Miami Rock Bands Take Over Churchills!

I’ll be at the Flower Blade Records Showcase at Churchill’s this Saturday night to support the local musician’s who are slamming their music throughout Miami.  I’m very excited to finally see RADIOBOXER perform, I’ve been hearing the buzz about them for the past six months, and now that school is finally coming to a pause for me, I’m going to treat my self to their sound a La LIVE! I’m also super excited to see Space Between Words perform!  How romantic is their name? I can’t stand how giddy I get over it, I’m a sucker for names! And last but not least, I will be cheer-leading on the side batting my eyes for 7 Seas, won’t you come join me?  We will be celebrating Nicholas (bass player) of 7 Seas’ birthday afterwards.  Come support the local seen, and party till you feel like a rockstar yourself. Now Come On!