Chakra Series: Part One

I’ve been working on my elements and in order to do so I painted the chakras to have a better understanding of the system.  At first it started off sweet and playful, and before I knew it the subject transformed  into my very own experience. Awakening parts of me that were put to sleep many moons ago.

With every pencil stroke there it was, the body I placed on a romantic hiatus for the last 3 years. The spirit I myself neglected. The mind that was brutally abused for the last 3.5 years. The soul that was done recovering from all the damaged left behind. There, right before me, made by my very own hands was the rebuilding phase I have prayed for.

There in vibrant colors were the marks of a goddess, the same goddess I put aside for peasants. The scares of a warrior, the warrior who will no longer fight for dry lands. The system of my chakras. The beginning of a new journey.

The Root 


Solar Plexus

The beginning

  To be continued…


Mind, Body & Soul.


A mini vacation never hurt the soul. Especially if you live in Miami. People come here every day to get away (from what exactly… I don’t know?) but there are days I find myself wanting to escape the traffic, the pavements, the superficial life style that has become a nightmare trend in our city, and the shadows of the relationships I have collided with. Saturday morning after hanging up memories of time passed, I jumped in the car and headed West. There’s something free about direction, and something spiritual about the West. There’s no question as to why many drive towards the desert, yet seeing that I’m worlds away, but mindfully close to the West, it’s force, which I found myself gravitating towards, with it’s clear wide compass was excatly what my heart needed.

Soundtrack of choice : Z by SZA








Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson!

Everyone that knows me knows that I sweat the smallest things, from no pens in the house to the lunch menu for tomorrow…this has become habit in order for me not to stress over the big things that take away from all the important things in my life, things like bills, and things we have no control over. Not to long ago, I had to take a moment and find ground because the important things in life were starting to pile up, and needed my attention ASAP, during this time a friend of mine came over to the house to share some insight, and handed me a number of books that have to do with God, life and how not to ‘sweat the small stuff’. I am truly grateful for my friends, day to day, online or simply through a hand written letter, because they always take time out of their busy lives to bring some wisdom into mine. Here is my good Fall/Autumn read, enjoy!

Monday’s EYE Candy- Alexander Skarsgård!

I don’t know anyone that can rock fangs, have impeccable hair, never break a sweat while blood just pours out of their mouth, and still look mind fucking sexy like True Blood’s very own Alexander Skarsgård, do you? At 6’4 he is the right height to look up to, and get lost in. The man was built absolutely perfect!


Alexander Skarsgard Nude