.  37, is about self love, and no longer compromising oneself for the comfort of others. 37 means, having an awareness that not everyone will love the way you do, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick around and be loved less. Surrounding yourself with those who will help you grow, and vise versa — be a teacher and also learn from those around you.

37, means not having to break yourself in pieces because someone else hasn’t figured themselves out yet. 37, means peace. 37, means the return of love.

If you would have told me 2 years ago that I would feel amazing today, I would have closed the door on your face, went back to bed and slept for another week. Turning 36 was magical, if you don’t believe in magic, then you need to stop reading this right now, because you’re a waste of space in my blog.

Last year, I began the transition into what would become one of the best years by far, I turned 36. Now, if you know me well, then you know that I don’t just celebrate my birthday on the 28th of April, no– I celebrate my birthday for 28 days. That’s right, I celebrate myself for 28 days, (because I spend every day of the year on someone else) now; you would have to know me well enough to understand why I do; therefore, I get April all to myself. And I want to thank my friends for allowing me to always drag them into this ridiculous extravaganza, I love you all so hard!

37, has slowly taken the credit for what began during 36. Not only has it awaken my girly parts, but it has also thrown away the snooze button on my love for art. I CAN’T STOP PAINTING. I have to say that out of everything, from doing spoken words at Artisitc Vibes, the outdoorsy things, the cooking, the books –the painting is by far one of the doppest things to come out of this whole process. I have dove back into it 100%, and I don’t see it fading any time soon.

Back in December, I started dreaming again, I’m not saying I didn’t have them before because I dreamt every night, although those were never pleasant, and it caused avoiding to close my eyes on many nights (thank God for friends). However, my dreams began to have color, vibrant beautiful shades of wonderful colors and I grew hungry for love, I grew desperate for passion again, and wanting to create something beautiful again, and wanting to get deep into something again. Shortly after, I began to gain weight, I felt beautiful again, and I felt attractive once more, I had reached happiness again, and instead of diving into a pointless relationship I feed my hunger and soon enough the Borealis series was born.

Miami Borealis

I was going to stop at 20; however, they have caused a big stir that people are requesting them, and I’m not even sure how I got here, but I thank you for even wanting a piece of me in such a delicate way . There’s awesome things happening, so please stay tuned…

My art work is on display along with some of my friends at the Bear and Bird Boutique Gallery inside Tate’s Comics. Who would have thunk it?!?

I roam Miami freely again, and I’m doing great things around town again.

I made peace with my past for once and for all.


I forever’d a friend.

I fell in love with Zentagles.

I started dating my family and friends again.

Sisters that vacation together, stay together.



 I spent Easter with my favorite people in the world.

I have always been fascinated by the moon, however, I have now grown love and respect for the sun.

Last year I went Kayaking and this year I went paddle-boarding.

I went back to dresses.

This team is the best team in the world, their company recharged my spirit. I thank them for not only walking for this event, but for also being part of my life.  I also want to thank Dami and her family whom have been there from day one, which might I add …if it wasn’t for her tough love –this years walk would also have passed us by.

“I don’t care what happens in your life, this walk is always a must. People will disappoint, but you can’t disappoint yourself. You have been my role model. My example for everything. With my marriage. My children. My siblings and my friends. I’m a better person because of you. You’re important. So this is important too.”

You reminded me of why I named it “It Starts With Love”. see you in 2016!

We went back to living again.


Shoes and Passion Fruit.

Warning: this post will make you hungry for mofongo, acrylic paintings, dunks, latinas, and passion driven rides.


for those who know me know the force I have for anything passion is strong. Passionate showers, passion parties, passionate kisses, passion flowers, passionate dreams and passion fruit, which also applies to painting. After a serious conversation about procrastination with Mutant Model, I went to Michael’s, and purchased a 10 pack of 12×12 canvas, that landed a super duper discount to it, which brought my total to a sweet $8.00 flat, and just in time for the Square Show 5 happening at TATE’S Comics running March 13 – May 2, 2015; therefore,  you get a sneak peek of my Passion for Passion square.


