Fall In Love With Movies, Music and Books This Season.

Fall is finally here and so is my libido, but before I go making ANOTHER mistake, lets focus on all the hot men this fall has to offer.


There’s something about Tom Hardy. Well, there’s everything about Tom Hardy.  I have salivated over this man since the 2002 Deseter. MY goodness, I love a man, who is all caught up in his feelings, don’t you, especially if they look like this?  Make sure you catch him in The Drop, plus if you are a huge Soprano’s fan like me, then you will be just as thrilled to see James Gandolfini one last time.


Dear Sam Smith:

I would have totally pressed play on your album and would have completely had it on loop for the last 15 months, but I am breaking up with you before even downloading your tunes. I just can’t nor do I have the patients for your heartbreak love songs anymore. However, I think you are the cutest thing to come out of this fall season, like ankle fawn booties, and I’m sure there’s plenty of others who could use what you have to offer on your tour, but please don’t think for a second that it’s you, because it’s not, it’s me.

 Sam Heughan

Nothing says cozy like a good book, and nothing says fall like an adaptation of a great book series come to life. Sam Heughan stars in STARZ’s Outlander as Jaime Fraser, so if you are anything like me, and have a thing for hot men then make sure your cable bill is paid on time.

Big Fall Trends

Western Leatherette Booties $27.80
Western Leatherette Booties $27.80

It’s that time again so make sure you bring out your boots.  Summer has ended and Autumn has marked its Season upon us, but with breezy days there are moments that call for rain, and sporting a pair of ankle boots is just what every girl needs.  Don’t you think?

Here are some other cuters that are making the cut for the season, which ones will you be sporting around town?

Wedge Booties $25.80
Wedge Booties $25.80
Suedette Ankle Booties $27.80
Suedette Ankle Booties $27.80

Big Fall Trends 2010-Belts

I started my summer cleaning yesterday and as usual I started with my favorite part of the house, the closets.  I began to pull things out and my favorite thing to do (coordinate by colors) all outfits and organized all possible styles that never go away for the fall. 

   As I carried on I happened to come across my bag of BIG belts and I was thinking; should I lock them away in the far back of the laundry room, or just simply give them away.  Well as I drank my coffee this morning and looked over my style website I came across a page that showed this Fall seasons must haves, and guess what I see, yup big fat belts. 

I am so happy that I didn’t lock them up or give them away, for you see everything always comes back in style; and something tells me that this it going to be an interesting Fall.