Seems this year has been all about communication. Lines we once thought closed have reopened, not only with old friends, but also with past lovers. Somehow burned bridges have been rebuilt harder, better, faster, stronger.  But the most important restored relationship in this year of growth, has been the relationship with ourselves, and the music that dropped this year proves it all across the board.


Drake made sure he put his feelings in his moves on Hotline Bling. If you’ve been one of the lucky ones to go dancing with me, then you were the ones to point out how Drake stole each and every  one of my moves for his video. Yes, that’s right, I’m that fly on the dance floor. I’m not hating, he is hot enough, and that track is fire enough…so Drake can take it, always.


When life happens, Adele brakes silence.  Her voice reconnects us to a special time in our lives we misplaced. Our former selves.  ‘Hello’ is ideally the perfect description of what we would say to who we used to be post heartbreak. 25 is everything we want our yesterday to remember, that our mistakes are what have made us even better than ever. That those moments spent in purgatory weren’t in vein.


Erykah Badu dropped ‘But You Caint Use My Phone’ and with it the most amazing cover I’ve heard in a very long time. A duet with ex-lover Andre 3000 , proves that  Todd Rundgren’s – Hello It’s Me (1972) is nothing to fack with. This song is delicious, original and all, but even more so after Badu decided to make it her own with this hard to shake off -beat. It makes you want to save the world from itself, make room for butterfly gardens, bake a road of  yummy warm apple pies to feed the lovers in your life. It makes you want to create more, and if ever possible grab all of your beautiful dreams  in one hand, and make love to them under the beat of this song.  I don’t think love sounded so perfect until now, in fact, I believe I haven’t heard love this way before.


Seems most of us have something to say and it’s coming in clear. The best part is that those we are saying it to are reciprocating, and its nice to finally feel appreciated in return. Here’s to another amazing year of communication, open doors and receiving hearts.


Love is Everywhere in 2015.


I have been single going on two years, and it wasn’t until recently that I tuned into just how much most of my coupled friends enjoy my single life.

You’d think it’d be the other way around, but as it turns out I have heard, “You’re lucky to be single” a lot more than I’ve ever imagine I would, and it’s far more than I had ever hoped to be reminded of so it’s made me feel less lucky to have such a reality constantly celebrated by others.


I for one disliked the thought of being single. I do, and it’s puzzling because I am one of the few who enjoys being in a relationship; now, I’m well aware that of all the relationships I have ever walked into all have been out of fear of not finding someone forever. However, it wasn’t until my last relationship that I later accepted the thought of an always rather than a forever, the two are in fact extremely different, and waiting for the right person to come for an always rather than forcing, and trying to make something work out of old bad forever habits (not just mind, but also theirs) was a great lesson to learn.

Moreover, here’s what I’ve accepted about myself while patiently recovering…


Just because I like the idea of a relationship, doesn’t necessarily mean I am built for one. I have to remind myself of this when the cute talkers come around. That was a lesson learn that the hard way, and it wasn’t until I was with some guy who kept reminding me that, “You have to be patient. I was in love with the idea of you, Wajima…” more times that I would have ever hoped for, in order to accept that it was his reality, that after the dust settled was able to clarify mine, and that the IDEA of a relationship is what I love most, but the reality is that I’m not built for the common relationship, and that’s what I was hung up on.


I need something more.
I need someone honest.
I need someone adorable.
I need someone with ambition, dreams, values and beliefs.

I am not missing love, its everywhere I turn, it’s in me, I see it; therefore, I’m surrounded by it and I am never without.

I am one of the few who loves her space. I love to be able to do what I want with no interference in my quality time, and I also love sleeping alone. I love my down-time, and I love taking long showers and not sharing my towels with anyone, and I also love pampering myself without thinking of someone else’s needs.


Therefore, if I open my world to you it’s only because I believe you’re worth sharing my air with, how you handle breathing is something I can’t control.  I can’t stop you from walking away, and I’ll never beg you to stay, the only thing that I can control is love; I love to love, and I have learned to love in space and time. You don’t have to be with someone in order to love. All you need to do is love yourself, keep it moving and eventually the right person will always love the way you love and move.

Happy Valentine’s Day from my heart to yours.

P.S make sure to check out Drake’s new album: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late on iTunes today.

My Top Five Albums of 2013, Minus One.

me 2008

This year was a big year for music. It seems like we say that every year, and it just so happens that this was the year I decided to re-enter my roots in Hip hop and instrumentals. I took a three year hiatus from the music that used to inspire my walk, my talk and my style because I felt I no longer needed any of it in my life, but as the story goes, you can’t hide from where you come from and all things lead me back to her.


