[Monday’s Eye Candy]- Macklemore!


Talk about being an online presence. Macklemore has made a name for himself by taking his music to YouTube first, acquiring millions of online fans before releasing one mixtape, three EPs and two albums without the help of a major record label. I think you should all take note. Now, out of all the performances at last night’s VMA’s, his was the most moving for me, plus it doesn’t hurt that he is over the top adorable and has the best shoulders in the world, with his American boy charm, and a badass appeal.  His message is being heard real loud, and after last nights show, even the biggest names in the game are singing his tune.







Monday’s Eye Candy- Ryan Gosling!

I do believe I’m the only woman in the world who hates the Notebook.  There’s something about that movie I dislike, the only thing I enjoyed  most was the era it took place in, and of course the scene that won MTV’s best Kiss.  Now with that said, I think Ryan Gosling is one of the best actors out there right now. His craft is untouchable, and holding high ranks next to Leonardo DiCaprio, yes my list of actors is very small, but I have big names under my list.  He completely stole my heart in Blue Valentine, sure it was a strong movie to swallow, but the unconditional love ‘Dean Pereira’ had for his tiny dysfunctional family was just something every woman desires deep inside but will never say it out-loud.  Unfortunately for you Gosling seems to be picking up on his acting game, and heading into a more mature leading man’s role, I am a BIG Chick flick junkie, but if you can somehow tell me why I hated the Notebook, I might just give you my copy.







Monday’s Eye Candy – Dr. Drew Pinsky

I’ve decided theres no better time like (post-rapture) to feature this Celebrity Dr, since he’s The-Go-To Guy for all the looney’s of the world.  He was actually number 15 on the list after it was brought to my attention that: Hot, Tall, Mysterious and Sexy… aren’t always the attribute many look for in someone.  Most happened to think that Dr. Drew is attractive, and I have also learned that Dr. Drew is considered to be “SEXY”.  So after receiving email’s, and a wall post’s on my fb about him, I figured why not give him a chance.  Now in doing so, I have discovered that I reconnected with the love for geeks, like I had had once upon a time, when I used to stay up for MTVs Loveline.  You would think Adam Corolla would’ve caught my eye, with his arrogance but no… the Doctor did.  Shortly thereafter I lost interest in MTV for a while, and so it happened that I lost interest in Dr. Drew as well.  But this shouldn’t stop him or anyone from making it on to the spot,  here you go ladies, the first real doctor to make it on to Monday’s Eye Candy, Dr. Drew Pinsky.  Jennifer and Annabelle this ones for you, Enjoy!

Monday’s Eye Candy- Brody Jenner


A few months ago I had received tons of emails regarding Brody Jenner, wondering why I had not posted him for the Monday’s Eye Candy spot…well truth be told, he is just a TV personality, he’s not a musician he’s just dating one, nor is he doing movies or anything to really be blogging about.  Before my trip to LA, California was just a thing of the past, nothing really to consider for the dreams of becoming an actor have been dead and buried for many years, R. I. P. old dreams.  Everything felt the same, same Miami vibe, same Miami scene; we can’t even have a decent show for crying-out-loud.  Miami housewives…TOTAL BOMB!

All the while thinking of how Cali has always had the best shows, and the best music, which brings me back to Jenner, while landing in LA there were rumors that Mr. Brody was spotted with Mrs. Avril having coffee at a nearby café in the Hills, REALLY? Was I really in a spot that the news was so close I could walk to it?  The power of California!

Anyways, Jenner is known for being the LA boy toy, and I had to step outside the box to see exactly why, and only after seeing him in the picture above did it hit me, you don’t have to be doing anything important in the world if you are HOT!  This particular family has made millions out of looking good, because lord knows that the only one who has any talent whatsoever in the whole entire universe of Jenner’s and Kardashian’s is baby Mason!  So without future ado, here you go ladies, the better looking none-member of the Kardashian clan, Mr. Bromance himself, Brody Jenner.

I love LA!

Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner

a’ Sit Down with Chaka DeSilva

Photo by Taylor Hooper – © Taylor Hooper

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most generous, kind and most aspiring actors I know— Chaka DeSilva.

Chaka and I go back, way—back.  We grew up together in the same neighborhood and while others were getting involved with the streets, we concerned our time with video games, music and movies.

Here we are twenty years later, I the aspiring writer interviewing the aspiring actor.  It doesn’t get better than this.

Q: What made you want to pursue acting?

   A:   Attention.  The basic necessity to a human being is attention, we all need it, crave it and will do anything to get it.  I’m the only child to a single mother who had to take care of me and there was no time for after school talks, visits to my football practice, watching me in my wrestling team.  I developed a family outside of my home with the friends I surrounded myself with and I knew that I needed to do something more with my life.  I stayed with the wrestling team until I couldn’t take it anymore; it was just too painful on my body on my mind.  Then one day I just decided to pick up and go, and follow my heart and my heart lead me here to New York.  I have been here for two years, I will be here for another year and then I’m off to California.

Q: It seems that you have done pretty well in New York.  Why leave now when things are finally picking up for you?

   A:   I don’t want to get comfortable.  New York has been good to me—yes.  But after this year I am moving to the west coast, I’m taking my contacts with me and see what happens in California.  If it has gone well for me here I need to see what I am capable of in Los Angeles.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is trying to get into the industry?

   A:   It’s a tough walk; it’s a challenge of your patience you would need to stay positive.  So that when you get turned down you don’t walk away.  You need to prove how much you want it, not just to them but to yourself which is most important.  No one is going to give it to you, you need to get out there and get it, there are a million people who want this just as bad as you, and you need to make sure you stand out, if you don’t have the confidence and the beliefs you are not going to make it.  Don’t give up—because one day that door will open up and you’ll get your foot in and realize that it will pay off in the end.

Q: Who inspires you?

   A:   My mom of course, through her sacrifices and her strength to keep going to make it so that I could get to where I am now.  However, I have learned a lot from LL Cool J.  I read his books and I felt he was talking to me and guiding me which helped me when I first started.  “One yes can defeat a thousand No’s.”

We ended the interview on advice for me in which he then began to think about all of the obstacles he had had in his life and what he thinks is best for when trying to achieve your dreams/goals a making them a reality. 

Don’t feel bad to be self-centered.  You need to work on your road.  It’s like building a house because the winter is approaching.  And you need to make sure you have all of your wood.  And here comes your friend who is building for someone else, but asked to borrow a piece of wood from you and you say yes.  Now here comes the winter blasting into your home by a slit that stayed opened from you allowing your friend to take the wood, and now it’s tearing down your strength.   To this I say be selfish if they ask for your piece of wood say no— right now I’m building my home.  And as soon as I’m done you can all move in.

 You can catch more of Chaka DeSilva this fall on MTV in the intro to My Life as Liz.