Monday’s Eye Candy -Josh Radnor!

Josh Radnor

So I’m a tiny bit late with this show, sue me! But that’s what happens when you get lost inside this thing called life, school, work and family.

After having spent months introducing the children to shows like LOST, Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead, we felt we needed another show immediately to fill the gap between hiatus, so we came across How I Met Your Mother.  What an incredibly sweet and brilliant show.

If you remember FRIENDS and for those who grew up watching FRIENDS you will agree that there wasn’t another show like it on TV, it was our bible growing up, until I sat down to watch the pilot of HIMYM, and I just knew I had found another show that I just couldn’t live without.

As we slowly approach Season Four, after giving myself a pedicure and watched how these friends continue to tangle their lives, I suddenly realized my admiration towards Ted. Even the kids have fallen in love with Ted. His character hits real close to home right now, as I watched how he jumped into a relationship (that almost cost him his life) with a woman who has a child, and struggling to make a choice of moving forward with the relationship knowing all the risks involved or to call it quits before it becomes difficult to walk away from later down the road. I knew then that Ted was going to be my absolute favorite, plus it doesn’t hurt that Josh Radnor has your typical Boy Next Door look and is unquestionably adorable.






Monday’s Eye Candy- Walter White!

I’m a sucker for a confident man. I’m attracted to the kind of man that takes charge, who’s not intimidated easily, the hopeless romantic kind, who isn’t afraid to slap the world but is afraid of one thing.. losing his family.

I know… for the first time I’m not making Monday’s Eye Candy about an actual person, rather I’m basing this post off of a fictional character, and not just any character but one who’s breaking bad all up in your face.

Once upon a time you could strip this man from his dignity with your words.   A man who’s head hung low every time he made breakfast to express his sorrow knowing you’d spit on the food he prepared with his kind heart. Until one day cancer came threatening to take him away from the one thing he loved the most, his family. After learning of his illness, he grew a pair of balls, began to cook one of the most notorious drugs in the market, shaved his head, and started sporting a fabulous goatee only to became one of the most feared, yet respected men on Television history.

bryan cranston... yeah, I'm on this train too.

Breaking Bad, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in Season 4. Photo by Ursula Coyote

Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad")

Monday’s Eye Candy-Andrew Lincoln!

Andrew Lincoln

This man not only came back from the dead, but he’s fighting his way through Zombies to keep from becoming one of the hottest walkers in TV history.  I don’t know if it’s his soft-spoken ways, or the way he wears his hair but I’m completely infatuated with this sheriff…it might also be his undying love for his doomed family or his dead gorgeous beard (and you know how I feel about a good looking beard). ;)

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln

Jason Mraz Is a Four Letter Word!

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Wednesday night I embarked on a spiritual trip. I drove to West Palm Beach to catch, Jason Mraz on his Tour Is A Four Letter Word, with two of the coolest concert buddies a girl could ever ask for.

We arrived right before sunset; a pink color sky surrounded the Cruzan Amphitheatre. The crowd was beginning to move towards the gates as the opening act said her goodbyes. Hundreds walked around with fodora hats; Mraz’s signature trademark. This concert was exactly what I needed in my life, I left embracing my loneliness, becoming friends with my heart again after a four year battle with it for wanting things I at times didn’t care for.

I have attended countless of concerts, but this one is going down as one of the best concerts of my life. Jason has a sweet way with words when it comes to love, but what touched me most was his tribute to his grandfather, and the songs he wrote after the loss of his friends.

Yes, we all want to be lucky in love, but we also want to be lucky in family, and that’s where I realized that it’s ok to tell someone you love them, whether they return the love or not.

I realized that just because they can’t show it, doesn’t mean you can’t give it. Life is too short to be worrying over someone who can’t express their feelings, that’s their bad, not yours. Moreover, don’t stop showing your love for those who are important, that’s what truly counts at the end of this beautiful thing called life.

“Thanks for the hot show West Palm Beach!”

WAJIMA Does A Little 420 at Tobacco Road.

Last night I went over to Tobacco Road, for their 6th Annual 420 Event, hosted by Queen of the Scene, and DJ Oski. They were kind enough to invite to the event. The rain threatened our night, but for the love of all things good music, it stayed away until the very end. Miami is full of some serious musicians, and I was ecstatic when Queen of The Scene, asked me to be part of the event, just so that I could bring some of the names of our locals, hidden in our very own backyard to you.


Soma, opened up the event with their feel good in your face Funk. Their energy was just the right amount of organic combination, that  kept the Happy Hour goers from closing out their beer tabs.

7 Seas took the patio with the very energetic Future Function.  These boys had their fans moving their heads to every cord of Nicholas’s bass, rocking out to Ryan’s riffs, and stomping their feet to Andrew’s drums.  Miami if you haven’t had the chance to witness 7 Seas live, make sure you do. Their next show will be on May the 4th at, Xtreme Indoor Karting, bring the kids.

Now, I want to share with you something I found in the patio. IKO IKO‘s very own Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Percussionist, Graham Wood Drout, was performing his Biloxi Blues sound that brings the jambolaya, taste to life itself. What’s more fascinating than watching a crowed of people enjoying good music? Watching a crowed of young adults pack the patio, and appreciating the Blues. Drout, brought his best set list to Tobacco Road that night, giving us the  privilege of listening to ‘Shine On Me’, and leaving us wanting more after ‘Ghost Of Mississippi’. Ghost Of Mississippi, won the ‘Blues Critics Choice’ award for SONG OF THE YEAR in 2006.

