The First of Many.






They say, “ If at first you don’t succeed. Dust yourself off and try again.” This past weekend was the first of many things to come. Not only did I leave my house without making my bed, I left my bed completely naked for the night. One of the best things about letting go of the comfort zone is finding out just how outside of the box you can be when you set yourself free.



Once you step away from the safety net it leaves plenty of room for the unexpected. One thing in particular happened to come after ReVerb Saturday night when Artistic Vibes hosted their very first cypher, and it just so happens that I was apart of it. Not only was I there for the moment to celebrate another night of poetry and music, but it was also the moment when I let go of all my fears, and shared a piece I had written with other’s completely outside of my inner circle.




Sunday morning G, Narciso and I packed it up and drove to Shark Valley for a day of bike riding. The last time I was on a bike, I was nine years old, and after a failed attempted at riding a bike with no hands at the tender age of 9, I ended up with a broken arm which stopped me from getting back on a bike for twenty-seven years. They say that once you ride a bike you never forget, and it just so happens that THEY were right. As I sat on my bike, took a deep breath and put my foot on the peddle -before I knew it, I was 12 miles in.




DaVincci X Dilla.


Most of you who visit my blog might not realize that you’ve heard the name J Dilla before, but trust me you’ve nodded your head to the sound of his beats without even knowing it.  Dilla was a producer and rapper who emerged from the mid-90s underground hip hop scene in Detroit, Michigan. He worked alongside some of the best names in the business, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, MF Doom, The Roots, The Pharcyde and Common just to name a few.

Yancey died in 2006 of the blood disease Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. And although he’s been gone for 8 years, through his music, his mother, his brother, and his fan’s, Dilla continues changing lives to this day.


One life in particular happens to be my dear friend DaVincci, one of the producers for Miami Beat Wave. While undergoing sleepless months at the Jackson Memorial Hospital for a heart condition, he poured the bit of passion he had left at the time into Hi Fidelity Funk, but that was only the beginning.

We went from complete strangers to two people who needed to come into each other’s life for a bigger purpose, more so than most of you who walk into our lives  leaving no marks.  It didn’t take long before our countless conversations over life, dreams, music, favorite foods, much-needed beach time, tons of green tea and a swap of a Jango Fett pen for copy of my Timeless Suite for Ma Dukes that lead to an epiphany between us, and before I could change from sweatpants into a flowing summer dress, DaVinnci X Dilla was born.



Let Us Peacock!


They say that after every heartbreak we peacock. Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve heard besides “I love you too”? That after the showers of pain, you become even more beautiful than you were before…

Most of you already know by now that Hello Giggles has been blogging lately about what one should do after a breakup in order to prepare for their next relationship. And since I’m me, I have to disagree with some of them.

A topic that’s right up my alley however, is dating oneself, because I’m BIG on dating myself.

Before we begin, allow me to express that after jumping out of a relationship we mustn’t jump right into another one. We all know that NEVER works out. Rule #1: stay as far away as humanly possible from rebounds of any kind (which is why I never repeat an outfit or an ex lover for that matter), carry on.

No one likes to be a rebound, and after a while even the one who jumps in tends to get worn-out it just causes too much confusion, and before you know it, you’re allowing “Hey you busy? Call me” messages from your ex at 1AM. Therefore, take your time.

Now, this last relationship, although VERY short (and my feelings had completely out-weighed the length of the relationship itself in which normally should’ve taken about 3 weeks to get over), I shortly after made a list of things I needed to do in order to make the process of being “Cute and adorable Wajima again” easy as masturbating.

I’m also happy to report that what took place kicked the little pants off of my tiny list, and everything that happened not only was unexpected, but absolutely worth it. Lets go back a bit…

After my break up (lol) I went back into the box, and began de-cluttering all the junk I had collected while emotionally, physically and mentally involved with it, and as I tossed all the reasons that were trying to keep me from being adorable and lovable even… like, the sweaters and the crap I should have NEVER accepted…

Rule #2: don’t accept anything from anyone if there is any signs of red flags from the very start. Nonetheless, what I found with every swing of the arm -was that I couldn’t wait to be my old self once more, hmmm, but this time…better than EVER.

