Monday’s Eye Candy- Omniscient!


When I first came across Omniscient, it was sometime during the spring of last year when my buddy Leo DaVincci posted a video he had just finished working on, alongside Miami Beat Wave, Feat ArtOfficial, Locos Por Juana, and of course Ominscient, called ‘Succeed‘. I was intrigued by the explosive energy coming full force through my computer screen. His speedy discourse, and assertiveness reminded me of the indissoluble fondness I will forever have for Method Man. And I knew I just had to continue paying reverences to my Method crush by admiring Omniscient from a far. OM is a local artist from Miami, and super talented and very good looking, therefore I HAD to feature him, ’cause c’mon, you know I have a thing for Miami’s finest (if you haven’t noticed by now) and tomorrow he will be dropping yet another video, plus I can’t wait to show you all the work he’s put in, and we’re only in the beginning of August, people! So stay tuned…





Music for the Soul- Greg Hansen

Remember Greg Hansen?  Sure you do, he’s one out of the many beautiful Eye Candy’s featured on the blog.  Well it just so happens that Mr. Hansen has drop yet another album which is now available on itunes just in time for Fall, and this has given him that chance to make his way back on the website not only as a Monday’s Eye Candy, but also this weeks choice as, Music for the Soul.  Enjoy!