I’m Going to Get My Cherry Popped AGAIN at EVE!

I haven’t been to an event in a very long time so tonight I’m heading to, EVE for the return of, FALSETA. I am addicted to this band, like one is addicted to shoes, bad 80’s music, lipgloss and frozen yogurt. Tonight will be a great night for all you Kezia and Falseta fan’s, this show will be like no other show you’ve ever attended. So get ready to be blown away, you are not going to want to miss this! Doors open at 7:30, admission is $10. See you there!

South Florida Drummers United presents:









I Attended a Hip Hop Symphony!


As the world pays $50, 000 to P. Diddy’s Oscars after party, I paid $30 to see Falseta at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday, followed by a very lovely dinner.

The Hip Hop Symphony was in full swing on Sunday afternoon bringing to life a mix of a classical music and dance, with a full Orchestra, a twist of Jazz, ending it with some urban infused Hip Hop.

My friends from Falseta took the stage in what has become their most creative production yet. I am beyond proud of these guys, and will continue to go the extra mile for them, because they are simply delicious!

Also check out their newest member of the band, another extra eye candy bonus to add to the mix…guitarist, Ernesto Paez. Welcome to the Falseta family.




It’s no news that I have fallen in love with Miami, this year has been a growing one for both the city and I, and in the process we have taken a liking to one another going from acquaintances to top of the line, BFF’s.

Besides enjoying the beautiful view that the city has to offer, and the sunny weather  which seems to be never ending, I have found the Miami not only has an awesome local scene, but the guys are pretty freaking Delicious!  See for yourself in FALSETA‘s music video ‘Running Low On High’.


I heart these boys!


I’ve been a fan girl to big name musician’s since before I started walking, but this year I had decided to take it to my very own back yard. In doing so I have encountered some amazing, and very talented group of people & well… let’s just say that this fan girl has gone apeshit! Let me elaborate a little more on my new found crush.

HELLOOOOO, FALSETA! Since seeing them at the beginning of the month at the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes, I haven’t been able to get their sound out of my head.  Its just something about the way they make me move,  in one minute they have me swaying from side to side, and in the next turning me into a complete monkey…you’d have to see it to believe me!  Since then they have been at the breaking point of surpassing the amount of times I’ve seen an artist preform live, and I never thought I would see the day when a local band would surpass the many times I’ve seen, John Mayer.

Just last week they had a badass show at the Rock Shop, in which I attended and fell completely in love with the place. The Rock Shop is beautifully decorated in red velvet drapes, where they display gigantic pictures of musician all around. It’s truly a beautiful little hole in the wall holding its own on a hidden little pathway on South Beach.

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Now just this past Saturday they played at the Poorhouse in Ft. Lauderdale, and even though I was in no facial mood to be out and about, I couldn’t miss them for the world!.

Falseta will be playing this Friday night at the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes for their Halloween Blowout, come dressed to impress in your Halloween best!

Music for the Soul- Falseta!

Last Wednesday night, Andrew and I went to the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes, for their once a month event of DIRTY RHYTHM WEDNESDAY to checkout some of his fellow rock heads.  Now I have to admit I had no idea what I was in for by the end of the night.  After a few mellow bands took to the floor with some original/cover songs, others showed their love for women’s underpants by having some of their fans throw a bunch of granny panties while they played to a pool playing, bar drinking and dart throwing crowd.  Needless to say the mood quickly shifted the minute the energetic, and completely flabbergasting sound of FALSETA came crashing through the walls.

(fan-girl alert)

You know the part in the Little Mermaid when Ursula comes out from behind the rocks, and starts to sing magically with Ariel’s voice. Yeah….well that (aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aahaa) sound is what I felt the minute the lead singer of Falseta started to rock the mic!

The man is so freaking gorgeous and talented he makes Jim Morrison rollover a thousand times in his grave as he swayed about.

So far a lot of  the bands I’ve seen in the last few months not only have Rock in common, but are also originally from Hialeah. I’m beginning to think that the reason why the chonga’s are no longer competing for attention, is due to the fact that these bands are making a movement straight out of the dirty waters, showing that Rock is still very much alive in Miami.  Therefore leaving very little room for the awful outfits, and bad hair styles that infested the factory working city a few years back.