Monday’s Eye Candy- Our Best Horror Movie Directors!

 Marcus Nispel at event of Friday the 13th

#7. On the list is Sean S. Cunningham who is responsible for why you’re always looking back every time you walk down the streets alone, and also why you’re superstitious about the 13th day of the month falling on a Friday.

#6.  Darren Lynn Bousman has made a life out of scaring me out of mine. His vision is so twisted that I believe it’s what has landed him a spot on my list. I still can’t sit through a, SAW movie without looking through my fingers.

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#5. Tobe Hooper scared the coach potato out of me, I refuse to sit in front of a television for a long period of time, afraid that flying tennis balls or giant worms or crazy clowns will be coming out of nowhere just because a crazy spirit is obsessed.

#4 Richard Donner is known for great films like Lethal Weapon, Superman, Ladyhawke, and my most favorite of all time The Goonies, but what I remember him most for is the, The Omen.

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#3. Steven Spielberg I have added Spielberg to the list because this man is the reason why no one like to jump into the beach and play chicken anymore. It’s because of Steven that when you see something floating in the water you think dead body or SHARK!

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#2. William Friedkin is nothing to mess with; his vision is so demented that it’s sure to scare the devil himself. His intension is strictly to make you want to fear even your own shadow and boy is it working even to this day.


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#1. Alfred Hitchcock is the master of suspense who has directed well over 65 films, and the person to blame for why you’ re always checking to see if someone is hiding behind your shower curtain.  I know I do.

Monday’s Eye Candy- Charlize Theron!

I know what you must be thinking…Monday’s Eye Candy, really, her? Yes! Regardless of the amount of plastic surgery the woman has had done to her face, that doesn’t take away form the fact that Charlize, is a freaking hot piece of woman. So I would like to dedicate today’s post to her old face, because at one point those lips, cheekbones and eye’s were simply sex-a-licious.

Monday’s Eye Candy- Rob Pattinson


I have to admit that when I first saw Robert Pattinson, I didn’t think him a BIG deal.  I didn’t think he was much to drool over…or even had considered him Eye Candy worthy.  However as time passes, I’ve grown a particular liking to Mr. Pattinson, I guess it was during the third installment of the Twilight Saga, or maybe it was the hair?  I’m not sure but one thing is for a fact, I had finally started to see him as a potential crush. He is really turning into “Leading Man” status in Hollywood, and in my mind.  Now after the trailer aired for, Water for Elephants, did it became apparent that I had not only developed a crush for Rob, but I felt I had to place him on the list of,Attractive Hotness. The man is handsome, and not only does he have a british accent, he has also managed to stay humble, his boy next door look is very soft and natural on the eyes, and when he dresses up, you can’t help but to admire him from a far.  He is completely worthy of a Monday’s Eye Candy spot for sure!  Enjoy.








Monday’s Eye Candy- Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

As the world of Hollywood gives praises to the big names that have brought out some of the (I can’t believe this movie sucked) films of the year.  I would like to bring in a name that was surely over looked, but mark my words it won’t be for long.  Tom Hardy.  Even his name has power behind it.  Who is he you might ask? Well, remember the little film about dreams with my baby daddy DiCaprio in it? Yeah he was in that movie, and I’m sure you didn’t miss his witty sarcasm throughout the film because he was the best supporting actor in IMO.  So without further ado set your eyes on this beautiful new Hollywood man with an old Hollywood look.  Call someone… I’m in love.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Tom Hardy