The first thing I noticed about Kolabo Sound System’s was that the lyrics were filled with lots of Spanish LOVE. That caught my attention immediately, and it wasn’t  long before the ocean of people took notice as well, streaming in from the parking lot to the front of the main stage. The band had everyone one swaying, and grinding to their reggae rocksteady beat, it was intoxicating to watch, that they too got caught in the moment almost running passed the stage time leaving everyone wanting more.

For those of you who know me, know that I’m addicted to all things vintage, especially music. Now my buddies from The Deadly Blank, are exactly what the vintage Lord ordered. This Trio of pure awesome bliss is infused with the talents of Eric Sanchez on guitar, Carlos Paguaga on drums, and Craig Rittenhouse on vocals and bass. If you haven’t seen The Deadly Blank, then you are comepletly missing out on some serious joy, and WE ALL WANT SOME JOY  IN OUR LIVES, DAMMIT! You can catch them at the Billiards in Miami Lakes on May 2nd, 2012.

Monday’s Eye Candy – Steve Jordan!

Steve Jordan has worked with numerous artists from Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin, to Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones, but only one artist stands out more than all the rest for me, and that is none other than the virtuoso, John Mayer. Steve joined the John Mayer Trio back in 2005, taking Mayer’s music to all new heights. He produced Continuum alongside John, and ventured off into the world of musical bliss for the next five years, but not before bringing to an end the most beautiful winter tour yet, Battle Studies ’09-’10. He parted ways right before the summer tour began, by letting everyone know that he was going to take a break, due to not wanting to be on a tour bus for the rest of his life… however I’m sure we’ll see more of Steve Jordan sooner than not. He’s just too talented to stay in doors!


I’ve been a fan girl to big name musician’s since before I started walking, but this year I had decided to take it to my very own back yard. In doing so I have encountered some amazing, and very talented group of people & well… let’s just say that this fan girl has gone apeshit! Let me elaborate a little more on my new found crush.

HELLOOOOO, FALSETA! Since seeing them at the beginning of the month at the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes, I haven’t been able to get their sound out of my head.  Its just something about the way they make me move,  in one minute they have me swaying from side to side, and in the next turning me into a complete monkey…you’d have to see it to believe me!  Since then they have been at the breaking point of surpassing the amount of times I’ve seen an artist preform live, and I never thought I would see the day when a local band would surpass the many times I’ve seen, John Mayer.

Just last week they had a badass show at the Rock Shop, in which I attended and fell completely in love with the place. The Rock Shop is beautifully decorated in red velvet drapes, where they display gigantic pictures of musician all around. It’s truly a beautiful little hole in the wall holding its own on a hidden little pathway on South Beach.

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Now just this past Saturday they played at the Poorhouse in Ft. Lauderdale, and even though I was in no facial mood to be out and about, I couldn’t miss them for the world!.

Falseta will be playing this Friday night at the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes for their Halloween Blowout, come dressed to impress in your Halloween best!

Fab Fashion Fridays – Mad Men!

HELLOOOOO, FRIDAY! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had quite a busy week and I’m stoked that it’s finally Friday! Thanks for hanging out with me while Wajima took some time off to focus on some important things going on in her life these days!

Let’s see, so far this week, I’ve shared with you my love of both beautiful faces and beautiful music! Now, let’s take a look at my obsession with the retro 60’s clothing worn by the cast of the AMC award-winning series, Mad Men…more specifically the characters of Don Draper and Joan Holloway.  No need for me to ramble on about how much I love them because I could go on for DAYS!  Seriously…when I “grow up”, I wanna look Just. Like. Joan…or at least have that woman’s measurements!!

Take a look for yourself at the sexy, classy and sophisticated style of these two drop-dead gorgeous characters!

Monday’s Eye Candy-Jesse Williams!

Hi, Michele here!











Jesse Williams, who currently plays Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy, is hands down one of the most beautiful men I have ever laid eyes on!  Just look at those eyes of his….*sigh*….abso-freakin-lutely gorgeous.  An interesting fact about him is that before becoming an actor, he taught English and history in Philadelphia public high schools.  Seriously, can you even imagine how many mom’s were volunteering to help out at school once they discovered HE was their kids teacher?!?!


Music for the Soul- Falseta!

Last Wednesday night, Andrew and I went to the Billiard Club in Miami Lakes, for their once a month event of DIRTY RHYTHM WEDNESDAY to checkout some of his fellow rock heads.  Now I have to admit I had no idea what I was in for by the end of the night.  After a few mellow bands took to the floor with some original/cover songs, others showed their love for women’s underpants by having some of their fans throw a bunch of granny panties while they played to a pool playing, bar drinking and dart throwing crowd.  Needless to say the mood quickly shifted the minute the energetic, and completely flabbergasting sound of FALSETA came crashing through the walls.

(fan-girl alert)

You know the part in the Little Mermaid when Ursula comes out from behind the rocks, and starts to sing magically with Ariel’s voice. Yeah….well that (aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aahaa) sound is what I felt the minute the lead singer of Falseta started to rock the mic!

The man is so freaking gorgeous and talented he makes Jim Morrison rollover a thousand times in his grave as he swayed about.

So far a lot of  the bands I’ve seen in the last few months not only have Rock in common, but are also originally from Hialeah. I’m beginning to think that the reason why the chonga’s are no longer competing for attention, is due to the fact that these bands are making a movement straight out of the dirty waters, showing that Rock is still very much alive in Miami.  Therefore leaving very little room for the awful outfits, and bad hair styles that infested the factory working city a few years back.