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Let me tell you what’s happening in your neck of the woods. While New York is reporting on the Tara McPhersons’ art gallery robbery from last night , and California is finally getting a chance of rain, I couldn’t help but notice that Miami has once again fallen asleep on current events. Despierta Miami!

Now, I don’t know if you felt it, but last week the ground shook when Miami Beat Wave,  MAYDAY and Artoffical,  dropped the album  Neighbors. I kid you not, it was a magnitude of 7.5 ; we are STILL getting aftershocks three days later.

A wise man once said “Love thy neighbor.” Now, I don’t know about your neighbors, but my neighbors from Kendall are pretty dope. Here, have a listen. You’re welcome!

My Top Five Albums of 2013, Minus One.

me 2008

This year was a big year for music. It seems like we say that every year, and it just so happens that this was the year I decided to re-enter my roots in Hip hop and instrumentals. I took a three year hiatus from the music that used to inspire my walk, my talk and my style because I felt I no longer needed any of it in my life, but as the story goes, you can’t hide from where you come from and all things lead me back to her.


For those of you who bought or downloaded this record, I sympathize. Also, I feel sorry for myself due to the fact that I will never get those 45 mins of my life back, plus I blame everything that ever went wrong this year on this album. West not only showed an angry side to himself, but called himself a God while doing so. No, that is not permitted! Demented demon is more like it, dude you’re upset, we get it, eat a snickers, bro. Not one song had me moving, and for me that is a plus, move my mind or move the fuck on, but then again, don’t mind me, I don’t have the answers. They say you can’t blame any one for your own discrepancies, but I am going to be the first one to say that I blame Kanye West for everything gone wrong in 2013.


Back in 2008, my soul was searching for a revolution. Turning 30 and getting married were at the top of the list for that year, not to mention the laughter of change sipped on every brim of my drink, and I felt lost and winded until I heard Oddisse’s , Chocolate City Dreaming. I must have played ‘Odd Autumn’ for weeks on end before placing everything in the hands of the universe in hopes that it knew where it was taking me. Little did I know I had fallen victim to the music with the longing and wanting of something that resembled it which later down the road became my resurrection. ‘The Beauty in ALL’ , is a futuristic sound filled with horns, piano and drum beats which are the perfect combination of sun and light in my life, and it placed this album on my top 5 best albums out this year.


Nothing Was The Same

Listen, before you go…(if you haven’t left yet) I get it, the guy is mad soft with his downtempo, and not at all ready to sit with the big boys in the big boy table, but don’t forget you made your way over to my page. That alone will tell you many things, and one of them is that I’m a sucker for make me feel good music or just make me feel period. Drake doesn’t fall short with his soft melodies and a touch of 90′s R&B soul. Yes, he’s far from it but it’s as close as its going to get in 2013.  His attention, emotions and those 3am moments of sweet hardcore sex is what keeps us listening to him while making fun of his style. While most of you poke fun about this man’s music, its his music that’s entering the ears of the women you’re sleeping with, so you should be thanking him for it.  Although Worst Behavior makes me want to punch someone in the face, the rest of the album has me longing for summer nights, deep conversations under the stars and long drives while reminiscing over yesteryears. But let’s not think about it too much, or this will turn into a post on why I need Drake in my life.


I first came across Ta-ku back in 2011 on myspace (yea, don’t judge me) and I found him while searching for some Dilla beats to throw on my blog for a year end review, but the honors went over to the incredible MC Solar, because I also have a thing for french MC’s. ‘Songs to Break Up To’ is worth a thousand heartbreaks if you ask me (but you didn’t, so I told you anyways). This record is filled with every thing instrumentals, doused with words you aren’t able to conjure while in the mist of taking space and time. Somethings are better left unsaid and when that happens put this record on and mark my words -you won’t regret it.

Magna Carta-cover-650-430

Ok, there is no Hip hop post on without talking about the man I have been in love with since 1998 is there? No, there isn’t and this year that man dropped yet another reason to keep me patiently waiting while he pulls on my heart stings as he ventures off into the world of sports, but I am forever devoted to HOV, unlike his longtime friend Kanye, Jay-z is the only person allowed to be angry on his record in my opinion. Holy Grail had me feeding off of the palm of his hands, and let’s not even discuss Part II (On The Run), but can we please elaborate on the beauty that is Frank Ocean, and how every time he touches a track no matter whose album it is the man makes my ovaries explode. Mr. Carter can do no wrong in my eyes, and I could careless about your opinions because he is forever the nuts to my chin…FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.


There’s just way too much sexy in one album. They said that Hip hop’s dead, then I gather those people have not heard Sunset Blvd yet. Some of the most talented people in the business held the mic on this album,  artists like Common who is one of my favorite walking poetry books still around alongside Talib Kweli, J Rocc and Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies, with some sweet tasting treats from Dezi Paige (ooh, so sexy) and Botni Applebum. This was definitely a good year for the Yancey family, and it was an even greater finish when they set off on the Welcome To Dillaville Europe Tour 2013 this past fall.

