Dress To Distress!

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It’s that time of year again when we plan our vacation. Once we book our destination, reserve the hotel accommodations, make an itinerary of all the artsy, fun and extremely adorable yet breathtakingly magnificent places to visit, we focus on the next best thing; what to wear.

Well, if you are anything like me then you plan your outfits according to your escape. I constantly check the weather before my departure, and make finale adjustments, so that I’m comfortable at all times while looking my very best as I blend into any location I make my home for the time being.

First stop: The Airport Look.

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Always, always, always wear pants. I have chosen jeans for this Airport Look because I know most of you prefer jeans over the not so sexy sweatpants style (which my sisters and I  love to sport when sitting by the window that will gracefully display our next residency for however long we are on hiatus) but, that’s just us. I know most find it less stressful by wearing jeans for they go with pretty much anything nowadays, so why not add a comfy white tank top, a cardigan (colour of your choice) and a breathable scarf to keep you warm while flying through the sky.  I have also picked, TOMS, as the shoe of choice, because I feel that no matter where you go, it’s not only stylish but the easiest thing to take off and put on when traveling.  Bag style is completely up to you, I love a cross over bag, its easy for me. ;)

Finale Stop: Don’t Be Afraid Of Color.

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I live for color.  I don’t know how to be myself  if I’m not sporting a splash of fun in my outfits, so when I travel I like to make sure I take a little bit of me to someplace new.

That 70’s Style!

The 1970’s are making a comeback.  Short shorts, graphic tees and flowey hair is all I want for this year’s spring. While most of the world is bulking down with blizzard like clothing, dogging 23 degree weather and praying for sunshine, I am getting ready by pulling out this year’s fashion must haves out of my closet.

Say I Love You With Time.

If you are anything like me then you also collect watches.  I don’t follow a trend when it comes to the time piece on my wrist, but it just so happens that every watch I set my hands on they turn into the hottest must have accent piece in town.  I also love limited edition for special occasion and this year Swatch has provided the sweetest watch just in time for Valentine’s Day.

So whether you’re in a relationship or in between one go and gift yourself this adorable piece of time.

Hair Accessories For the New Year.


Its no surprise that I am a sucker for accent pieces, so when I get a chance to play dress up for my photographer friends, I really do my part to bring out my most favorite accessories. The ending of the year is all about what goes on your head, and I have featured some of the best hair pieces to give your New Years Eve outfit the conversation it deserves. Take a look.

ohhh i love this
The Classic Crystal and Petal Bandeau- Mini. .

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Image of Black peacock mini cocktail hat