Let Us Peacock!


They say that after every heartbreak we peacock. Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve heard besides “I love you too”? That after the showers of pain, you become even more beautiful than you were before…

Most of you already know by now that Hello Giggles has been blogging lately about what one should do after a breakup in order to prepare for their next relationship. And since I’m me, I have to disagree with some of them.

A topic that’s right up my alley however, is dating oneself, because I’m BIG on dating myself.

Before we begin, allow me to express that after jumping out of a relationship we mustn’t jump right into another one. We all know that NEVER works out. Rule #1: stay as far away as humanly possible from rebounds of any kind (which is why I never repeat an outfit or an ex lover for that matter), carry on.

No one likes to be a rebound, and after a while even the one who jumps in tends to get worn-out it just causes too much confusion, and before you know it, you’re allowing “Hey you busy? Call me” messages from your ex at 1AM. Therefore, take your time.

Now, this last relationship, although VERY short (and my feelings had completely out-weighed the length of the relationship itself in which normally should’ve taken about 3 weeks to get over), I shortly after made a list of things I needed to do in order to make the process of being “Cute and adorable Wajima again” easy as masturbating.

I’m also happy to report that what took place kicked the little pants off of my tiny list, and everything that happened not only was unexpected, but absolutely worth it. Lets go back a bit…

After my break up (lol) I went back into the box, and began de-cluttering all the junk I had collected while emotionally, physically and mentally involved with it, and as I tossed all the reasons that were trying to keep me from being adorable and lovable even… like, the sweaters and the crap I should have NEVER accepted…

Rule #2: don’t accept anything from anyone if there is any signs of red flags from the very start. Nonetheless, what I found with every swing of the arm -was that I couldn’t wait to be my old self once more, hmmm, but this time…better than EVER.

I had to dig hard and deep (just how I like it) and as I retraced my steps to the beginning of it all….where I landed was just in the right spot; I went back to the basics; I began to date myself all over again, and now for the moment you have not been waiting for, if you would please allow me this kindness to share with you all the things I did to make sure, I’d never repeat the same mistakes again, lets take a look at a year worth of emancipation.


How to Date Yourself Before Dating Anyone else by Wajima.

I saw John Mayer in concert


Started dreaming again


I bought a telescope


I went back to school


I went back to the theater


I accepted a great job


I made new friends


I moved


I inspired a painting


I changed my furniture


I reupholstered my chairs


I inspired an album


I visited Naples


I saw the Red Moon


I celebrated 36


I was the PR/Model behind a community project


I went back to sketching


These became my favorite cookies again


I was part of my first Corporate Run


I went kayaking for the first time


I saw the sunset


I celebrated my childrens accomplishments <3


I went to New York more than once.




I started painting again

20140717-172608.jpg  20140722-172001.jpg

I went to Brooklyn with this beauty


I took a nice picture from the hood of a taxi cab in the middle of Time Square


I went on my first  date in forever


I took a yoga class under the first Super Moon of the summer


I was able to catch lighting on my phone


I was a foot model for my sons’ Sleeping Beauty sketch



I inspired a poem, and I fell in love with life all over again



Fall in love and if it doesn’t work out fall in love again after that, and if that doesnt workout try it…one…more…time, but don’t forget to fall in love with you first.  I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this transition, you kept me sane, you kept me grounded and most importantly you kept reminding me of how fucking amazing I am. I love you so much.

Cause A Little Bit of Summer Makes a Lot of History.


Most of you know how big of a fan I am of John Mayer, right? I mean, what is there not to be a fan of? The man is smart, attractive, witty, charming, kind, loving and an astounding musician. I am even going to go as far as quoting Emma Stone, from ‘Friends with Benefits’, “Its John Fucking Mayer!”

If there’s ever a moment where I start to feel doubt, I pop in one of his albums (any one of them) and by the time it’s finished I feel completely relieved. Perhaps it’s because we are so close in age that I relate to his lyrics so much, that or, because he is such an amazing composer, which allows him to have the natural ability to disbar your qualms, despite of everything he himself has gone through. Which leads me to believe that Johnny knows what he’s talking about after all.

Come Sunday I will be under the same sky, at the same place, and at the same time once more with this man whose music has played a huge role in my life in more ways than one. He was there through all the heartaches, he was there when both of my children were diagnosed with Autism, he was there when I gave birth to my last son, when my grandparents passed away, he was even there after my divorce, and without questions, he continues to be here now.

He’s like a vintage quilt passed on through time, where you patch your stories as you move forward, you see the ageing behind every stitch you have grieved, with lessons that only feel virtuous after you have surpassed them, and your history together reminds you that the heart of life is good when you’re in the presence of one another.

See you in WPB, buddy. Welcome back!

[Music For the Soul] John Mayer!



John Mayer has done it again! Paradise Valley is a reflection of the 70’s, with one man’s journey to inner peace attached to it.

Paradise Valley is Mayer’s sixth studio album, the man dropped TWO, yes two albums in ten months. Shortly after releasing Born and Raised and having a clean bill of health due to two throat surgeries last year, John headed straight into the studio to bring a boy heads into the woods, and returns a man compilation.

If you have already gotten your hands on a copy of Paradise Valley, I want to hear from you. If you haven’t, then what the eefff are you waiting for?

This lyrical genius has delivered yet another soulful album for your listening pleasure, filed with tons of whimsical melodic tunes your summer stars have been waiting for, with an air reminding us of some of the greats in music.

For those of you who have been following John’s career then you know it’s been a long time since we have had his music grace over our summer nights. If you don’t believe me then head to itunes and take a listen for yourself. Mayer is on tour as we speak so make sure you get your tickets on time. Welcome back John, we’ve missed you! See you on the 8th, my dude.

Happy 35th Birthday to John Mayer!

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Let’s talk about this man for a minute. Who is John Mayer? Although the question might be fanciful, he is the voice of many hopeless romantics out there who are trying to find a face to call home in the center of this beautiful universe.

Now, if that doesn’t tell you who, John Mayer is perhaps this will help you better understand the man, he has collaborated with hundreds of artist well outside his music genre, from Eric Clapton, to Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, to B. B. King, from Common to Tony Bennett, and the list goes on and on. The man is not only an outstanding musician, but the best of his kind; he’s notorious for breaking hearts, and restoring millions with the soft sound of his poetic writing.

7 time GRAMMY winner, Mayer has taken awards for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Your Body Is a Wonderland”, Song Of The Year — songwriter for “Daughters”, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance — artist for “Daughters”, Best Pop Vocal Album for Continuum, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Waiting on the World to Change”, Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for “Gravity” from Where The Light Is – Live In Los Angeles, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for “Say” (From The Bucket List), He is an advocate for the NCIRE-The Veterans Health Research Institute is the leading nonprofit research institute in the United States devoted to advancing Veterans health research, and countless other organizations, WOW…that was a mouth full.

John not only holds rank as one of the most successful musicians in an industry where music is easy to download at no charge, but he’s also maintained true not only to his craft but to his loyal fans.

Happy birthday, J. Here’s looking at you, kid!

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Music For The Soul- Frank Ocean!

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Yeah, by now you’ve probably heard about, Frank Ocean and if you haven’t then  you’re missing out on some serious sex  making music. Now,  if you are not into that kind of thing, then I guys you are not missing anything, so just go about your business as I sit here, and listen to his music over and over and over again.

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