Everything Comes Back In The Fall.


Hi, wow its been SO long since I’ve posted something on here, I have missed it immensely . No, its not because I had nothing to say, although that would be fun; however, it was due to the fact that I have been super inspired and busy with other projects, and well, I figured you have been too, but here we are, and just in time for fall. And you know what they say, EVERYTHING comes back in the fall.


This fall Venus comes back from retrograde, the children go Back to School and Mars goes into retro spinning all the fall trends straight out of the 70’s. Now, if you are waiting for scarves, and long fawn knee high boots to hit the streets, then keep waiting because this years trend has everything to do with heavy patterns, chunky shoes and loud deep colors. My kind of style. ;)





Shoes and Passion Fruit.

Warning: this post will make you hungry for mofongo, acrylic paintings, dunks, latinas, and passion driven rides.


for those who know me know the force I have for anything passion is strong. Passionate showers, passion parties, passionate kisses, passion flowers, passionate dreams and passion fruit, which also applies to painting. After a serious conversation about procrastination with Mutant Model, I went to Michael’s, and purchased a 10 pack of 12×12 canvas, that landed a super duper discount to it, which brought my total to a sweet $8.00 flat, and just in time for the Square Show 5 happening at TATE’S Comics running March 13 – May 2, 2015; therefore,  you get a sneak peek of my Passion for Passion square.


Sneaker Wonderland:

If there’s one person in my inner circle who knows how to shop, that would be my Top Drawg Nimrod. No one feeds into my obsession for cuteness like him. For 22 years this man has had an eye for the purse I buy, my passion for the next must have dress, and knows that when it comes to an outfit, it’s all about the shoes, and that’s what Saturday consisted of. Shoes. Shoes. Oreos and more shoes.


After building an appetite from carrying shoes around the Nike Outlet, we picked up the spawns and invaded The Magic City Casino for their Food Truck extravaganza . Out of many -the two I fancy most are Don Mofongo and HipPOP. I could live off of those two for the rest of my life if you let me. (I promise they were happy).


HipPOP’s Passion fruit dipped in dark chocolate and topped with coconut is to die for. That’s what you, and you, and you and definitely you, need in your life. You’re welcome.


Now, of course the night was complete after having Don Mofongo’s shrimp mofongo, which always takes me back to those crazy sexy summer nights in Puerto Rico. YUM.


Searching for the Perfect Booties!

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While Facebook and Goggle battle over who is the best search engine online, and tries to concur your computer screen one click at a time…I took the liberty of walking away from both sites to check out the next best things today… Steve Madden booties, yes, they are making a comeback.

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MAYFLOWR BURGUNDY women’s bootie mid casual are on sale for- $151.96

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REGAINN COGNAC LEATHER women’s bootie mid casual- $159.95

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Steeep Chesnut Suede women’s bootie high wedge for -$129.95

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WESTONN one sale for-$90.98

Here Come the Holidays!

If you are anything like me then you love a good find, trendy items at a price you can afford, right? Well feast your eyes on Targets latest trends for this Holiday Season.  The Mossimo pep Toe Wedges come in red; I need those in my life!

Women's Mossimo#amp##174; Peg Peep-Toe Wedge - Black

Women’s Mossimo® Peg Peep-Toe Wedge – Black  for $29.99

Ll Fx Sd Stddd Dtl Hgh Hl Pmp

Ll Fx Sd Stddd Dtl Hgh Hl Pmp $36.99
Women's Mossimo#amp##174; Paisley Platform Pumps - Red

Women’s Mossimo® Paisley Platform Pumps – Cobalt Blue $29.99

Women's Mossimo#amp##174; Black Viviana Platform Pumps - Blue Patent

Women’s Mossimo® Black Viviana Platform Pumps – Blue Patent $29.99