Sneaker Wonderland:

If there’s one person in my inner circle who knows how to shop, that would be my Top Drawg Nimrod. No one feeds into my obsession for cuteness like him. For 22 years this man has had an eye for the purse I buy, my passion for the next must have dress, and knows that when it comes to an outfit, it’s all about the shoes, and that’s what Saturday consisted of. Shoes. Shoes. Oreos and more shoes.


After building an appetite from carrying shoes around the Nike Outlet, we picked up the spawns and invaded The Magic City Casino for their Food Truck extravaganza . Out of many -the two I fancy most are Don Mofongo and HipPOP. I could live off of those two for the rest of my life if you let me. (I promise they were happy).


HipPOP’s Passion fruit dipped in dark chocolate and topped with coconut is to die for. That’s what you, and you, and you and definitely you, need in your life. You’re welcome.


Now, of course the night was complete after having Don Mofongo’s shrimp mofongo, which always takes me back to those crazy sexy summer nights in Puerto Rico. YUM.


Valentine’s Weekend 2015.


 First Stop: No Love…

Word around the igers was that Atomik’s Solo Exhibition was the ‘place to be’ in Wynwood last night; although, we made a pit stop just to check out the gallery real quick, we weren’t expecting the man of the hour posted outside doing yet another Orange. Thanks for the pin, and by the way, those chocolate box’s are atomically romantic of you. Super kawaii!


On our way to some crazy untraditional Valentines Day fun, we dropped by Register Artist’s exhibit at Wyn317, where I found my favorite piece of the night.



Although Valentine’s Day is just a regular day, for me it was not your typical Valentine’s Day,  let me first give my condolences to you if you spent it chasing down waiters, and also if you spent it watching 50 shades of Grey, let’s just say, I’m glad I wasn’t you. However, I for one, spent it dancing my ass off, and eating passion fruit ice cream from the Hippop truck, under 45 degree weather at the Wynwood Food Trucks Meet, under the sticky Wynwood Tent with my crew jamming to some crazy ol’school Hip hop and Reggae.



It was Valentines Day; therefore, there were plenty of artist painting about the cardiac event,  and since I’m a sucker for all that heart-beats, I was loving every minute of it.


If you had no date for Saturday night then you missed out on some serious play, because since it was the day of LOVE, they were passing out vagina’s everywhere.


Nothing says classic or romantic like drag queen ballet. When MutantModel came to me with this idea I was Thunder Cats, GO.  I had read up on the play and saw some performance bits here and there, at first it seems like “if you’ve seen one ballet, you’ve seem them all, but once I got there, I was completely blown -away, which seems to be the case for everything I do. Always down for the fun, and forever surprised. The Trocks have received for decades a world wide acceptance in the world off off Broadway. Originally based off of New York, they have taken the hysterical and charming parodies of classical ballet made of an entire cast of men in drag around the world. It was absolutely fantastic, and a great way to end Valentine’s weekend.



Love is Everywhere in 2015.


I have been single going on two years, and it wasn’t until recently that I tuned into just how much most of my coupled friends enjoy my single life.

You’d think it’d be the other way around, but as it turns out I have heard, “You’re lucky to be single” a lot more than I’ve ever imagine I would, and it’s far more than I had ever hoped to be reminded of so it’s made me feel less lucky to have such a reality constantly celebrated by others.


I for one disliked the thought of being single. I do, and it’s puzzling because I am one of the few who enjoys being in a relationship; now, I’m well aware that of all the relationships I have ever walked into all have been out of fear of not finding someone forever. However, it wasn’t until my last relationship that I later accepted the thought of an always rather than a forever, the two are in fact extremely different, and waiting for the right person to come for an always rather than forcing, and trying to make something work out of old bad forever habits (not just mind, but also theirs) was a great lesson to learn.