My vibe this New Years Eve Aurora Feat Esta by Elaquent 

The World Through My IPhone.


I have  diligently worked on the perfect instagram post for you.

I for quite some time have been following these gifted people through my iPhone. Now, if you are anything like me, and your phone is the first place you go to for a quick moment of relaxation, and escape, if you will, then you should know, I specifically picked a group of my most favorite photographers on Instagram just for you.  These are the wonderful people who picture the world we don’t get to see, who wake up at the earliest of hours to catch a sunrise, or a sleeping city, while we dream of what the day will be like. These are the photographers who take me far, far away to a peaceful place so that I can resume with the customariness’s of my everyday life.  I hope you appreciate for a moment, the talent I see when I press on that app. Enjoy.

image_1 image_2
image_4 image_5
image_5 image_6 image image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4image image_1 image_2 image_3


image_7image_1image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6 imageimage (1)

And of course, Mr. Brooklyn himself…


See you in 2014.

Halloween Weekend!


This year I went a little dark with my Halloween costume, and this weekend I look for any reason to wear it.  Friday night I found myself back out at Speak, and I just want take another minute to thank them for yet another warm, inspirational and fun evening. I also want to send tons of love and much respect to my dude, Skrolls for another night filled with great vibes, soulful conversations, and the deepness of tunes. My soul appreciates you.

Halloween kids

Saturday night we got dressed and headed to a Halloween party. Every year the kids tell me that they will dress up as a character from Star Wars, and every year they pick something completely different from what we had agreed on.  Out of all the costumes through out the years, these were definitely the ones to complemented us to a T. Thank you to Jimmy and Madi for opening their comfy home to us, you have now earned yourselves tons of drop-ins from the clan. “What do you want me to do, elbow him in the face?!?” Still laughing. You guys are adorable.





After photo-booth shenanigans, and bloody pigs in a blanket, I dropped the crew off for an adult night of music and relaxation.  I decided to swing by PAX, to support my dear friend, Abner who is the drummer for Suenalo. And as usual the night was everything I expected it to be,  filled with crazy costumes, great music, and good vibes.


Sunday was a little less adventures. I finally drove to Techs Friend down in Hialeah for a little help on some computer issues I had encountered. For months, I have been dealing with a missing arrow key on my Mac, and the kids computers had a fight with my daughter, needless to say, she won.  Lucky for me, my good old friend Nick, who own’s the shop was able to assist, and now all is well in the world again.  Well, almost.  Although the drive was a bit reminiscent, it is clear to me now that love is not an empty road, it just has empty drivers, and even though I had avoided the drive for sometime now, it was something that needed to be done, and I’m happy to report, that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


Okeechobee a year later.

Dreaming With Numbers.


Welcome to Miami, where the rich act poor and the poor act rich. Where some men drop you lower than their bank accounts, yet buy the latest gadgets on bad credit.  Where some women pay full price for a boob jobs, but pull extensions on their light bills. Where men drive German cars, yet can’t afford to fix them, and some women are out shopping with money they can’t spend while looking for their next victim.

They say,  “You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.” Lets talk about this.

On my way to class yesterday, a song came on. I have heard this song many times, yet whenever I listen to it, I always ask, “How do I stop myself from being just a number… in a city so full of shit.” Yesterday, I was finally able to answer that question.

Depending on the company you keep, determines what place you hold. And suddenly everything started to make sense. I’m the kind of woman people call to for advice, I’m the kind of person people look for to enjoy their moments with. I’m that girl, who when one of my female friends or even male friends go out, they text me with a picture of what they are wearing, to get an opinion before heading out. I’m someone who picks up the phone at 3 am, when my people are in need, and I’m also that kind of friend who inspires others to be better.  However, sometimes as fulfilling as all that sounds, I also need some inspiration.


About a month ago, my friend gave me a Field Notes book. It sat on my nightstand for a while before I dotted on its invisible lines. My first entry was a synopses of my trip to New York. Followed by a moment back in time, and then my third entry was a drawing of my persistence of memory. Everything around us is based on space and time, everything we do is conducted by numbers, from the moment we wake up, to the minute we fall asleep, we breath with time.

I am the kind of person who thinks too much, every second of every hour, of every day, my mind is consumed with something. I overanalyze, and that’s one of my biggest problems, not taking a moment to give reason to time. Everything I want, everything I need, along with everything I touch is caused by a number. All, because I just want to be inspired.

While some spend most of their time, surrounding themselves with people who are trying to make it. I just have to look and see that I am surrounded by people who already have. In my circle friends, I have a therapist, whose job is to make sure your child can overcome barriers that will enable them to be a part of society.  I also have a teacher, whose has taken his love for literature,  music and art, and has applied it to his curriculum for the year, bringing creative writing back into a time where people have lost the ability to express without JPEGS, lyrics, or calling themselves some wanna be title to something not so great. I have a doctor, whose life consists of saving lives. I have a musician who is so-bad-ass for his own good, and most of you are fan’s of his work.  And my best-friend is a top dog at a well known company, making boss like moves in your everyday life, and you don’t even know it. Those people I just mentioned; if ever there were a moment where I would pick up my phone and say, “I need you” they would be here in a heartbeat because through the years, they have shown me just that.  Why? Because I’m a good number in their lives, and they are a great number of people in mine. These people are the ones who make a difference in my world.