I had to dig hard and deep (just how I like it) and as I retraced my steps to the beginning of it all….where I landed was just in the right spot; I went back to the basics; I began to date myself all over again, and now for the moment you have not been waiting for, if you would please allow me this kindness to share with you all the things I did to make sure, I’d never repeat the same mistakes again, lets take a look at a year worth of emancipation.


How to Date Yourself Before Dating Anyone else by Wajima.

I saw John Mayer in concert


Started dreaming again


I bought a telescope


I went back to school


I went back to the theater


I accepted a great job


I made new friends


I moved


I inspired a painting


I changed my furniture


I reupholstered my chairs


I inspired an album


I visited Naples


I saw the Red Moon


I celebrated 36


I was the PR/Model behind a community project


I went back to sketching


These became my favorite cookies again


I was part of my first Corporate Run


I went kayaking for the first time


I saw the sunset


I celebrated my childrens accomplishments <3


I went to New York more than once.




I started painting again

20140717-172608.jpg  20140722-172001.jpg

I went to Brooklyn with this beauty


I took a nice picture from the hood of a taxi cab in the middle of Time Square


I went on my first  date in forever


I took a yoga class under the first Super Moon of the summer


I was able to catch lighting on my phone


I was a foot model for my sons’ Sleeping Beauty sketch



I inspired a poem, and I fell in love with life all over again



Fall in love and if it doesn’t work out fall in love again after that, and if that doesnt workout try it…one…more…time, but don’t forget to fall in love with you first.  I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this transition, you kept me sane, you kept me grounded and most importantly you kept reminding me of how fucking amazing I am. I love you so much.

Happy Birthday Narciso!



Please allow me tell you about this man. I met Narciso last year on New Year’s Eve, he was brought to my house by Jason, and before he even opened his mouth, he managed to touched my heart in places I didn’t know were still alive with just a stare. Not sure what made him say yes to spending New Years Eve (of all dates) in a complete strangers home, but I’m glad he did because he now holds a permanent spot at my dinner table.

His smile it’s uplifting, his hugs are warm-winds, he’s the kind of man that stands in a darkroom, and still illuminates it, and when he speaks, he has this magic about him that makes you think about your life, your dreams, your hopes, your love and your actions the very next day. Happy Birthday, Nico!




You can catch Narciso this Saturday at Artistic Vibes for another amazing ReVerb, and stay after the show as we celebrate one of Miami’s top Poets. Don’t forget its a B&W affair so dress up or stay home, and watch us via Instagram or Facebook while wishing you were there.



Monday’s Eye Candy – The Fifa Men!

It’s been a while since I did Monday’s Eye Candy, and I figured what better way to break the hiatus then by posting all the sexy faces I would sit on from this eventful World Cup. At my job we placed a bet along with our sister companies on which office represented what team, and the wining office would be gifted a jersey representing our office with our names on the back from the 2014 World Cup. After a month long of happy hours and just because FIFA events, it just so happened that our office had picked Germany to win the 2014 championship, therefore, I had to do this gorgeous post. So without further ado, please allow me to bore you with my pick of the hottest men of the 2014 FIFA! Congratulations Germany.


Ben Foster – England


Ermin Blcakcic – Bosnia


Rul Patricio – Portugal


Claudio Marchisio – Italy <3


Gloros Tzavelas – Greece


Ezequiel Lavezzi – Argentina <3


Manuel Neuer – Germany

The World in My Cup.


Friday night my friends and I gathered for another Vibes Laugh Attack, we got dressed in outfits that represented our mood, and took up a sofa to enjoy some of Miami’s talented comedians for their DC Comic night.


Saturday night my girl G and I headed out to South Beach for 3rd St Yoga class which took place at dusk to welcome the first supermoon of the summer. Although the clouds were misbehaving by covering up the ever so patient moon, I have to admit that it was by far the most relaxing time ever spent on the streets of South Beach.




Once the class was over we then made our way to Wynwood for a peek at ArtWalk, and as we tried to escape the ocean of people hopping from exhibit to exhibit -what we found to be the best art….came in the form of  lighting  which  displayed itself across the Miami night sky that evening.



