Halloween Weekend!


This year I went a little dark with my Halloween costume, and this weekend I look for any reason to wear it.  Friday night I found myself back out at Speak, and I just want take another minute to thank them for yet another warm, inspirational and fun evening. I also want to send tons of love and much respect to my dude, Skrolls for another night filled with great vibes, soulful conversations, and the deepness of tunes. My soul appreciates you.

Halloween kids

Saturday night we got dressed and headed to a Halloween party. Every year the kids tell me that they will dress up as a character from Star Wars, and every year they pick something completely different from what we had agreed on.  Out of all the costumes through out the years, these were definitely the ones to complemented us to a T. Thank you to Jimmy and Madi for opening their comfy home to us, you have now earned yourselves tons of drop-ins from the clan. “What do you want me to do, elbow him in the face?!?” Still laughing. You guys are adorable.





After photo-booth shenanigans, and bloody pigs in a blanket, I dropped the crew off for an adult night of music and relaxation.  I decided to swing by PAX, to support my dear friend, Abner who is the drummer for Suenalo. And as usual the night was everything I expected it to be,  filled with crazy costumes, great music, and good vibes.


Sunday was a little less adventures. I finally drove to Techs Friend down in Hialeah for a little help on some computer issues I had encountered. For months, I have been dealing with a missing arrow key on my Mac, and the kids computers had a fight with my daughter, needless to say, she won.  Lucky for me, my good old friend Nick, who own’s the shop was able to assist, and now all is well in the world again.  Well, almost.  Although the drive was a bit reminiscent, it is clear to me now that love is not an empty road, it just has empty drivers, and even though I had avoided the drive for sometime now, it was something that needed to be done, and I’m happy to report, that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


Okeechobee a year later.

Best Catwoman Of All Time!

I have my personal villain, but I’m going to let you guess which of these beautiful ladies is my all time favorite Catwoman. In the meantime, come take a look and tell me which one is yours.

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The voluptuous Julie Newmar?

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The former Miss America, Lee Meriwether?

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The strikingly beautiful,  Eartha Kitt?

Perhaps you’re a fan of the Batman cartoons and loved, Adrienne Barbeau as the voice of Catwoman in Batman: The Animated Series.

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Or is it Michelle Pfeiffer that makes you want to caress her tights?

Or the sultry Halle Berry?

Or would you prefer Miss. Anne Hathaway in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises?

This Is Halloween For the Home!

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The moment the calendar comes towards the end of September my heart starts jumping for joy, it’s a sign that pumpkin pies are being baked which means fall is in the air. By this time of year I start thinking of all the beautiful decoration I can bring into my home and that just places the biggest smile on my face that lasts all the way till Jan 6. Here are some cute ideas for Fall.

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Monday’s Eye Candy- Our Best Horror Movie Directors!

 Marcus Nispel at event of Friday the 13th

#7. On the list is Sean S. Cunningham who is responsible for why you’re always looking back every time you walk down the streets alone, and also why you’re superstitious about the 13th day of the month falling on a Friday.

#6.  Darren Lynn Bousman has made a life out of scaring me out of mine. His vision is so twisted that I believe it’s what has landed him a spot on my list. I still can’t sit through a, SAW movie without looking through my fingers.

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#5. Tobe Hooper scared the coach potato out of me, I refuse to sit in front of a television for a long period of time, afraid that flying tennis balls or giant worms or crazy clowns will be coming out of nowhere just because a crazy spirit is obsessed.

#4 Richard Donner is known for great films like Lethal Weapon, Superman, Ladyhawke, and my most favorite of all time The Goonies, but what I remember him most for is the, The Omen.

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#3. Steven Spielberg I have added Spielberg to the list because this man is the reason why no one like to jump into the beach and play chicken anymore. It’s because of Steven that when you see something floating in the water you think dead body or SHARK!

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#2. William Friedkin is nothing to mess with; his vision is so demented that it’s sure to scare the devil himself. His intension is strictly to make you want to fear even your own shadow and boy is it working even to this day.


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#1. Alfred Hitchcock is the master of suspense who has directed well over 65 films, and the person to blame for why you’ re always checking to see if someone is hiding behind your shower curtain.  I know I do.

Halloween Edition 2011 !

Saturday night I found myself in a dilemma.   I waited to the last minute to buy the perfect mask to wear to Bardot, for their masquerade Halloween bash featuring Space Between Words, and RadioBoxer.  Yes I am a loser!  Not only was the rain ruining my parade, but so was the thought that I wasn’t going to show up bare face to the event of the year! So I did what I always do best when I can’t find something to wear, stayed home!

At around 9pm my phone starts to go off, from all the notifications coming in about whether or not I was attending Bardot…after a few “I’m lame and have nothing to wear” excuses , I recieved a text from my buddy Rafael with this beautiful link to this wonderful last minute resort.  He was having some mask issues himself, and found this lady who so happens to live in Miami, so he jumped in his car, rain and all, drove to her house, and bought a mask. He also came across a beautiful orchid one which reminded him of me, so he immediately had to let me know :) !

Needless to say I had already decided to stay in for the night, but had I known this two days prior to Bardot, I would’ve been knocking down her door for that enchanted orchid one as well!  However I’m glad Rafael came across this lady because I love masks, there is no set rules that says you can’t wear one for all holiday events!  ;)

If you are anything like me, and wait to the last minute for a quick Halloween treat, then here is a cool youtube video with some pretty neat websites where you can find something to put together for tonight. Good luck & have a safe Halloween!

This Is Halloween!

So this year I have decided not to buy a costume for Halloween.  Instead of driving myself insane I have chosen to pick one from past Halloweens, and this year I’ll be recycling my daughters Alice in Wonderland’s dress.  How do I look?

Traditions in my house had always consisted of heading to the pumpkin patch, dressed in our Halloween’s best, to pick out the biggest pumpkin there.  Last year I swore I would never put myself through that again, after walking around in the heat or slight breeze depending on what mood mother nature was in that Fall.  I had ended up with a million and one pictures hoping to find the perfect one for our annual Halloween cards & nothing!  This too was suspended rather quickly.  Every year a pumpkin would come in to the home, and the children wanted nothing to do with the decor: the older they got the less Jack o’lantern it looked.  So this too became obsolete.  Until this year, where I decided to buy a pumpkin, and dedicated to music! What do you think?

I went to the inter web to see what I could find, and what I came across was spectacular.  There are some really fun looking pumpkins out there dedicated to peoples favorite bands, and musician… take a look!!

This one is inspired by John Mayer’s heart Break logo for the Battle Studies winter/summer tour.

This one was done by Michele showing her fangirl love for the band Colourslide

Tonight I will be heading to Tobacco Road for their Halloween batch hosted by Queen Of the Scene, to watch 7Seas rock the joint & then I’m off to the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes for the force that is, FALSETA!