During class, the professor asked a question, but before we get to it, he had this to say.

You will come across a vast amount of people who are looking to you for answers.  Who have a billion and one problems, yet with those problems, there will be one question they are going to want to ask, but won’t. Perhaps because its too soon, or perhaps they will never ask, it will be your job to bring it out of them. Now, before you do, you’re going to have to ask yourself this question first, but during this time, use caution, for without its reason it will be hard  to venture off trying to help someone who is looking for your guidance. (hmmm, food for thought)

“How would you like to be remembered?”

Once you have formed this outlook about yourself, only then, will you fully understand those you encounter in your life.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this post, if you surround yourself with empty people, chances are that’s what you will get, zero.  So I would like to thank those who have surrounded themselves with me, because we are constantly building in each others lives, they give, I give.  We care enough about who we are as a person, that we attract great people in our lives, sometimes you will come across those who have less to offer, but its only because we didn’t apply caution to the wind. And that my friend is the key to a stable life, knowing what kind of number you are, separating yourself from the rest, allowing someone to feed you their gift, while receiving yours at the same time, without expectations.  I’m glad I was able to find these people at an early stage  in my life because BUILDING is who I am, and every day I dream with numbers.

October: the New Kind of Love.


While my mother was in rehab, recovering from her surgery, we met a family that touched our hearts in so many ways. One Sunday afternoon, I walked in to my mother’s room, which she shared with another lady, a much older lady. I sat on the share next to my mother’s bed, hoping that God would fill me, if just for that moment with the strength not to breakdown in front of her.  My mom looked at me and said, “Waji, sometimes in life even loving from a distance is a great thing.”

At that moment, the ladies family came into the room. Her son is a quadriplegic, he was cliff diving, at 22, vacationing on his honeymoon, with his beautiful bride, and broke his spine.  They have no children, but have been together for 25 years, and you would think they had recently met, from the sign of fresh love still circling the areola of both their eyes.  Five years into their marriage, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I hated myself for becoming sick, because I had to take care of him, and I felt selfish knowing that I was the one who needed the help, and attention, and I felt like it was taking time away from him. Many nights I asked him to leave me, and he told me, “If you didn’t leave me at 22, I’m not leaving you, ever. We kept each other alive. It’s what you do when you love someone, even if you know they can’t, not because they don’t want to, but because its physically impossible for them to do the things you need at the moment. But even then, if I needed to go to the bathroom, and I didn’t have the strength, he would find it somehow to place me on his lap, and take me to the bathroom.  He fought for me, even at my worst, even when I didn’t want to anymore. We fought for each other. That, my dear Waji is love.”

The lady, whose bed was next to my mother’s, was battling cancer, her husband of 55 years was by her side, and every time he looked away from her to enter a conversation, he would start off by saying, “she’s so beautiful.”

The day before she went to hospice, she looked at me and smiled, held my hand and said, “Have faith, my child.”

Today we got the news that she passed away. My thoughts are with the Lorenzo family, and my heart is with everyone who is fighting for love and life.

Sometimes people come into your life, and you don’t even have to say a word, but somehow, they will give you something from their life that you can take into yours.

Weekend Recap!

For the first time in over a year I ventured off into the city. I can’t remember the last time I did my hair, and make up, picked out a fabulous outfit, and made Miami my bitch, but this weekend was the perfect way to start.

Friday night I made my way down to Speak. I haven’t been to an open mic spot since New York City, then again, all of the open mic spots I have stepped foot in have been in New York, but it was nice to finally experience it in my home town for once.

Now, Miami has a long way to go, but I won’t discourage those who are putting in the work to keeping words alive in a time were people connection is at an all time low. However, it was a nice change of scene, and one of the things I missed most about myself. That no matter where I go, my presence is felt, and I adapt rather comfortably to any environment. Thank you, to Skrolls and the fine people at Speak for their hospitality.


Next stop: ArtWalk

I want to start off by saying; I have nothing but love for those I bumped into while walking down the streets of Wynwood. It was great receiving all of your hugs and warm hellos at the sign of my appearance. I know I have been in hiding for quite sometime, but I promise the hiatus will come to an end; after finales. Then I’m all yours!

After hitting most of the galleries on the strip, we stopped at the Wynwood Wall to admire the murals of both, Futura and OBEY, we worked up a hardcore appetite from all the walking, that we decided to order a table at the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. This was the most relaxing dinner I have had in a VERY long time, and the company wasn’t bad either. I recommend this place to everyone, just keep in mind that the line for the bathroom is an hour wait.








Te amo, Miami. See you next time.