Saying Goodbye to How I Met Your Mother.


I am not ready to part with How I Met Your Mother just yet, nor am I emotionally prepared for all the feelings the last episode will bring. We all love a great love story, and we love a great dad, so what’s left to say about a show that has captured our hearts about a man who reminisces with his children about that time when he fell in love with their mom. It started with an ankle, and from that little sight of her skin, he knew she was the one.

We spend energy on looking for the one, and we spend hours telling people about it all while searching for that one great show, and when you combined them all, well you end up with a conversational piece worth sharing. I want to thank the producers, writer, actors, and everyone who worked on, and behind the scene in making this one of my all-time favorite family shows. It became our show; I have spent countless hours on the sofa with the kids enjoying this creative work. I also spent my healing process next to Barney, Marshall, Robin, Lily and Ted, and I couldn’t have asked for better company.

Saying good bye to something you enjoy is hard, I’ve recently had to say good bye to many things. The house where I enjoyed so many beautiful moments in, some of the things that brought tons of joy into our lives, and because life has a funny sense of humor, I’ve also had to say good bye to some people in my life. However, this show helped me cope, and I’m just not ready to say good bye to it, just yet.

Dreaming With Numbers.


Welcome to Miami, where the rich act poor and the poor act rich. Where some men drop you lower than their bank accounts, yet buy the latest gadgets on bad credit.  Where some women pay full price for a boob jobs, but pull extensions on their light bills. Where men drive German cars, yet can’t afford to fix them, and some women are out shopping with money they can’t spend while looking for their next victim.

They say,  “You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.” Lets talk about this.

On my way to class yesterday, a song came on. I have heard this song many times, yet whenever I listen to it, I always ask, “How do I stop myself from being just a number… in a city so full of shit.” Yesterday, I was finally able to answer that question.

Depending on the company you keep, determines what place you hold. And suddenly everything started to make sense. I’m the kind of woman people call to for advice, I’m the kind of person people look for to enjoy their moments with. I’m that girl, who when one of my female friends or even male friends go out, they text me with a picture of what they are wearing, to get an opinion before heading out. I’m someone who picks up the phone at 3 am, when my people are in need, and I’m also that kind of friend who inspires others to be better.  However, sometimes as fulfilling as all that sounds, I also need some inspiration.


About a month ago, my friend gave me a Field Notes book. It sat on my nightstand for a while before I dotted on its invisible lines. My first entry was a synopses of my trip to New York. Followed by a moment back in time, and then my third entry was a drawing of my persistence of memory. Everything around us is based on space and time, everything we do is conducted by numbers, from the moment we wake up, to the minute we fall asleep, we breath with time.

I am the kind of person who thinks too much, every second of every hour, of every day, my mind is consumed with something. I overanalyze, and that’s one of my biggest problems, not taking a moment to give reason to time. Everything I want, everything I need, along with everything I touch is caused by a number. All, because I just want to be inspired.

While some spend most of their time, surrounding themselves with people who are trying to make it. I just have to look and see that I am surrounded by people who already have. In my circle friends, I have a therapist, whose job is to make sure your child can overcome barriers that will enable them to be a part of society.  I also have a teacher, whose has taken his love for literature,  music and art, and has applied it to his curriculum for the year, bringing creative writing back into a time where people have lost the ability to express without JPEGS, lyrics, or calling themselves some wanna be title to something not so great. I have a doctor, whose life consists of saving lives. I have a musician who is so-bad-ass for his own good, and most of you are fan’s of his work.  And my best-friend is a top dog at a well known company, making boss like moves in your everyday life, and you don’t even know it. Those people I just mentioned; if ever there were a moment where I would pick up my phone and say, “I need you” they would be here in a heartbeat because through the years, they have shown me just that.  Why? Because I’m a good number in their lives, and they are a great number of people in mine. These people are the ones who make a difference in my world.

During class, the professor asked a question, but before we get to it, he had this to say.

You will come across a vast amount of people who are looking to you for answers.  Who have a billion and one problems, yet with those problems, there will be one question they are going to want to ask, but won’t. Perhaps because its too soon, or perhaps they will never ask, it will be your job to bring it out of them. Now, before you do, you’re going to have to ask yourself this question first, but during this time, use caution, for without its reason it will be hard  to venture off trying to help someone who is looking for your guidance. (hmmm, food for thought)

“How would you like to be remembered?”