4th of July Recap.



Here we are another amazing Fourth of July weekend to add to the book of memories. Since I’m a simple kind of woman, I like to keep things simple even on a three day holiday weekend.  The day started with tons of 4th of July rain; which loves to taunt us every year, and after enjoying some laughs and grilled tofu at the cutest little cookout which took place at Artistic Vibes… Narciso, the boys and myself ventured into the 305 in chase of the booms in the sky.  Fridays night we went in search of the perfect firework shot, and it just so happens that I didn’t have to drive too far because I found it in my very own backyard in the Hammocks.


Saturday night I had a date…yes, I said date. After what seemed like forever, I have officially broken my dating hiatus and accepted a lovely invitation to one of the most beautiful little hidden Italian restaurants in Brickell, and after countless nights of living by curiously through most of you, I can finally say that it was well worth the wait, and outfit.


Sunday was a day of relaxation and if you know me well then you also know what that means for me… art, music and theater. YEAH! This past Sunday I met up with Narciso and Mila at Artistic Vibes, who teamed up with Miami 1-Acts, which housed 16 playwrights, 16 directors and 45 actors, and crew members whom all donated their time to bring their summer session to life this Fourth of July weekend. So if you didn’t make it out Friday – Sunday then you missed out on some amazing work taking place by some really fantastic actors from your very own neck of the woods (palm trees). Keep your ears and eyes open for their winter session coming your way this fall.

 -The End.



Mother’s Day Weekend!



We made our usual drop at Speak. I tried for it to be as simple as possible because it was Mother’s Day weekend, and for that fact alone Friday night was lite so that my battery could be at a 100% for Sunday. Rob really knows how to set a mood at Speaks, he invited the talented and charming Cindy who graced us with her stunning presence while vacationing here after taking time from her busy Broadway schedule in New York City. Plus, one of the things I enjoy of this cozy little spot are the local artists who bring their canvases, and paint while people perform.




 After cleaning the pad, and catching up on some much needed laundry, Skrollz and I made our way to Catalyst. Now, let me tell you about this place and what impressed me the most, it’s located in Miami Springs (that’s one) and it’s housed on the second floor of a church, yes– a church. It’s a family environment who is strictly about the word of God, and showcasing South Florida’s local Hip-hop artists. The second thing that impressed me were the words said before introducing the opening act, ” Some places around town that do open mic, ask you for money and send you home drunk. Here at Catalyst, we don’t ask you for money, we offer you a mic for you to speak your mind, and pray for you and your family.” Miami, I think we need more spots like this, stop being arrogant; stop burning bridges, and start helping each other out.





Growing up my mother said to me “If he is a good son, he will be a good brother, a good friend, a good boyfriend, husband, and a great father.” I’ve spent years looking for that great man, who would be what she advised, and through the years I have molded my sons to be said men. Only after turning 36, I realized that while I spent time searching for said men; that I gradually became what she told me to look for in a man. I am a good daughter, a good sister, a good friend, and once upon a time, I was a good wife, but more importantly I have always been a great mom. Lesson learned.

 Yesterday, today, tomorrow and for always, I will forever be a great mom, and although I carry many labels, I’m 100% okay with owning that title.  On Sunday, I celebrated you, me and every single mom and dad in the world.  Because let’s face it, no one does it better than great parents. Cheers!


Young Karma, Good Karma.

20140504-221957.jpg  20140503-182323.jpg


For what seems like forever, I’ve had a love hate relationship with Miami. For as long as I can remember my repetitive thoughts have been, “Once the kids finished school, I’ll be moving to New York. The idea million dreams away back then, has presented itself; having now not one, but two graduates of 2014, it has now come during the time were I’ve fallen in love with Miami for the first time in 25 years. My son will be leaving to NYC in hopes of finding a piece of his own dreams there, and I who dreamt of this day which now has presented itself, I’m having a hard time coping with a soon to be empty nest.

