Monday’s Eye Candy- LL Cool J!

When I was growing up it was a must, that one of the men you should listen to before going to bed was always, LL Cool J. I have been an LL fan for as long as I can remember… not only did his music make its way into my boom box, but his body was plastered all over my bedroom walls. I remember hanging out with my girls in the park listening to ‘Bigger and Deffer’ if anyone was going to make you swoon over the boy in school it was sure to be, James Todd Smith.

Last night while watching him host the GRAMMYS, it took me back to hoop earrings, and sitting on the bus stops (well maybe not much as changed since the 90’s) however somethings have…somewhere down the line I had lost my passion for Hip Hop and R&B. But I guess your first crush will always be you first crush and damn…I haven’t had one of those in years.

My New Found Crush- DRAKE.


I know…its old, but it’s deep.  Listening to him is like listening to a book for the (ready to know what a man’s world is about) insightful.  The way he spit’s game is exactly what you should run away from, but it’s so-in-your-face, that you can’t help but to jump right into it with full force.  I am having Drake overload.  somebody stop me! 

  ♡   drake-find-your-love1 









Oh and P.S. Please don’t tell Jay-Z!