Cause A Little Bit of Summer Makes a Lot of History.


Most of you know how big of a fan I am of John Mayer, right? I mean, what is there not to be a fan of? The man is smart, attractive, witty, charming, kind, loving and an astounding musician. I am even going to go as far as quoting Emma Stone, from ‘Friends with Benefits’, “Its John Fucking Mayer!”

If there’s ever a moment where I start to feel doubt, I pop in one of his albums (any one of them) and by the time it’s finished I feel completely relieved. Perhaps it’s because we are so close in age that I relate to his lyrics so much, that or, because he is such an amazing composer, which allows him to have the natural ability to disbar your qualms, despite of everything he himself has gone through. Which leads me to believe that Johnny knows what he’s talking about after all.

Come Sunday I will be under the same sky, at the same place, and at the same time once more with this man whose music has played a huge role in my life in more ways than one. He was there through all the heartaches, he was there when both of my children were diagnosed with Autism, he was there when I gave birth to my last son, when my grandparents passed away, he was even there after my divorce, and without questions, he continues to be here now.

He’s like a vintage quilt passed on through time, where you patch your stories as you move forward, you see the ageing behind every stitch you have grieved, with lessons that only feel virtuous after you have surpassed them, and your history together reminds you that the heart of life is good when you’re in the presence of one another.

See you in WPB, buddy. Welcome back!

Jason Mraz Is a Four Letter Word!

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Wednesday night I embarked on a spiritual trip. I drove to West Palm Beach to catch, Jason Mraz on his Tour Is A Four Letter Word, with two of the coolest concert buddies a girl could ever ask for.

We arrived right before sunset; a pink color sky surrounded the Cruzan Amphitheatre. The crowd was beginning to move towards the gates as the opening act said her goodbyes. Hundreds walked around with fodora hats; Mraz’s signature trademark. This concert was exactly what I needed in my life, I left embracing my loneliness, becoming friends with my heart again after a four year battle with it for wanting things I at times didn’t care for.

I have attended countless of concerts, but this one is going down as one of the best concerts of my life. Jason has a sweet way with words when it comes to love, but what touched me most was his tribute to his grandfather, and the songs he wrote after the loss of his friends.

Yes, we all want to be lucky in love, but we also want to be lucky in family, and that’s where I realized that it’s ok to tell someone you love them, whether they return the love or not.

I realized that just because they can’t show it, doesn’t mean you can’t give it. Life is too short to be worrying over someone who can’t express their feelings, that’s their bad, not yours. Moreover, don’t stop showing your love for those who are important, that’s what truly counts at the end of this beautiful thing called life.

“Thanks for the hot show West Palm Beach!”


I’ve been a fan girl to big name musician’s since before I started walking, but this year I had decided to take it to my very own back yard. In doing so I have encountered some amazing, and very talented group of people & well… let’s just say that this fan girl has gone apeshit! Let me elaborate a little more on my new found crush.

HELLOOOOO, FALSETA! Since seeing them at the beginning of the month at the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes, I haven’t been able to get their sound out of my head.  Its just something about the way they make me move,  in one minute they have me swaying from side to side, and in the next turning me into a complete monkey…you’d have to see it to believe me!  Since then they have been at the breaking point of surpassing the amount of times I’ve seen an artist preform live, and I never thought I would see the day when a local band would surpass the many times I’ve seen, John Mayer.

Just last week they had a badass show at the Rock Shop, in which I attended and fell completely in love with the place. The Rock Shop is beautifully decorated in red velvet drapes, where they display gigantic pictures of musician all around. It’s truly a beautiful little hole in the wall holding its own on a hidden little pathway on South Beach.

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Now just this past Saturday they played at the Poorhouse in Ft. Lauderdale, and even though I was in no facial mood to be out and about, I couldn’t miss them for the world!.

Falseta will be playing this Friday night at the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes for their Halloween Blowout, come dressed to impress in your Halloween best!

Music for the Soul- Avenida Zero!

I had the pleasure of seeing Avenida Zero a few months back at Tobacco Road, and I was completely blown away by the seductive vocals of Lisa Abreu.  Not only was she out of hand with her sultry Latina flow, but her leopard print pants were completely to die for! This local Miami band is paving the way for Pop Latin Rock in South Florida that the movement is breaking necks all the way up to The Warped Tour, Avenida Zero part took in this years lineup and are truly setting the way for many Latin Rock bands in Miami.

