Monday’s Eye Candy-Ed Skrein!


What can I say; I have a thing for the finest things in life and this guy falls nothing short of it.  From the moment he was introduced on the show, I just knew he would be my favorite character in the series, apart from the obvious, I have grown found of the Stark children, but there is just something about this man. I don’t know if its because he’s an Aries child, a British man or  if deep down inside I’m a masochist, but I wouldn’t mind being his love goddess for a night. He is absolutely delicious.


Ed Skrein




R.I.P To HBO’s Godfather.

Last night the Beard and I spent another evening with the children in the land of LOST. Back when the show was originally on TV, they were much too small to watch a boring show with mom about a group of people in an island that would leave you extremely confused even for an adult.  But that’s not the point of this blog; I’m only recapping on my night because I missed news breaking throughout the country of the passing of James Gandolfini. As I walked into work today the words “Did you hear, Soprano died.” And for a moment my Mobster inner goddess stopped breathing…

My Heart goes out to the Gandolfini family, as well as anyone who ever came into contact with the man that will forever be known as …Tony Soprano.


The Soundtrack To: Needs


I got to watching Sex and the City the other day looking for some ‘single girl’ advice, and what I gathered was that the same questions I had once had,  are still circulating in my mind. And in search of these answers I have suddenly realized that I’m back where I had left of seven years ago…absolutely nowhere!

In Season Four Episode 13, not only was Carrie friends with an old fling, but she was also back in a relationship with a man who had a million and one questions himself. Charlotte encountered that sometimes a cardboard baby will send anyone into an emotional roller-coaster ride, while Miranda found herself in a maternal disarray. Samantha managed to find the perfect (Dick) Richard, after sleeping with every man in the island of Manhattan, that I can’t help but question; this series isn’t really that far from the truth, now is it?

Women love shoes, and fashion. They love their corporate jobs, and expensive drapes. All the while having the same question:

when it comes to relationships, I couldn’t help but wonder, what are we fighting for?

As I went on to watch the relationship mess unfold right before my eyes (that might portrays some woman’s life out there somewhere) I found an answer for my needs that night, which is that I have manage to fall utterly and completely in love with Sade all over again.  And right now that’s the only answer I really need.

That’s the thing about needs, sometimes when you get them met, you don’t need them anymore.

Monday’s EYE Candy- Alexander Skarsgård!

I don’t know anyone that can rock fangs, have impeccable hair, never break a sweat while blood just pours out of their mouth, and still look mind fucking sexy like True Blood’s very own Alexander Skarsgård, do you? At 6’4 he is the right height to look up to, and get lost in. The man was built absolutely perfect!


Alexander Skarsgard Nude