Where There’s Smoke…

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Relationships could be the best thing to happen to you and also by the same token the most horrible thing to grace your heart.  After a conversation with one of my friends, it dawned on me that not every bad relationship is a bad thing; per-say, sometimes a bad relationship could result in you being the best you –forever.

Months ago, I had a conversation with Mutant-model, where she pointed out that I had a “thing for broken birds”, and also that was extremely true back then, and completely obvious because of a pattern I had developed unwillingly after the breakup with the Love of My Life in 2001. I am happy to report, I have now broken from all the bad habits I have ever put in my life. I am aware of myself, aware of those broken birds, aware of their routines and habits, I am also aware of their relationships before me (which speaks volumes about a person) and that has helped in seeing them clearly even when they are still trying to figure themselves out.


It wasn’t until I saw the Love of My Life, that I was able to see the difference between my relationship with him always, appose to the relationships I have punished myself with over the years. Being with him there are no fires to put out, there is no chase, there is no “butterflies” the stomach pains that come from red flags, he isn’t broken. And I can yell ALWAYS, and he laughs because my voice cracks ALWAYS. He doesn’t hurt, he isn’t punishing me from something that went wrong in his life (our lives). Even when we were 21, and when I said good bye to him at 24 and 32 and 35.  He has always been able to find something good about us, just as I saw all the good in him for many moons, and for example –this morning he pointed out all the awesome in me still,  (that’s a great sign) after 16 years. Now, even though we temporarily went our separate ways, it doesn’t mean he was broken and I punishing those who came into his life. On the contrary, I had a broken heart, and punished myself for letting us go, but I was doing it for my country, so you’re welcome! I let him go during the most difficult time in the history of our American soil. But back to seeing the good in someone.


Just because we see the potential in someone doesn’t mean we have to subsume to being in their lives. That just means we see in them something awesome, and chances are that the awesome we see, is a reflection of ourselves. The true test comes when they in return see potential in you, that mean’s that they are aware of the potential in them too, and that’s when the thinking bubble comes in and lets you know; this person is willing to be awesome with you. And then, and ONLY then, should you begin to consider the possibilities of having someone like that in your life.


Take Frankenstein and his Bride. Just like Disney loved feeding the princes crap to little girls all over the world, these two have also placed a hazy cloud over people. He was completely broken, but just because someone is broken, doesn’t mean its your job to fix them. They need to FIX themselves. Be whole before bringing someone into your life. Don’t think that because they are broken you are broken too. Realize that you are simply shedding and shedding means growth, hope, inspiring and ambitious. Broken people hurt. They also hurt anything and everyone in their lives. And if that is the case then your best bet is to not let yourself be fooled by the ONLY tiny pretty piece on this person’s persona, chances are you’re looking at a fraction of yourself. Go buy yourself an amazing mirror where you can see the rest of YOU perfectly.  Do not compromise yourself for a lost soul. A broken person has nothing to offer but pain, unless you are into that kind of thing, then date away.

Love, Goals and Fall.


Venus if finally moving out of Leo and Mercury is FINALLY turning direct this week.


When Venus moves into Virgo on the 8th, and stays there until November 8th, make sure your romantic communication stays on the clear side. This is not the time to jump into a romantic relationships, but make a note that the relationship with family members and your friends will be wonderful during this time of the month.


Love comes in many forms, the love inside you for others, the love you have for yourself and the love you get in return. Now, before you start allowing yourself to welcome deep romantic love into your life again, do not let that idea take too much of your time, you do not want to be left behind on the wonderful opportunities coming this fall. Keep busy by making a list of your goals, there is no better love than the one you give yourself with all things you want to accomplish, but do not act on them just yet because Mercury goes direct on the 9th, and then that’s when communications for planning should commence.


On the 17th, the green light goes on for you to move forward with your plans, begin everything from your list in order to make 2016 amazing, and just in time for 27th, when the full moon falls on Taurus, which brings with it abundance and confirmation.


Autumn in Miami calls for dresses!

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There is a time –even before the first leaf falls, you can feel the seasons click. The air is crisp, the summer is gone. And for the first night in a long time, you need a blanket on your bed.

The 305 is having one amazing Autumn this year, and I am doing all my best to enjoy every minute of it. From bike riding, to long walks and playful dates to wearing the perfect dress and flowy skirts during these wonderful cool Miami nights. Here are some of the pieces I have bought just in time for this gorgeous October weather.


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Say no to Netflix, say YES to face to face.

Super, Full, Blood, Lunar Eclipse!

The last time I sat and admired the moon was exactly a year ago.

I took out my telescope, placed it on my balcony and watched as the moon made its way into the house of Taurus as she reminisced with Venus over a glass of wine. That night something unexpected happened…some questions which had long been asked were finally answered by the universe, all of my cards were place on the table and not all were pretty or ended in hearts. That fall full moon brought with it a familiar face from the past that should not have made its way back, and I remember feeling defeated, by hope (this time would be different), by love (if you set it free) by everything I believed in, (myself) I felt lost and confused and that night I broke up with the moon.

