Monday’s Eye Candy- Edin Chavez!

Edin was born in Chihuahua Mexico, where he lived for 12 years. At the age of 12 his family moved to California and Nevada followed a couple years later where he lived most of his adult life. Since a very young age Edin has had a fascination with photography, at the age of 18 he got his first 35 millimeter manual camera. Over the years he has moved to digital and has a rather interesting style.  Edin has been all over the world and his appetite for traveling and discovery only grows with the years. Edin currently resides in Miami and through his photography he shares how he sees the world. Enjoy.   Interview:  What does the word Photography mean to you?  Edin: Photography is when the photographer disappears and you are left with something you can relate with in a personal level.  Favorite place to shoot?   Edin: I love abandoned places. I love the mystery that goes with it, but I truly love shooting anywhere anytime.   Favorite photographer?  Edin: I have too many to list.  Favorite food?  Edin: Mexican food for sure.  Favorite things to do besides photography?  Edin: Cook, Ride Motorcycles, Billiards, Hang out at the beach with my dogs.  Any advice for all the aspiring photographers out there?  Yes, take your camera everywhere you go, there has been so many times I wish I had my camera. Once the moment is gone is gone for ever and you never forget.  I take mine to the grocery store, true story.   If you enjoyed this post, leave me a quick comment, ask me any questions, share with your friends or Subscribe by Email. Thank you for dropping by.

Edin started following me on twitter right after I tweeted about the Eiffel Tower 2.5 years ago, and the rest has been as they say: Pho·tog history.

Edin was born in Chihuahua Mexico, but lived most of his young adult life in Reno, one day without hesitation he decided to venture off cross country with his camera,  and by the time he turned around he had already settled  into a cozy little loft on South Beach, making Miami  his most precious muse yet.

I had been in search of a photographer for what seemed like forever, only because everyone in the social media world needs one, there’s no point in being a network junkie and not have photographer in your circle, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Out of  the many people I could have possibly come into contact with, I’m glad I now have him in my life, he is absolutely amazing. Last summer I had a choice between a NYC, LA or Miami photographer for the NOH8 Campaign picture: A La Risky Business, and once I was given the OK, I just had to go with Edin.  It would’ve been completely ridiculous of me not have picked him for such a campaign.

Like most people who come to Miami looking for inspiration, Edin has planted his roots in this beautiful city.  Don’t be surprised if you find him around  town doing fashion shows, climbing a building in Mid-Town for some crazy tutorial, jumping in a plane for some serious street photography, or simply laying low and taking shoots of the sunset.  Also you can find his work by checking out his page, following him on twitter, and ‘liking’ him on facebook.

2011 A Year In Review!

If you have been following me on twitter, then you have also been living my life through pictures, local events, my soul searching trip to the West Coast, and my return to NYC as a single girl.  While taking a look back on the many adventures my life has undergone this year, I only have one things to say: I am completely grateful for the year I have endured.

This year has been the year of growth, and acceptance.  33 came in with so much to offer, and I couldn’t have done it without my family.  I also need to give thanks to those I’ve met whom have touched my heart in many ways, the classes I have taken, the bloodshot nights working on my book,  the job I’m completely thankful for, your constant support, and above all, God .

Lets take a look at my life in 2011, and prepare for a beautiful and full of wisdom 2012.


Maroon 5 & train Takeover WPB!

I had all the intentions in the world in going to see Maroon 5 on August 30, 2011 until I realized that they weren’t selling lawn tickets & although I have the ultimate crush on Adam Levine, I wasn’t going to go to war with my wallet for him, so the idea was swiftly erased from my mind, until my friend Veronica send me a text the day before offering me a ticket to what seemed to be the most romantic summer concert of the century.

Train opened up for Maroon 5 setting the tone with ballets like  Calling all Angels, and Merry Me, sounding off Latin drum and Tango dancing while wooing the crowd all the way to the very end.

Maroon 5 started off the set with Moves like Jagger caring whispers into Harder to Breathe, followed by Sunday Morning.  It seemed that the songs were fit purposely into the show based on how much rain we were going to get, little side note, Adam holding the mic stand is like watching a stripper on a pole, freakishly sexy! There is diffidently something about a West Coast talent they ooze confidence, and Adam is 100% confident on stage, well heck he has to be when sporting a really tight red shit and tight black jeans, he looked absolutely delicious, even from a far.

By the middle of the set, it felt as if you were in an on again off again relationship with the man, singing If I Never See your Face Again, Misery, Sweetest GoodBye, The Sun, and Its not over, but by the time he was done swaying the melodies of a broken love affair, he picked up the mood with Never gonna leave this bed… :sigh:  Let’s talk about this, have you seen the video, NO, well here you go!


You make me Shutter was a crowd favorite and I just about fell over when he sang Hands all Over Me, and held me there until he ended the show with She will be Loved.

It was a great night in West Palm Beach.

My Life on twitter!

If you’ve been following my blog you may have noticed by now that I do things a little different than most.  I use twitter to bring out the music that is lost in the feeds you don’t read.  I follow the people that have something to say which you might have dismissed, and I post them on my blog for everyone to have a look. Just because you never know.  There are so many talented people out there that are over looked daily, and then there’s the untalented ones that need a reality check.  But I happen to have some really cool talented people on my twitter who deserve a little recognition from the rest of the world.

So with that, let me just say that I am listening to your music when you DM’s them, I am making my way on to your links when you send them to me, and I am totally crushing on some of you who are just to cute for words.  Thank you for letting me hear your music, and thank you for thinking of me when you want it heard.

Here you will find the links I’ve posted of a few artists I just so happen to come across on because of twitter. Some have gone into the Music for the Soul category and some have made it onto the Monday’s Eye Candy spot.

Mikey Peralta


Vic Latino

Viper Creek Club


Greg Hansen

Mikey BO

Jay Loftus

If your following me on twitter and don’t see yourself on here, not to worry, I have two pages full of music with your name on it.  :) Happy Saturday!