Star Wars Force Friday is Finally Here! 


and after only 3 hours of sleep, we woke up to this!

Star Wars mania begins in Miami with midnight release of new line of toys and merchandise.


Yes, that’s Toys and Coffee in the Miami Herald!

Force Friday Coming Soon!

force Friday

When I wrote the post on the Force Awakens, I had no Idea what I was getting myself into. Tonight at midnight, Madi and myself will be dropping in on all participating locations for Star Wars Force Friday. I will also be out and about tomorrow morning for the opening ceremonies at the Disney location by my house.


I’m so flipping EXCITED. You have no idea how big the force is with this family.

Star Wars Kids


Jango Fett



June 14, 2015 Face painting with keanu

June 27, Florida Super Con

Everything Comes Back In The Fall.


Hi, wow its been SO long since I’ve posted something on here, I have missed it immensely . No, its not because I had nothing to say, although that would be fun; however, it was due to the fact that I have been super inspired and busy with other projects, and well, I figured you have been too, but here we are, and just in time for fall. And you know what they say, EVERYTHING comes back in the fall.


This fall Venus comes back from retrograde, the children go Back to School and Mars goes into retro spinning all the fall trends straight out of the 70’s. Now, if you are waiting for scarves, and long fawn knee high boots to hit the streets, then keep waiting because this years trend has everything to do with heavy patterns, chunky shoes and loud deep colors. My kind of style. ;)





The Force Awakens!

No, this is not a Star Wars post, although those who know me well –know that I am a fan of the saga. This however, has everything to do with turning 37, and what turning 37 means. 37 means power, it symbolizes force, a force that can only be understood once the soul awakens after combat.  37, is the moment of self understanding, which is why its numerical value in Hebrew language is “I AM”.  37, is about self love, and no longer compromising oneself for the comfort of others. 37 means, having an awareness that not everyone will love the way you do, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick around and be loved less. Surrounding yourself with those who will help you grow, and vise versa — be a teacher and also learn from those around you.

37, means not having to break yourself in pieces because someone else hasn’t figured themselves out yet. 37, means peace. 37, means the return of love.

If you would have told me 2 years ago that I would feel amazing today, I would have closed the door on your face, went back to bed and slept for another week. Turning 36 was magical, if you don’t believe in magic, then you need to stop reading this right now, because you’re a waste of space in my blog.

Last year, I began the transition into what would become one of the best years by far, I turned 36. Now, if you know me well, then you know that I don’t just celebrate my birthday on the 28th of April, no– I celebrate my birthday for 28 days. That’s right, I celebrate myself for 28 days, (because I spend every day of the year on someone else) now; you would have to know me well enough to understand why I do; therefore, I get April all to myself. And I want to thank my friends for allowing me to always drag them into this ridiculous extravaganza, I love you all so hard!

37, has slowly taken the credit for what began during 36. Not only has it awaken my girly parts, but it has also thrown away the snooze button on my love for art. I CAN’T STOP PAINTING. I have to say that out of everything, from doing spoken words at Artisitc Vibes, the outdoorsy things, the cooking, the books –the painting is by far one of the doppest things to come out of this whole process. I have dove back into it 100%, and I don’t see it fading any time soon.

Back in December, I started dreaming again, I’m not saying I didn’t have them before because I dreamt every night, although those were never pleasant, and it caused avoiding to close my eyes on many nights (thank God for friends). However, my dreams began to have color, vibrant beautiful shades of wonderful colors and I grew hungry for love, I grew desperate for passion again, and wanting to create something beautiful again, and wanting to get deep into something again. Shortly after, I began to gain weight, I felt beautiful again, and I felt attractive once more, I had reached happiness again, and instead of diving into a pointless relationship I feed my hunger and soon enough the Borealis series was born.

Miami Borealis

I was going to stop at 20; however, they have caused a big stir that people are requesting them, and I’m not even sure how I got here, but I thank you for even wanting a piece of me in such a delicate way . There’s awesome things happening, so please stay tuned…

My art work is on display along with some of my friends at the Bear and Bird Boutique Gallery inside Tate’s Comics. Who would have thunk it?!?

I roam Miami freely again, and I’m doing great things around town again.

I made peace with my past for once and for all.


I forever’d a friend.

I fell in love with Zentagles.

I started dating my family and friends again.

Sisters that vacation together, stay together.



 I spent Easter with my favorite people in the world.

I have always been fascinated by the moon, however, I have now grown love and respect for the sun.

Last year I went Kayaking and this year I went paddle-boarding.

I went back to dresses.

This team is the best team in the world, their company recharged my spirit. I thank them for not only walking for this event, but for also being part of my life.  I also want to thank Dami and her family whom have been there from day one, which might I add …if it wasn’t for her tough love –this years walk would also have passed us by.

“I don’t care what happens in your life, this walk is always a must. People will disappoint, but you can’t disappoint yourself. You have been my role model. My example for everything. With my marriage. My children. My siblings and my friends. I’m a better person because of you. You’re important. So this is important too.”

You reminded me of why I named it “It Starts With Love”. see you in 2016!

We went back to living again.