I broke up with the moon because I found myself swimming inside the walls of a Hopeless Romantic nightmare, sadden by all the dreams I had to re-write and fighting my way back to the reality that I had to change the face to my sidekick once and for all. I am not the kind of person who looked up at the stars wondering when my prince would come. I am my own hero, and as the hero I was the one who looked up and thanked the universe for another beautiful Miami night. Another moment with breath, and prayed for another chance to do it all over again. I knew that I was above all love; therefore, I wasn’t sitting around waiting for a shooting star, I was riding on them, I believed in myself enough to know that I was bigger than sorrow. However, you do not have to be a hopeless romantic to want love in return. You just have to know you are worth it even during the day. And  so I began my journey.

That fall humid night on September 2014, our words were loud, our tears covered the street for miles, I was in love with the moon before anyone else, and I was weak. Now in order for me to rebuild, I had to walk away from everything I believed in including her. That night I finally understood why relationships fell apart: its not because someone doesn’t care, its because they care deeply to know that they aren’t strong enough to hold it together, moreover the part humans forget…is you are suppose to come back once you are stronger to make the relationship work… if not you are just making the same mistakes over, and over — braking one another in vain. IMO. The night ended with my telescope accidentally tipping over my balcony and diving to the ground shattering with it the little bit of love I had left to spare. And completely forgetting that where one plants seeds; flowers bloom.

“I can feel your energy from two planets away”

Last night, Madi and I took a drive to 79th and Collins, for the Drum Circle event welcoming the Super- Full- Blood -Lunar Eclipse. Phew! There’s a million people with a billion reasons for why they won’t go out on nights like last night. And then you have people like me–Sunday’s are my energy drink, I recharge the battery on a Sunday night for the rest of the week, while the rest of the world looks forward to disliking everything about a Monday, and wishing for Friday. I am known for making love to my Sunday night and romanticizing the heck out of the week, which coincidentally fell on a Super moon, Full moon, Blood moon/ Lunar Eclipse. The perfect moments to make amends with an old friend.

After cleansing our feet in the ocean asking for all the wonderful we want for 2016, something happened. I put my hands in the water and felt this on my finger tips.

Forgive yourself…

the return to love….

My return to you

Hello old friend,

I know it’s been a while. I was recovering.

Looking at you didn’t allow me too.

Loving by the glow of your eyes kept me stuck like a beggar.

I didn’t forget you. I was simply healing.

I never stopped loving you, I just needed to love myself more in order to call what you and I both have as “love”.

I’ve felt you, calling out my name; turning would have meant –losing myself again, and I couldn’t allow that.

I hope you understand, that I never meant to hurt you.

I just simply needed to stop hurting myself… tonight I return to you…not in pieces, but puzzled perfectly in your grace.


Through the Looking-glass!

During the summer I linked up with my favorite camera man Edin, for a photoshoot in Wynwood. Edin and I go way back like white on rice. He was the man behind the lens for most of my projects, he took pictures of my sister Zulisha back in 2012, and he was delighted when I told him that my baby sister wanted him as the camera god behind her emancipation of Zu project in June. Its hard to find people you mesh with, relationships can be tricky sometimes if you are not on the same page, its even harder to find a camera man let alone an amazing one, especially one so open to all of my crazy ideas no matter how eccentric they are.

The man has been trying to pull me from under the rock I’ve called home for awhile, and working with him again reminded me of how much I loved being part of a production team. The rush of coming up with ideas and creating the best set for the perfect memory made me feel….well, ALIVE again. I love him for that forever and ever, Amen.


There are times when you’ll need someone…I will be by your side.

Some of us want to be superheroes, fighting crime and saving lives.  Others want to be elsewhere and escape everything life has to offer; from bills, to traffic, relationships and bad pedicures. And then you have people like me, who can make it all worth while by jumping into a project and bringing one of your favorite stories to life.

That’s how it was for Mutant-Model and I over the weekend.  For a while I had the idea of putting us in an Alice in Wonderland scene for Toys and Coffee. In My head there was paint, wild colors and heads flying. We got together with Star, and in one week we pulled off the most enchanted and whimsical project to date. ONE WEEK. If we would have planned it a bit longer, I don’t think it would have come out so great. Even with a 103 fever, I pulled this off like a true Queen.

Many thanks to Video 1 Collective, Me4Te and Makeup by Rocio for having so much patience to deal with our super diva demands. For making us look incredible and treating us like true queens. You are a fabulous team. We heart you so HARD.

One must be mad to be friends with a person like me, but those are the best kind of people to have if you ask me. ;)


You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

Alice and MadHatter

Photography By Video1Collective Set by me4te Make up by makeupbyrocio