Big Fall Trends 2010-Belts

I started my summer cleaning yesterday and as usual I started with my favorite part of the house, the closets.  I began to pull things out and my favorite thing to do (coordinate by colors) all outfits and organized all possible styles that never go away for the fall. 

   As I carried on I happened to come across my bag of BIG belts and I was thinking; should I lock them away in the far back of the laundry room, or just simply give them away.  Well as I drank my coffee this morning and looked over my style website I came across a page that showed this Fall seasons must haves, and guess what I see, yup big fat belts. 

I am so happy that I didn’t lock them up or give them away, for you see everything always comes back in style; and something tells me that this it going to be an interesting Fall.