Rock is not dead in Miami!

Ryan Rachal

Who remembers that annoying rumor at the beginning of the year which stated that Rock was dead in Miami? This rumor went on to cancel all the rock stations, leaving only that annoying ghetto power trip (I truly feel bad for those who deal with everyone in that show on a daily.) Even Y100 isn’t edgy enough, but that just goes to show the times we’re in.  Where we push Taylor Swift to our listeners, and allow studio time to be trashed by having KimK record a song, rather than let a Rock station takeover the air waves. Needless to say its been difficult for local rock bands in Miami to keep their fans happy, when there’s not a lot of places allowing them to preform.  For you see there’s a curtain night of the week dedicated to what bring in money, and according to Miami, Rock isn’t a money making movement, until JAZID last night.  It was a rainy evening on South Beach, something that usually keeps the local Salsa lovers, Pop junkies, and Hip Hop swaggers home. JAZID opened its door at 10:30pm allowing a few standing outside to take cover from the tedious rain, and with them came rolling in 7 Seas, who knew that the name alone would create such waves for everyone that night.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them practice long hours for this event, and while it was in the comfort of a studio, now I can truly say that I’ve had the honor of seeing them preform live in-front of a sea of people supporting their music, that little place was jammed packed.  I was totally blown away by their energy, and what was amazing about the night was getting a chance to see that Miami has a lot of rockers under its sand, and I hope that radio takes note of this again.

After 7 Seas showered the room with some feel good tunes, next up was DeRevo another local Rock band (in your face critics) who’s energy was out of this world.  These guys have a message, and it was intense; I’m not one for all the screaming in your face (I usually like to be the one doing it) type of music but Frank K the lead singer of DeRevo was pumping the crowd so hard that there were girls doing a mosh! I am not kidding, I haven’t seen a mosh since Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003 in Orlando. I didn’t stay long to see Elephant in the room perform, but from what I’ve heard they were just as great.  Thank you to those who didn’t allow the rain to keep them from coming out to JAZID’s, and thank you to those Miami Rock bands making it known that Rock in NOT dead, its just getting started again!

Who are the local bands in your area keeping the Rock movement alive?