Lucky for me, I’m still a kid at heart and on Saturday morning we traveled Miami for Free Comic Book Day. Our first stop was at Mac’s Comic Collectibles, where we found a line that wrapped around the building. While we stood out there waiting, I took advantage by reading ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. which became a conversational piece. Once inside we went into our comic book digging adventures that lead to almost going to blows with the guy behind the register over my Sailor Moon find. Seems I hit a soft spot with him, but all in all the people running the place were extremely nice.




This year has been about asking and receiving, something I’ve had a tough time accepting in the past, yet with the patient heart of others, I’ve come to terms and I’ve allowed myself to ask for help in areas where I’ve needed it most. This lesson came with a high price, but I’ve openly welcomed the change in hopes that it would make me a better person, and so it has.  Sunday afternoon, I went to my brothers house to get things ready for a surprise baby shower for a couple whose been going through some tough times, and as we came together to shower them with love and gifts needed for there growing family, I began to feel blessed for being part of their day, and deeply humbled to have given them something needed; the piece of mind of knowing we all had their backs.

Bless someone in your life soon, even if you don’t know them well, it will come back loaded with great karma, plus there’s no better feeling than doing something for someone other than yourself. Pay it forward.

36 Chambers!

Happy 4th Anniversary to, and a very Happy 36 to me. Yes, 36–the year I enter into a kingdom of all possibilities, the year I break free from the nine times I have fallen victim to my own desires, causing all four chambers of my heart to separate as I singlehandedly died painful, emotional deaths. The year of my resurrection.

The year of Wu-Jima!


Benz walk

I possibly have the coolest job in the face of Miami, but that’s just my opinion, and since its my site, I’m just gonna go ahead and leave that comment right there.  I also work at one of the coolest places in town, and since most of you are constantly complaining about your jobs via facebook, I’m also gonna have to say its true. Thursday afternoon, after a series of the funniest office conversations ever taken in the face of MAN, I got ready for the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run event that took place in lovely Downtown Miami area. Needless to say, after a heck of a warm-up, and bumping into people I haven’t seen in forever, I am happy to report that I made the 5K run, in under an hour. I think its also safe to say, I’m back in shape and feeling absolutely better than most of you out there, without the hard-work, or plastic surgery to go with it.




There were a thousand and one things to do Friday night, and I didn’t wanna do any of it, but I put my big woman panties on, and head out to Artistic Vibes to enjoy real people, yes–REAL people.  Seems like a joke in a city full of superficial fakes, but I’m talking soulful, well grounded, positive and extremely talented people (funny, how they have survived among the masses). Narciso Hilario Montas, a friend of ours, hosted the event at Artistic Vibes that night, and although my mind and body seemed to have been on vacation from one another due to the weeks’ activities, I’m glad I was able to make it out there in time to see this…sigh.

Later that evening I found myself in Homestead, vibing to the radiant streams the moon was transmitting through me. During the week I had developed a craving for a burger, yeah –a red meat burger (que asco) something I had given up years ago, 10 years to be exact.  But, Skrollz treated me to something out of this world fantastic… a Toston and chicken burger, BRO!




I woke up from my late night food hang-over and knew exactly what I needed to recuperate, a nice long talk with the sea.  So the ever charming and talented DaVincci and I headed out to THE spot for a full afternoon of raw conversations, inspirational music, and hummus. Later that night he treated me to some pre-birthday sushi. Saturday was absolutely perfect. Look out for his new EP, which drops sometime this week. Trust me you’re going to love this one!




There’s something special about Sunday’s, yes –it’s known as the day of rest, the day of The Lord and the day before Monday, but for me it’s become more important than that, it’s the day I get to make Sundays amazing again, and there isn’t a better way to do so than taking a trip down to Key Largo for a kayaking afternoon. My friend Hector was so kind to invite me, knowing I had never been kayaking before, and felt it was a great way to welcome the eve of my birthday doing something I’ve never done before (when was the last time you did something for the first time?) and after a few accidents with mangroves, and a bridge, I was certified a kayak expert.


Before we knew it, three hours had passed and I was starving up a river, so we loaded the kayaks, and headed over to Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill for fish tacos and white chocolate macadamia nut cheese cake.



And that my friends is how you Celebrate 28 Days of ME.