Monday’s Eye Candy- Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

As the world of Hollywood gives praises to the big names that have brought out some of the (I can’t believe this movie sucked) films of the year.  I would like to bring in a name that was surely over looked, but mark my words it won’t be for long.  Tom Hardy.  Even his name has power behind it.  Who is he you might ask? Well, remember the little film about dreams with my baby daddy DiCaprio in it? Yeah he was in that movie, and I’m sure you didn’t miss his witty sarcasm throughout the film because he was the best supporting actor in IMO.  So without further ado set your eyes on this beautiful new Hollywood man with an old Hollywood look.  Call someone… I’m in love.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy



Date Night


Date night last night was interesting.  I have never been more excited about date night, the anticipation that = emotion of spending time with the hubs and the beautiful and talented Leonardo Diaprio is more than a girl can ask for. After what seemed like a tropical storm hovering over my pad last night the sky finally opened up, making it possible for me to dressed up and get ready for the evening.

We arrived at ticket booth and got our tickets for two; he then turned to me and said.

“Honey what would you like?” of course I responded with: “everything, everything, and everything.”

But after standing in line for about 5 minutes at the concession stand my choices were limited.  They barely had anything and what I mean by anything, and I do mean (NO gummy bears.)  So a small popcorn, small coke and stale Reese pieces had to suffice.  I didn’t care; I was going to see DiCaprio again.  We arrived kind of early, and even though we did— the theater was amazingly packed for a Tuesday night, which goes to show we were in the presence of a very well written, directed and produced film.  As we sat there waiting we entertained ourselves by watching those arriving a bit late in search for the perfect seating.  Allow me to express how many times I saw this reaction take place, please.

Couple comes in, guy stands and stares trying to spot a seat. Girl looks rather annoyed towards the crowed to find the theater is now packed like tuna and gives the (someone should have saved us a seat) kind of look, (sorry we didn’t know we had too) then with her phone in hand she stares at it, as if in so magical way her high tech phone was going to reveal available seats. I say to this.  Next time: ARRIVE EARLY.  Thanks for playing. 

Anyhow, while the rest of the world was figuring out seating arrangements, I turn to look at the hubs and said:

Are you going to teach me football?

And he says: Yeah sure I will

I said: Will you get me football for dummies?

And he said: Yes I’ll give it to you for Christmas

I said: but I will be late for football season

He said: but you’ll be ready for Super Bowl

I Said: I am not getting on the wagon come super bowl.

He said: Yes baby, I’ll get you football for dummies soon.

 I hope soon is today, because if not, forget football I will learn oragami.

Finally the movie started, and can I say the cast for this film is amazing!!!  I am a sucker for drama but this film was high packed with suspense, thriller and action three thing I never enjoy.  Needless to say-I fell in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  He is such a cutie.  Now when Leo said, he was changing the way he comes across on film, I never knew he would partake in being a dad from now on.  This man can bring me to my knees without even trying—well that’s not true, a tear or two will get me there.  But wOW. I am speechless.

Go see this film, its AMAZING! Oh, I already said that.  Well go— because I said so.