Moreover, here’s what I’ve accepted about myself while patiently recovering…


Just because I like the idea of a relationship, doesn’t necessarily mean I am built for one. I have to remind myself of this when the cute talkers come around. That was a lesson learn that the hard way, and it wasn’t until I was with some guy who kept reminding me that, “You have to be patient. I was in love with the idea of you, Wajima…” more times that I would have ever hoped for, in order to accept that it was his reality, that after the dust settled was able to clarify mine, and that the IDEA of a relationship is what I love most, but the reality is that I’m not built for the common relationship, and that’s what I was hung up on.


I need something more.
I need someone honest.
I need someone adorable.
I need someone with ambition, dreams, values and beliefs.

I am not missing love, its everywhere I turn, it’s in me, I see it; therefore, I’m surrounded by it and I am never without.

I am one of the few who loves her space. I love to be able to do what I want with no interference in my quality time, and I also love sleeping alone. I love my down-time, and I love taking long showers and not sharing my towels with anyone, and I also love pampering myself without thinking of someone else’s needs.


Therefore, if I open my world to you it’s only because I believe you’re worth sharing my air with, how you handle breathing is something I can’t control.  I can’t stop you from walking away, and I’ll never beg you to stay, the only thing that I can control is love; I love to love, and I have learned to love in space and time. You don’t have to be with someone in order to love. All you need to do is love yourself, keep it moving and eventually the right person will always love the way you love and move.

Happy Valentine’s Day from my heart to yours.

P.S make sure to check out Drake’s new album: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late on iTunes today.

Relationships On 8th Street.


I don’t understand relationships now-a-days. I was married for 65 years before my wife passed away last summer. I’m 84, I used to be a journalist, now I’m a great grandfather.

You see this newspaper? It’s filled with violence. Crime on neighborhoods, men killing women who leave them, women killing children because men leave them. I buy this newspaper everyday to remind me of the love I had that I’ll never read about. 65 years, and here people don’t last more than a week.

Times have changed, and not for the better. I lived in better times, the music was different, food was different. People were different. Love, love was different. I don’t like this time.

2014: A Year Worth Documenting.


They say “What a difference a year makes” and they are absolutely correct. This time last year was the counter opposite of the beauty that turned into 2014. I care very little to recap on 2013, for those who have been … Continue reading

iMusic For The Soul’ Kendrick Lamar!


We are well deep in the times when its best to start wars, rather than give peace a chance. Telling someone you love “Fuck you, I hate you, you aint shit, you aint me” seems to be a better suit, than showering each other with positive vibes. The world is in chaos making territory their top priority rather than unite and care for one another as a whole (what are you fighting for?). Come together already.

Kendrick Lamar throws self- love into the air in hopes that everyone listening to his music joins in the movement once and for all. Lamar made the ground shake last week when he sent the cover of his new single into the interwebs, showing what I believe to be a Crip and a Blood in front of one another in harmony. Am I the ONLY one who thinks that? When I sent out a post about it last week people told me I was crazy, but then ….

A 9 volume magnitude earthquake came in early this am, which was felt across the country when the release of “i” hit.  You have to respect what the man and his camp are doing. Regardless if he told Bitches not to kill his vibe, YOU HAVE TO RESPECT IT!

*You also have to love yourself before you can love anyone else, yes, we get that (well, some get that) but before you think about destroying someone because you can’t seem to figure yourself out, take a good look at who you are, and better yourself before coming into someones world. This subject couldn’t have come at a better time for me, and I hope you take the positive from your negatives, and make a change in your life. Give peace a try.

Tis The Season To Be Single.

If you’re in a relationship (I’m sorry) then this post is definitely not meant for you; however, if you’re the type of person, who lives vicariously through the singles out in the world, then proceed with care. Because I’m certainly that single gal, you’re going to want to live by for the rest of your life.


One of the best things I enjoy most about being single in the fall, are all the cozy locations I’ll get to hang out in, that will be less crowded because the rest of you will be fighting over the last make up sex you had, which clearly didn’t fix anything.