Once you have formed this outlook about yourself, only then, will you fully understand those you encounter in your life.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this post, if you surround yourself with empty people, chances are that’s what you will get, zero.  So I would like to thank those who have surrounded themselves with me, because we are constantly building in each others lives, they give, I give.  We care enough about who we are as a person, that we attract great people in our lives, sometimes you will come across those who have less to offer, but its only because we didn’t apply caution to the wind. And that my friend is the key to a stable life, knowing what kind of number you are, separating yourself from the rest, allowing someone to feed you their gift, while receiving yours at the same time, without expectations.  I’m glad I was able to find these people at an early stage  in my life because BUILDING is who I am, and every day I dream with numbers.

Miami Spice Vs Restaurant Week NY!


South Florida has Miami Spice, but that’s not as important as Restaurant Week in New York City!

The Big Apple kicked off Restaurant Week on July 22, and it will go all the way through August 16th just in time for a swift randevu.  Oooh, to be a stomach in the city right now is heaven, nearly 300 restaurants are serving up three-course prix-fixe lunches ($25) and dinners ($38).   I sure hope my ladies are building up an appetite because I don’t think they are ready for this mouth.

Miami Spice
Gourmet Prix-Fixe Menus
August 1 – September 30, 2013
$19 or $23 Lunches
$33 or $39 Dinners

Enjoy special three-course, prix-fixe meals at participating restaurants.

Monday’s Eye Candy -Josh Radnor!

Josh Radnor

So I’m a tiny bit late with this show, sue me! But that’s what happens when you get lost inside this thing called life, school, work and family.

After having spent months introducing the children to shows like LOST, Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead, we felt we needed another show immediately to fill the gap between hiatus, so we came across How I Met Your Mother.  What an incredibly sweet and brilliant show.

If you remember FRIENDS and for those who grew up watching FRIENDS you will agree that there wasn’t another show like it on TV, it was our bible growing up, until I sat down to watch the pilot of HIMYM, and I just knew I had found another show that I just couldn’t live without.

As we slowly approach Season Four, after giving myself a pedicure and watched how these friends continue to tangle their lives, I suddenly realized my admiration towards Ted. Even the kids have fallen in love with Ted. His character hits real close to home right now, as I watched how he jumped into a relationship (that almost cost him his life) with a woman who has a child, and struggling to make a choice of moving forward with the relationship knowing all the risks involved or to call it quits before it becomes difficult to walk away from later down the road. I knew then that Ted was going to be my absolute favorite, plus it doesn’t hurt that Josh Radnor has your typical Boy Next Door look and is unquestionably adorable.






2011 A Year In Review!

If you have been following me on twitter, then you have also been living my life through pictures, local events, my soul searching trip to the West Coast, and my return to NYC as a single girl.  While taking a look back on the many adventures my life has undergone this year, I only have one things to say: I am completely grateful for the year I have endured.

This year has been the year of growth, and acceptance.  33 came in with so much to offer, and I couldn’t have done it without my family.  I also need to give thanks to those I’ve met whom have touched my heart in many ways, the classes I have taken, the bloodshot nights working on my book,  the job I’m completely thankful for, your constant support, and above all, God .

Lets take a look at my life in 2011, and prepare for a beautiful and full of wisdom 2012.


Monday’s Eye Candy – Quincy Mooring!

At the age of 13, Quincy Mooring, was given an ultimatum by the choir director of the church he attended in North Carolina….either SING or learn how to PLAY an instrument.  So what did he do? He picked up a pair of drumsticks and began a life-long love affair with drumming. Being a part of his middle school band taught him the skills he needed to be able to read music, but ultimately, Quincy spent countless hours practicing and teaching himself how to play. THAT, my friends, blows. my. mind. To possess, even at the young age of 13, that kind of drive, determination, passion and raw talent is a rare and beautiful thing.

