Monday’s Eye Candy- Charlize Theron!

I know what you must be thinking…Monday’s Eye Candy, really, her? Yes! Regardless of the amount of plastic surgery the woman has had done to her face, that doesn’t take away form the fact that Charlize, is a freaking hot piece of woman. So I would like to dedicate today’s post to her old face, because at one point those lips, cheekbones and eye’s were simply sex-a-licious.

Monday’s Eye Candy- Ryan Gosling!

I do believe I’m the only woman in the world who hates the Notebook.  There’s something about that movie I dislike, the only thing I enjoyed  most was the era it took place in, and of course the scene that won MTV’s best Kiss.  Now with that said, I think Ryan Gosling is one of the best actors out there right now. His craft is untouchable, and holding high ranks next to Leonardo DiCaprio, yes my list of actors is very small, but I have big names under my list.  He completely stole my heart in Blue Valentine, sure it was a strong movie to swallow, but the unconditional love ‘Dean Pereira’ had for his tiny dysfunctional family was just something every woman desires deep inside but will never say it out-loud.  Unfortunately for you Gosling seems to be picking up on his acting game, and heading into a more mature leading man’s role, I am a BIG Chick flick junkie, but if you can somehow tell me why I hated the Notebook, I might just give you my copy.







Talk to Me, Before Sunrise!

Last night while things went bumping in the dark, I stayed up to have a movie date via my laptop, and I couldn’t have picked a better film to watch.  This story gives us an insight to that bond we talk about wanting in our lives. While we secretly dream of one day finding a connection with someone, and having instant chemistry one only reads in Hemingway’s novels, ‘Before Sunrise’ feeds the craving of spontaneity by capturing the romance of two complete strangers.

Who wouldn’t want to have the courage of attracting that one person who you have only begun to accept with a glimpse of an eye? Something we dismiss rather quickly due to the awkwardness of speaking with a total stranger.  Things were different in 1995, here we have two strangers who connect and fine themselves in Vienna roaming around speaking about life, and finding that place in the back of their minds that screams: It’s Ok to Be Free!

The Brat Pack takes over Flickin Summer Movies!

Thursday 8/25/2011 7:00 pm the Brat Pack will be taking over the Gusman Center for Flickin Summer Movies, will you be attending? Tickets are $10 so make sure you get yours in advance!  Also I’m giving away one free ticket to the first person (locals only) who can guess what was the first event that I attended at the Gusman Center!  Head on over to Wajima on facebook, and leave your answer there. GO!