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Rock Takesover Starbucks!


Last night the local Starbucks by my house on 136 and Kendall Drive, hosted a series of live music to what seem to be one of the best Alternative Rock shows to hit the very un-trendy 88 for the I’M ADDICTED TO COFFEE FEST.  I have to admit, when I first heard of them doing this I was a bit on the doubtful edge, but the turn out was pretty great for a non alcoholic event.  Who knew that you could jam to a live rock show, and have a cup of joe at the same time! Let’s make it a habit people, shall we!

Fall Fashion Must Haves- Steve Madden!

It never fails that every Fall people turn into animals for the latest in fashion must-haves!  Well Steve Madden has made it very easy yet again by giving every woman, the chance to become one sexy leopard with these beautiful WICKED peep toe wedges.  I want them BAD!

These WOAH are just about right, they are perfect for a nice coffee chat, dinner with the girls, or a fab night out on the town.  You can’t go wrong with sequins, even if it is on a peep toe wedge shoe. ;)

Get a view of this princess!  She is absolutely stunning. Nothing says trendy like Steve Madden’s Whisttle Bright Multicolored peep toe wedges.  Look at those eye popping rich colors that are just in time for Autumn, and Fall !

Hi, I’m Michele!

 Hi, I’m Michele & I’m a Fan-Girl!

When Wajima suggested that I write a blog entry for her site, my initial response was something along the lines of, “REALLY?!?!  ME???  I’m not a writer and would have no idea what to say!!”.  Then it occured to me that she didn’t just ask me to write about ANYTHING…she asked me to write specifically about the creativity, talent and passion of a band that I’m not only a “Fan Girl” of but a band that I absolutely BELIEVE in…a band that fuels my OWN creativity and passion!  When I thought of it in those terms, I realized I had plenty to share!

First of all, for those of you who didn’t get a chance to read the Music For the Soul entry that Wajima recently posted about Colourslide, go ahead and take a minute to check it out by clicking HEREgo on…click on it…I’ll wait right here for you….

Earlier in the year, a friend of mine auditioned for and joined Colourslide as their drummer. After meeting the rest of the band and hearing them perform, I have to tell you, I was immediately blown away by these guys!  The band is made up of Alex Lawhon (lead vocal), Dean Newman (guitar), Quincy Mooring (drums) and Ted Comerford (bass). These guys are musical and lyrical genuises!  I kid you not!! (Ok, so maybe…I said MAYBE…I’m a little biased since I clearly adore these guys. They could sing the ABC’s and I’d rock out to it!) When listening to their music, I often find myself feeling a bit exposed…as if they somehow crept into my very being and found just the perfect words to express my thoughts. Their music offers everything from tracks driven by addictive drum beats and guitars to softer, more acoustic styles that really showcase the fresh and angelic vocals of lead singer, Lawhon.  I’ve been so fortunate to be able to see Colourslide perform numerous times in various types of venues and I can’t even begin to put into words how amazed I am at every single show.  Whether they’re rocking on stage at The House of Blues in front of  large crowd, or performing in front of a smaller crowd at a local bar, these guys give you everything they’ve got and the end result is mesmerizing!

Remember how I mentioned earlier that they fuel my OWN creativity and passion??  Well, that’s because although I’m not a pro by any means, I have a passion for photography…specifically band/concert photography!

I am absolutely in my element when I’m at a show and surrounded by the music and talent and creative energy that is in front of me.  Colourslide has been kind enough to allow me to photograph them during several of their shows and I consider myself quite a lucky girl to have been given the opportunity to capture moments that showcase their raw emotions and fierce energy when they’re on stage! I often wish I had an extra set of hands so that I could photograph them AND record live video of their performances at the same time!  Below is a little sample of BOTH!

Miami Rock Bands Take Over Churchills!