Quincy’s skills continued to improve and evolve throughout his teenage years as he played both in church and in his high school band.  It wasn’t until 2003, when he was in his early 20′s, that he became a part of his first band, a local band that was based in High Point, N.C. called Trial By Error.  Since then, he has played with numerous bands, both locally as well as nationally.  He has toured with both OURS and Plain Jane Automobile, and most recently, became a member of Colourslide (a band based out of Raleigh, N.C., who just so happen to also be one of the most spectacular combinations of musical talent, stunning looks, AND witty personalities that I have ever witnessed! Don’t take my word for it though…see for yourself!). Since early 2011, Quincy has had the opportunity to play with Colourslide in both North and South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Delaware, New York, D.C., Virginia…and with a new album in the works, more shows are sure to be on tap for 2012.

Over the years, Quincy has been influenced by the drum styles of numerous drummers, but particuarly Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, and Calvin Napper, who is also a native of North Carolina.  Each of these accomplished drummers possess their own powerful styles and combined, these men provide decades worth of drumming that have inspired and played an important role in allowing Quincy to develop his own unique and diverse style of playing.

When I asked Quincy to describe to me what music is to him, he summed it up in one word…EVERYTHING. I love that answer…so simple, yet so infinite.

So here we are, 21 years later and his love affair with the drums is still going strong.  Thank you, Quincy, for sharing your passion and talent with ALL of us…and an extra special thank you for bringing ME out of the silence and back into the wonderful world of music.  You continue to amaze and inspire me, my friend!



Rock Takesover Starbucks!


Last night the local Starbucks by my house on 136 and Kendall Drive, hosted a series of live music to what seem to be one of the best Alternative Rock shows to hit the very un-trendy 88 for the I’M ADDICTED TO COFFEE FEST.  I have to admit, when I first heard of them doing this I was a bit on the doubtful edge, but the turn out was pretty great for a non alcoholic event.  Who knew that you could jam to a live rock show, and have a cup of joe at the same time! Let’s make it a habit people, shall we!

The Brat Pack takes over Flickin Summer Movies!

Thursday 8/25/2011 7:00 pm the Brat Pack will be taking over the Gusman Center for Flickin Summer Movies, will you be attending? Tickets are $10 so make sure you get yours in advance!  Also I’m giving away one free ticket to the first person (locals only) who can guess what was the first event that I attended at the Gusman Center!  Head on over to Wajima on facebook, and leave your answer there. GO!

Miami Rock Bands Take Over Churchills!

I’ll be at the Flower Blade Records Showcase at Churchill’s this Saturday night to support the local musician’s who are slamming their music throughout Miami.  I’m very excited to finally see RADIOBOXER perform, I’ve been hearing the buzz about them for the past six months, and now that school is finally coming to a pause for me, I’m going to treat my self to their sound a La LIVE!

I’m also super excited to see Space Between Words perform!  How romantic is their name? I can’t stand how giddy I get over it, I’m a sucker for names!
And last but not least, I will be cheer-leading on the side batting my eyes for 7 Seas, won’t you come join me?  We will be celebrating Nicholas (bass player) of 7 Seas’ birthday afterwards.  Come support the local seen, and party till you feel like a rockstar yourself. Now Come On!

Music for the Soul – Colourslide!

Photography by Michele

My friend Michele introduced me to Colourslide a few months back, and I automatically fell head over heels.  You would have to listen to their “Plastic Rock N Roll” song  or be a FanGirl to completely understand.
Colourslide is a North Carolina band, and as a local she has seen them preform countless times, (LUCKY GIRL) and all the while taking some amazing pictures of the these guys.  What do you think?  NICE right? Yea!

Photograph by Michele

I find myself from time to time needing new music in my life, and so Michele was kind enough to send me their CD via snail mail; and what can I tell you, they have made their way into my top 5 must listen to bands before going to bed.  So now as a fan of the group myself I need to continue doing what us fangirls do best, share them with all of you!  I hope they make their way down to Miami soon so that I too could have the chance to appreciate their style a La LIVE. Thank you, M for trusting me with something so special, I owe you BIG TIME, girl!

Colourslide is in the studio right now working on their next album which should be making its way to me come Fall.  They are joining some very BIG names this year in dropping albums right in time for some cozy winter weather nights.

Have a local band you want to share?  Tell me all about them here!

Here’s a pick Shannon took during my impromptu 1:30am Deep South set a couple weeks back. 

Pictures by Alex Lawhon via Tumblr