I get to go shopping for the ultimate scarves: edition 1 and 2, and I get to wear sweats (because I don’t care to find a temporary someone, who is just going to take over my holiday season just because they feel lonely about their sorry ass life) so fack you, go home!


I get to not only buy, but bake everything pumpkin and add my own touch of spice to it…yes, its that time of year when I go all out in the kitchen.  Cue all Salsa music, and bring my dancing shoes, I’m going to make everything finger licking good.


Nothing says crisp and warm like classic films, and Netflix which has an amazing selection of classical movies for streaming, which coincide with the extensive list of people, I can call for a movie date. I’ll make the popcorn BYOBOW (Bring Your Own Bottle Of Wine).

   dress to kilt - reds by essietake it outside - neutrals by essie fall in line - greens by essie the perfect cover up - greens by essie style cartel - blues by essie

Sometimes, I like to do things for myself; and some of those things are called: having a spa day at my very own humble of abode.  When I get the urge to pamper all the pretty things that make me who I am, I go all out from head to toe and everything in between.  I’ll do my hair, a facial, manicure and pedicure and pick out an outfit to take myself out in (I urge you to try this immediately).


I get to dance in my house wearing butty shorts, and not give a shit that Eva Mendez, just gave birth to Ryan Gosling’s baby ‘cause I still get to fantasies about him every night without feeling guilty. That, and I get to fantasies about all the people you shouldn’t be thinking about, while eating sushi at the beach because your ass is in a relationship. JA!


I get to spoon. I’m the best spooner, and I get to do it with out a care in the world.

The end.

Fall In Love With Movies, Music and Books This Season.

Fall is finally here and so is my libido, but before I go making ANOTHER mistake, lets focus on all the hot men this fall has to offer.


There’s something about Tom Hardy. Well, there’s everything about Tom Hardy.  I have salivated over this man since the 2002 Deseter. MY goodness, I love a man, who is all caught up in his feelings, don’t you, especially if they look like this?  Make sure you catch him in The Drop, plus if you are a huge Soprano’s fan like me, then you will be just as thrilled to see James Gandolfini one last time.


Dear Sam Smith:

I would have totally pressed play on your album and would have completely had it on loop for the last 15 months, but I am breaking up with you before even downloading your tunes. I just can’t nor do I have the patients for your heartbreak love songs anymore. However, I think you are the cutest thing to come out of this fall season, like ankle fawn booties, and I’m sure there’s plenty of others who could use what you have to offer on your tour, but please don’t think for a second that it’s you, because it’s not, it’s me.

 Sam Heughan

Nothing says cozy like a good book, and nothing says fall like an adaptation of a great book series come to life. Sam Heughan stars in STARZ’s Outlander as Jaime Fraser, so if you are anything like me, and have a thing for hot men then make sure your cable bill is paid on time.

How To Make Her Fall In Love.

Here are my simple easy steps in how to make her fall in love with you forever and ever, amen. Now, if you do reach the point where you have become her sun and moon; then do not fucking blow it, you asshole.


Killing her softly…

Turn her phone into your personal mix tape send her links to all the songs that remind you of her when you listen to them. Nothing is more romantic than knowing you’ve made something which reminds you of what we have together, especially a love song. Tell her how you didn’t like that song until you heard the way she sang it. Give her a CD filled with music you have from the moment you met, it’s a time capsule, and something sweet to look back on for years to come. Plus, if you do it right just imagine all the “volumes 1 through infinity” that could come from this.


A Long Walk…

Nothing says “romantic” like a long walk around the park, and if you have a pet, you have an advantage over those who don’t, which have to come up with other ways to keep the romance alive.  Taking your pets out for a walk lets her know that you feel just as important about their health as you do about yours and hers; it also lets us feel like we can trust you with the smallest and most personal details in our lives. Plus, we love our pets, and holding hands with the man we love while taking a stroll feels good around the heart.