I’ll be at the Flower Blade Records Showcase at Churchill’s this Saturday night to support the local musician’s who are slamming their music throughout Miami.  I’m very excited to finally see RADIOBOXER perform, I’ve been hearing the buzz about them for the past six months, and now that school is finally coming to a pause for me, I’m going to treat my self to their sound a La LIVE! I’m also super excited to see Space Between Words perform!  How romantic is their name? I can’t stand how giddy I get over it, I’m a sucker for names! And last but not least, I will be cheer-leading on the side batting my eyes for 7 Seas, won’t you come join me?  We will be celebrating Nicholas (bass player) of 7 Seas’ birthday afterwards.  Come support the local seen, and party till you feel like a rockstar yourself. Now Come On!

Rock is not dead in Miami!

Ryan Rachal

Who remembers that annoying rumor at the beginning of the year which stated that Rock was dead in Miami? This rumor went on to cancel all the rock stations, leaving only that annoying ghetto power trip (I truly feel bad for those who deal with everyone in that show on a daily.) Even Y100 isn’t edgy enough, but that just goes to show the times we’re in.  Where we push Taylor Swift to our listeners, and allow studio time to be trashed by having KimK record a song, rather than let a Rock station takeover the air waves. Needless to say its been difficult for local rock bands in Miami to keep their fans happy, when there’s not a lot of places allowing them to preform.  For you see there’s a curtain night of the week dedicated to what bring in money, and according to Miami, Rock isn’t a money making movement, until JAZID last night.  It was a rainy evening on South Beach, something that usually keeps the local Salsa lovers, Pop junkies, and Hip Hop swaggers home. JAZID opened its door at 10:30pm allowing a few standing outside to take cover from the tedious rain, and with them came rolling in 7 Seas, who knew that the name alone would create such waves for everyone that night.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them practice long hours for this event, and while it was in the comfort of a studio, now I can truly say that I’ve had the honor of seeing them preform live in-front of a sea of people supporting their music, that little place was jammed packed.  I was totally blown away by their energy, and what was amazing about the night was getting a chance to see that Miami has a lot of rockers under its sand, and I hope that radio takes note of this again.

After 7 Seas showered the room with some feel good tunes, next up was DeRevo another local Rock band (in your face critics) who’s energy was out of this world.  These guys have a message, and it was intense; I’m not one for all the screaming in your face (I usually like to be the one doing it) type of music but Frank K the lead singer of DeRevo was pumping the crowd so hard that there were girls doing a mosh! I am not kidding, I haven’t seen a mosh since Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003 in Orlando. I didn’t stay long to see Elephant in the room perform, but from what I’ve heard they were just as great.  Thank you to those who didn’t allow the rain to keep them from coming out to JAZID’s, and thank you to those Miami Rock bands making it known that Rock in NOT dead, its just getting started again!

Who are the local bands in your area keeping the Rock movement alive?

Monday’s Eye Candy- Corey Britz

If you know me then you know I am a sucker for musician’s and captivated by Bass players, especially tall dark and mysterious ones ;) however I am coming to grips with the thought that I won’t marry a bass player any time soon, but that isn’t going to stop me from featuring one.

I found myself in Tampa at the Ritz in Ybor for BUSH and surprisingly enough the show was a really good one.  I must admit that Gavin Rossdale has a lot of energy, more than I anticipated him to have.  I never thought of him as one to pump the crowd but boy was I completely wrong!  The minute the man ordered to turn off the air conditioner in the venue from backstage, I felt I was going to die.

I was under the impression that I would die in a room full of people packed liked a bunch of sardines.  Moreover I was two steps away from the front of the stage so I thought I would end up compressed to death due to the intense energy coming from this man, which seemed to be calling the nation behind me.  Needless to say I didn’t die and believe it or not the crowd behaved rather well, unlike the security guard in front of us; he was so rude pushing poor little Lori- as if we had any room to be pushed around in.

Anyways, it turned out to be an all around amazing night.  I was in a new place, with great company and I even met up with B, Thank you B it was great meeting you!  Now let me explain that during the show I had to divert my eyes a few times onto Gavin because he was completely in the way ;) but luckily I was able to set them back onto the bass player Corey Britz, I was mesmerized by him,  what a cutie!  Which brings me now to this; I am making him my personal pick for this Mondays Eye Candy?  Enjoy because I totally did.

Thanks Meli, Lori and Karina this was a great night!


Gavin branding Karina making her a FAN for life!

“I want a picture with dude” yes, that’s exactly how I said it…

Tampa, FL 2010