Florence + The Machine

I was under the impression that everyone had heard of Florence + the Machine by now, well with the single Heavy in your Arms featured in the Eclipse soundtrack and all.  But I am finding that more and more people really don’t know who this woman with the magical voice is.  So allow me to introduce to you the music that has been blasting me back in to serenity.  The Janis Joplin of the Millenium.  This is Florence + The Machine.

Book Vs. Movie- Eclipse

What can I possibly say about Eclipse, it’s just like the book, but BETTER!  I never thought I’d say that.  However I feel that for that the movie trumps the book just a little.  It was so beautiful more then what I had pictured it to be, it was funny, funnier than it was in my head and believe me at the moment it was very hilarious.  And it gave me the Edward I had been longing to see on film, this time they got it right.

What did you think of the film?