Mind, Body & Soul.


A mini vacation never hurt the soul. Especially if you live in Miami. People come here every day to get away (from what exactly… I don’t know?) but there are days I find myself wanting to escape the traffic, the pavements, the superficial life style that has become a nightmare trend in our city, and the shadows of the relationships I have collided with. Saturday morning after hanging up memories of time passed, I jumped in the car and headed West. There’s something free about direction, and something spiritual about the West. There’s no question as to why many drive towards the desert, yet seeing that I’m worlds away, but mindfully close to the West, it’s force, which I found myself gravitating towards, with it’s clear wide compass was excatly what my heart needed.

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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson!

Everyone that knows me knows that I sweat the smallest things, from no pens in the house to the lunch menu for tomorrow…this has become habit in order for me not to stress over the big things that take away from all the important things in my life, things like bills, and things we have no control over. Not to long ago, I had to take a moment and find ground because the important things in life were starting to pile up, and needed my attention ASAP, during this time a friend of mine came over to the house to share some insight, and handed me a number of books that have to do with God, life and how not to ‘sweat the small stuff’. I am truly grateful for my friends, day to day, online or simply through a hand written letter, because they always take time out of their busy lives to bring some wisdom into mine. Here is my good Fall/Autumn read, enjoy!

Monday’s EYE Candy- Alexander Skarsgård!

I don’t know anyone that can rock fangs, have impeccable hair, never break a sweat while blood just pours out of their mouth, and still look mind fucking sexy like True Blood’s very own Alexander Skarsgård, do you? At 6’4 he is the right height to look up to, and get lost in. The man was built absolutely perfect!


Alexander Skarsgard Nude










My trip to New York was just as fantastic as I had hoped it would be.  I arrived at the airport at 5am in time to catch the 6am flight out of Miami, and can I tell you that I’ve never wanted to leave so desperately out of Miami as I did this day.  As I sat in my seat thinking of all the wonderful things I have in my life followed by a quick prayer of: Please let me live to see NY, it dawned on me; I had never felt more alone in my world.  Here I was heading to the busiest city in the United States, and I felt utterly and completely alone.  While I looked out the window to a sea of shiny blue ripples I remembered that the last time I was heading to the Big Apple, I was wearing bright colors welcoming the summer, now I looked down to an ensemble of black.  I have taken to black like if it were the new pink. I have taken to black like if it were the last color left in the world.

I made my way to Max Brenner with Big to meet Erika.  This place is absolutely fabulous, not only do you end up with the best chocolate coma in the world, but they also cater to everyone’s musical heart.  I found myself doing a few flashbacks into the 50’s, and then easily grooving my way all the way into the 90’s.  Thank you for recommending this place E,  it was truly a treat!
The next day I woke up in New Jersey with my sister Zulisha, on this day we decided to drive pretty much all over New York for the perfect Dominican cake for my stepmother’s 50th birthday bash.  Now if I ever see another three tiered cake in my life I will shoot myself stupid, because the thing was so heavy it still hurts my soul just thinking about it.  Imagine two women, one being me, carrying it down a very steep flight of stairs, that was the ultimate mission.  By the way my butt is OK now.

Saturday night we ended up at Drangonfly to see Victor Manuel do a live show for the wonderful people of New Jersey, and I had never felt more Latina then at this little venue that night.  Funny, I live in Miami, and I had to fly North for the reminder.

Victor Manuel

After Drangonfly we ended up in Ihop, and I believe we were greeted by our first names of how often we found ourselves there for a pancake run.  It didn’t take long before we took the party onto the parking lot, because so it seems that people do like to eat and enjoy their food at 4am.

Sunday I cancelled all the plans I had for the City, and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon with the two women who understand me the most in this world, my two sisters.  It just so happens that after a very short amount of convincing we found ourselves in Cutting Edge Body Arts in the City for matching tattoo’s.  We understand that there will be moments when people may get us; those will be short lived by the moments when we’ll be completely Misunderstood!

After that we ended up saying our good bye’s because I was flying out early Monday morning.  And although my time in the City was very short, and sweet it was just what I needed to kick me back into gear.  As I was preparing myself to head back home, I came to realize how much color I had while being here, there is nothing like a summer in New York City, and there is nothing like having a moment for oneself to appreciate the little things in life.  Thank you to my sisters for always reminding me of who I am, and where I belong.  It won’t be long before I make my way into the heart of this place again.  Till next time New York!
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