Fifty Shades of Charlie Hunnam!

Charlie Hunnam1

So this is the man who will play Christian Grey, in Fifty Shades of Grey…WOW!  I’m going to be extremely honest, and get it out of the way, but I did not enjoy these books one bit.

For starters, while reading the books  it dawned on me that they were a poor X-rated imitation of the Twilight Saga, which I did enjoy because I have a fascination for mythical creatures, therefor Vampires are my favorite dead-people in the world, so that’s one.  And two; come on, REALLY ladies? Half of the shit written in these books  are so basic, and seeing how crazy women were becoming over the very sloppy detail of intimacy or lack thereof, I was beginning to question…”Was there something wrong with me?”

Now, when I started the books I was involved with a man whose personality and unattainable feelings resembled those of Christian Grey.  The story of my life. So every page I read was just another reminder of a man I needed to get out of my system in more ways than one. MAN…everyone should fuck like this. His fucking tapped right into all of my issues, and I needed every single one of his fucked up issues inside me.

Charlie Hunnam2

Later I learned that not a lot of women have experienced sex this way, and it was a reality check that couples are sticking to the basic formality of sex (vanilla sex) and women comforted to living vicariously through them as if this was the first sex book to hit the market.  For some reason couples have lost the spice that happens in the beginning of relationships over time, while others have found that if it weren’t for these books, they wouldn’t have been able to approach their partner, and find the kinks that apply most to them. Now, I’m not going to say that spanking the shit out of a woman’s ass to the point where she can’t sit the next day is right. Fuck that side of the book. I’m talking exotic- sweaty- hungry- tie me- I can’t live without having you- and the next day I’m still feeling the motion inside of me sex, all at the thought of you. Not toxic sex, that’s just gross.

Charlie Hunnam3

However, I apologize for veering off topic , but let’s go back to this guy right here. The universe couldn’t have given us a better looking man to play the role of fucking Christian Grey. Allow me to express that when I read the books I gave Christian a beard, along with a personality who could fuck even your shadow if you let it.  Now, I’m not going to fake the funk, and tell you that I wont be buying a ticket to opening night, because I will be there opening night. I mean, c’mon…I want to see Charlie Hunnam split that woman in half.  Let’s face it, if you can’t get your ass spanked and hair pulled during sex every once in a while, then you’re not living.  ;)

The End.

Best Catwoman Of All Time!

I have my personal villain, but I’m going to let you guess which of these beautiful ladies is my all time favorite Catwoman. In the meantime, come take a look and tell me which one is yours.

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The voluptuous Julie Newmar?

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The former Miss America, Lee Meriwether?

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The strikingly beautiful,  Eartha Kitt?

Perhaps you’re a fan of the Batman cartoons and loved, Adrienne Barbeau as the voice of Catwoman in Batman: The Animated Series.

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Or is it Michelle Pfeiffer that makes you want to caress her tights?

Or the sultry Halle Berry?

Or would you prefer Miss. Anne Hathaway in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises?

To Woody Allen With Love.

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I am completely addicted to, Woody Allen. Everything about him, his neurotic behaviors, his anxiety, and his ability to be brilliant at all times while trying to control his nervous tune. I need a man like Woody Allen, in my life. A real life Einstein, with Shakespeare sonnets under every breath.

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Monday’s Eye Candy- Ryan Gosling!

I do believe I’m the only woman in the world who hates the Notebook.  There’s something about that movie I dislike, the only thing I enjoyed  most was the era it took place in, and of course the scene that won MTV’s best Kiss.  Now with that said, I think Ryan Gosling is one of the best actors out there right now. His craft is untouchable, and holding high ranks next to Leonardo DiCaprio, yes my list of actors is very small, but I have big names under my list.  He completely stole my heart in Blue Valentine, sure it was a strong movie to swallow, but the unconditional love ‘Dean Pereira’ had for his tiny dysfunctional family was just something every woman desires deep inside but will never say it out-loud.  Unfortunately for you Gosling seems to be picking up on his acting game, and heading into a more mature leading man’s role, I am a BIG Chick flick junkie, but if you can somehow tell me why I hated the Notebook, I might just give you my copy.








I really enjoyed, Once.  This is a musical love story unlike any other.  Boy meets girl, Boy falls for girl, Girl falls for boy, yet both end up walking away from one another, because their daily lives are what mattered the most.  If only all love stories were this way.  The world would be filled with more listeners; insensitivity would consume our neighbors less.  And music will leave a better taste in our mouths, because of the purity of the heart that is writing it.