How To Make Her Fall In Love.

Here are my simple easy steps in how to make her fall in love with you forever and ever, amen. Now, if you do reach the point where you have become her sun and moon; then do not fucking blow it, you asshole.


Killing her softly…

Turn her phone into your personal mix tape send her links to all the songs that remind you of her when you listen to them. Nothing is more romantic than knowing you’ve made something which reminds you of what we have together, especially a love song. Tell her how you didn’t like that song until you heard the way she sang it. Give her a CD filled with music you have from the moment you met, it’s a time capsule, and something sweet to look back on for years to come. Plus, if you do it right just imagine all the “volumes 1 through infinity” that could come from this.


A Long Walk…

Nothing says “romantic” like a long walk around the park, and if you have a pet, you have an advantage over those who don’t, which have to come up with other ways to keep the romance alive.  Taking your pets out for a walk lets her know that you feel just as important about their health as you do about yours and hers; it also lets us feel like we can trust you with the smallest and most personal details in our lives. Plus, we love our pets, and holding hands with the man we love while taking a stroll feels good around the heart.


Flava In Ya Ear…

Tell her you love her; tell her she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen even in sweats.  Tell her she capitals the world to you, and really truly mean it. Nothing makes us feel more important than our love showing how much they care for us in their every day because actions truly speak louder than words. Don’t be that guy that says “You are my everything; I can’t imagine my life without you”, and then the next day turns around, and you’re gone fuckin’ living and shit.  If you’re going to leave, then leave love notes. On her pillow, on top of the toilet seat, by her nightstand, inside her favorite book, or even in her lunch box. Notes are EVERYTHING especially coming from you.


When They Reminisce Over You…

I know, they say that the past should stay in the past, but that only applies to those who are broken.  So yes, take her back in time, remind her of how you felt about that day when she wore her favorite scarf, and you wore your favorite hat. Tell her what went through your mind on those early days when you were first courting her.  There is something beautiful of those early feelings, where you realized “I don’t want to walk in a park next to anyone else, but you after this.”  Tell her she gives you butterflies; that even though they were always there she just so happens to bring them to life when she looks into your eyes, and that you couldn’t wait for the day to come for when you finally told her.  Tell her how lovely she looked on a certain day way back when, and how those are the moments you think about when you start feelings signs of a bad day.  Tell her how she’s the best part of your day because you are definitely hers.

Tara_Mcpherson_01 (1)

Find A Way…

She’s a woman, she loves cute and adorable things, and if you are awesome, she’s probably a closet geek, which only you get to enjoy in the privacy of your own space.  By now you undoubtedly know who her favorite artist and authors and all the things she feels she needs in her life are, so find the limited edition something from one of her favorite people and give it to her. This coming from her most favorite person in the world will make her feel like not only do you understand, but you love that she’s corny that way.


Coolie High…

She’s amazing right? She’s so dope that she’ll take a few dollars from her pay check and buy lovely lingerie, just because you’re a visual kind of man?  Yea…the words “TGIF” will have a deeper meaning then just the weekend starting after 5pm for you, so why not spice things up; beat her to the punch and buy her some sexy lingerie on Monday, or Wednesday? Trust me; it will let her know how much you truly appreciate the intimate traditions she’s making with you.


Who Got The Props?

You are both busy, she’s running around trying to save the world, and you are done putting the aftermath of it all together, and since you got home before her, why not put some music on and make dinner? Yes, she loves to see you eat, but doesn’t she look delicious eating something you made just for the two of you? Some think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but you are not that man; make her a nice dinner that will have her eyes looking at you like you are the best thing that happened to her because chances are if you are doing any of this…you probably are.


I Want You…

Nothing says “I want you in my life” more than a clear space in your closet, something that says “I made room for you” in my world. I know, sometimes these things feel like signs of moving way too fast, but it really isn’t. Well, considering that she’s there all the time anyways, so it’s obvious that you are going somewhere with it, and you might as well give her a place to put some underwear in, and a few dresses because you are probably fucking a lot, and we need to be clean when walking the hell out of your house. So show her just how much you care by giving her room in your space.



She loves you; she loves you so much she shows you all the time. In the way she holds you, breathes you, showers you, touches you and even in the way she gives you a pedicure without expecting anything. However, do something in return when your hands are free. Before you go and pick up the laptop to download some crap or pick up the controller to play the next level of your already complicated game, brush her hair, give her a massage. Who gives a shit if she dated a physical therapist before you, she loves you now and she’s with you.  Stop second guessing yourself and dwelling on all the reasons for why you think she won’t like it, because you are her love, and anything you do TRUST me she will think it’s always forever amazing.

Now you’re probably thinking like a clock with no hands from all the things you’re doing for her? Then you’re in a relationship for no reason, stop wasting someone’s time and be by your God Damn Self, no one likes a low self-esteem bitch. Now, if you have the right woman next to you because you’re the right man, then there’s no need to ever feel such a selfish thought. When it works, you just know it, and when it doesn’t you know that to.

Music For The Soul- Tobias Foerster!

Meet Tobias, a 27 year old beautiful man from Malmoe, Sweden, and also a very dear, and personal friend of mine. I came across Tobias last year on JMMA Group, and the rest has been HIS-story.

Tobias took to music from a very young age playing with a local band by the name of “Supernatural”, who later changed their name to “Siren” when signed to Warner Music in 2003. Their single “In A Vision” made it to the swedish charts, but the band decided to part ways after a 10 year run.

He took some time off from making music to work on personal growth, but something inside Tobias aimed him towards music again in 2010, this time as a solo act. In 2011, he wrote a song, inspired by a heartfelt story of a dear friend of ours, who has lost one child to cancer, and is right now fighting everyday for her other daughter’s life. This song ‘Even Angels Cry’ was intended only for our dear friend, but then that was shared, and then others began to take notice, and they to share it with others, and by the time we all turned around, the song was released to a local Swedish radio stations, taking it to the top of the music charts.
Tobias will be dropping the album to ‘Even Angels Cry’ later this year, but in the meantime go like him on facebook!