Flava In Ya Ear…

Tell her you love her; tell her she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen even in sweats.  Tell her she capitals the world to you, and really truly mean it. Nothing makes us feel more important than our love showing how much they care for us in their every day because actions truly speak louder than words. Don’t be that guy that says “You are my everything; I can’t imagine my life without you”, and then the next day turns around, and you’re gone fuckin’ living and shit.  If you’re going to leave, then leave love notes. On her pillow, on top of the toilet seat, by her nightstand, inside her favorite book, or even in her lunch box. Notes are EVERYTHING especially coming from you.


When They Reminisce Over You…

I know, they say that the past should stay in the past, but that only applies to those who are broken.  So yes, take her back in time, remind her of how you felt about that day when she wore her favorite scarf, and you wore your favorite hat. Tell her what went through your mind on those early days when you were first courting her.  There is something beautiful of those early feelings, where you realized “I don’t want to walk in a park next to anyone else, but you after this.”  Tell her she gives you butterflies; that even though they were always there she just so happens to bring them to life when she looks into your eyes, and that you couldn’t wait for the day to come for when you finally told her.  Tell her how lovely she looked on a certain day way back when, and how those are the moments you think about when you start feelings signs of a bad day.  Tell her how she’s the best part of your day because you are definitely hers.

Tara_Mcpherson_01 (1)

Find A Way…

She’s a woman, she loves cute and adorable things, and if you are awesome, she’s probably a closet geek, which only you get to enjoy in the privacy of your own space.  By now you undoubtedly know who her favorite artist and authors and all the things she feels she needs in her life are, so find the limited edition something from one of her favorite people and give it to her. This coming from her most favorite person in the world will make her feel like not only do you understand, but you love that she’s corny that way.


Coolie High…

She’s amazing right? She’s so dope that she’ll take a few dollars from her pay check and buy lovely lingerie, just because you’re a visual kind of man?  Yea…the words “TGIF” will have a deeper meaning then just the weekend starting after 5pm for you, so why not spice things up; beat her to the punch and buy her some sexy lingerie on Monday, or Wednesday? Trust me; it will let her know how much you truly appreciate the intimate traditions she’s making with you.


Who Got The Props?

You are both busy, she’s running around trying to save the world, and you are done putting the aftermath of it all together, and since you got home before her, why not put some music on and make dinner? Yes, she loves to see you eat, but doesn’t she look delicious eating something you made just for the two of you? Some think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but you are not that man; make her a nice dinner that will have her eyes looking at you like you are the best thing that happened to her because chances are if you are doing any of this…you probably are.


I Want You…

Nothing says “I want you in my life” more than a clear space in your closet, something that says “I made room for you” in my world. I know, sometimes these things feel like signs of moving way too fast, but it really isn’t. Well, considering that she’s there all the time anyways, so it’s obvious that you are going somewhere with it, and you might as well give her a place to put some underwear in, and a few dresses because you are probably fucking a lot, and we need to be clean when walking the hell out of your house. So show her just how much you care by giving her room in your space.



She loves you; she loves you so much she shows you all the time. In the way she holds you, breathes you, showers you, touches you and even in the way she gives you a pedicure without expecting anything. However, do something in return when your hands are free. Before you go and pick up the laptop to download some crap or pick up the controller to play the next level of your already complicated game, brush her hair, give her a massage. Who gives a shit if she dated a physical therapist before you, she loves you now and she’s with you.  Stop second guessing yourself and dwelling on all the reasons for why you think she won’t like it, because you are her love, and anything you do TRUST me she will think it’s always forever amazing.

Now you’re probably thinking like a clock with no hands from all the things you’re doing for her? Then you’re in a relationship for no reason, stop wasting someone’s time and be by your God Damn Self, no one likes a low self-esteem bitch. Now, if you have the right woman next to you because you’re the right man, then there’s no need to ever feel such a selfish thought. When it works, you just know it, and when it doesn’t you know that to.