Searching for the Perfect Booties!

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While Facebook and Goggle battle over who is the best search engine online, and tries to concur your computer screen one click at a time…I took the liberty of walking away from both sites to check out the next best things today… Steve Madden booties, yes, they are making a comeback.

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MAYFLOWR BURGUNDY women’s bootie mid casual are on sale for- $151.96

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REGAINN COGNAC LEATHER women’s bootie mid casual- $159.95

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Steeep Chesnut Suede women’s bootie high wedge for -$129.95

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WESTONN one sale for-$90.98

Fall Fashion Must-haves- BOOTIES!

This year Fall is all about the booties, and although Fall is known for its warm earthy tones, something tells me I’m going to be looking for the ultimate BOLD & vibrant booties ever.  I’m always looking for the ones that will make my jaw drop instead of yours. ;)  Do you have the ultimate Fall Boot?   Show it to me!

Taara $159.95

Pembrook $129.95

Cirkus Taupe Price: $149.95

Savana Lace Booties $98 at