For those of you who bought or downloaded this record, I sympathize. Also, I feel sorry for myself due to the fact that I will never get those 45 mins of my life back, plus I blame everything that ever went wrong this year on this album. West not only showed an angry side to himself, but called himself a God while doing so. No, that is not permitted! Demented demon is more like it, dude you’re upset, we get it, eat a snickers, bro. Not one song had me moving, and for me that is a plus, move my mind or move the fuck on, but then again, don’t mind me, I don’t have the answers. They say you can’t blame any one for your own discrepancies, but I am going to be the first one to say that I blame Kanye West for everything gone wrong in 2013.


Back in 2008, my soul was searching for a revolution. Turning 30 and getting married were at the top of the list for that year, not to mention the laughter of change sipped on every brim of my drink, and I felt lost and winded until I heard Oddisse’s , Chocolate City Dreaming. I must have played ‘Odd Autumn’ for weeks on end before placing everything in the hands of the universe in hopes that it knew where it was taking me. Little did I know I had fallen victim to the music with the longing and wanting of something that resembled it which later down the road became my resurrection. ‘The Beauty in ALL’ , is a futuristic sound filled with horns, piano and drum beats which are the perfect combination of sun and light in my life, and it placed this album on my top 5 best albums out this year.


Nothing Was The Same

Listen, before you go…(if you haven’t left yet) I get it, the guy is mad soft with his downtempo, and not at all ready to sit with the big boys in the big boy table, but don’t forget you made your way over to my page. That alone will tell you many things, and one of them is that I’m a sucker for make me feel good music or just make me feel period. Drake doesn’t fall short with his soft melodies and a touch of 90’s R&B soul. Yes, he’s far from it but it’s as close as its going to get in 2013.  His attention, emotions and those 3am moments of sweet hardcore sex is what keeps us listening to him while making fun of his style. While most of you poke fun about this man’s music, its his music that’s entering the ears of the women you’re sleeping with, so you should be thanking him for it.  Although Worst Behavior makes me want to punch someone in the face, the rest of the album has me longing for summer nights, deep conversations under the stars and long drives while reminiscing over yesteryears. But let’s not think about it too much, or this will turn into a post on why I need Drake in my life.


I first came across Ta-ku back in 2011 on myspace (yea, don’t judge me) and I found him while searching for some Dilla beats to throw on my blog for a year end review, but the honors went over to the incredible MC Solar, because I also have a thing for french MC’s. ‘Songs to Break Up To’ is worth a thousand heartbreaks if you ask me (but you didn’t, so I told you anyways). This record is filled with every thing instrumentals, doused with words you aren’t able to conjure while in the mist of taking space and time. Somethings are better left unsaid and when that happens put this record on and mark my words -you won’t regret it.

Magna Carta-cover-650-430

Ok, there is no Hip hop post on without talking about the man I have been in love with since 1998 is there? No, there isn’t and this year that man dropped yet another reason to keep me patiently waiting while he pulls on my heart stings as he ventures off into the world of sports, but I am forever devoted to HOV, unlike his longtime friend Kanye, Jay-z is the only person allowed to be angry on his record in my opinion. Holy Grail had me feeding off of the palm of his hands, and let’s not even discuss Part II (On The Run), but can we please elaborate on the beauty that is Frank Ocean, and how every time he touches a track no matter whose album it is the man makes my ovaries explode. Mr. Carter can do no wrong in my eyes, and I could careless about your opinions because he is forever the nuts to my chin…FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.


There’s just way too much sexy in one album. They said that Hip hop’s dead, then I gather those people have not heard Sunset Blvd yet. Some of the most talented people in the business held the mic on this album,  artists like Common who is one of my favorite walking poetry books still around alongside Talib Kweli, J Rocc and Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies, with some sweet tasting treats from Dezi Paige (ooh, so sexy) and Botni Applebum. This was definitely a good year for the Yancey family, and it was an even greater finish when they set off on the Welcome To Dillaville Europe Tour 2013 this past fall.

My vibe this New Years Eve Aurora Feat Esta by Elaquent 

Music for the Soul-Take Care-Drake!

Buzz around town; well more like Sweden to New York to M.I.A, is that ‘Take Care’ is the must have album of the year.  I spend most of my afternoon listening to the extended edition from Itunes, and I couldn’t believe how flippin’ sexy hot this record is. Drizzy has done it again and CNN said it best.

“Hip-hop has never produced anything quite like Drake — a guy with a Jay-Z ego and a Charlie Brown soul.”-CNN

My New Found Crush- DRAKE.


I know…its old, but it’s deep.  Listening to him is like listening to a book for the (ready to know what a man’s world is about) insightful.  The way he spit’s game is exactly what you should run away from, but it’s so-in-your-face, that you can’t help but to jump right into it with full force.  I am having Drake overload.  somebody stop me! 

  ♡   drake-find-your-love1 









Oh and P.S. Please don’t tell Jay-Z!