Mind, Body & Soul.


A mini vacation never hurt the soul. Especially if you live in Miami. People come here every day to get away (from what exactly… I don’t know?) but there are days I find myself wanting to escape the traffic, the pavements, the superficial life style that has become a nightmare trend in our city, and the shadows of the relationships I have collided with. Saturday morning after hanging up memories of time passed, I jumped in the car and headed West. There’s something free about direction, and something spiritual about the West. There’s no question as to why many drive towards the desert, yet seeing that I’m worlds away, but mindfully close to the West, it’s force, which I found myself gravitating towards, with it’s clear wide compass was excatly what my heart needed.

Soundtrack of choice : Z by SZA








Music for the Soul- Greg Hansen

Remember Greg Hansen?  Sure you do, he’s one out of the many beautiful Eye Candy’s featured on the blog.  Well it just so happens that Mr. Hansen has drop yet another album which is now available on itunes just in time for Fall, and this has given him that chance to make his way back on the website not only as a Monday’s Eye Candy, but also this weeks choice as, Music for the Soul.  Enjoy!