Monday’s Eye Candy- Gabriel Beltran!

The first time I saw this Latin Pop Rock band from Miami was back in August at Tobacco Road, now as a Latina I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t  into Spanish rock, until I came across this band.  If it weren’t for my busy schedule, I would totally be front and center at all their shows in town.  They are just to damn good to miss which brings me to my  2nd choice for this November’s drummer feast ;).  Meet Gabriel Beltran, he’s the spicy drummer for the hot sizzling band from Miami,  AVENIDA ZERO.  Gabriel discovered  the drums at the tender age of 2 … you don’t believe me? See for yourself!

After spending most of his childhood moments making music out of  empty buckets of paint, by the time he reached 14  he was able to get  his hands on his very first real set of drums.  Growing up in the 90’s influence his music taste from Nirvana, to Offspring, to Green Day & then Foo Fighter’s, which set tone for Spanish rock music to enter is life, and being moved by bands such as Manà, 2 Minutos & Soda Stereo.  He later on decided to start his own punk rock band called Area 51, back in his native country of Uruguay, as time progressed so did his passion for music.  At the age of 17,  Gabriel ventured off into Brazilian jazz that lead him to pop rock, and by 22 he made his way into the US setting his eyes on Miami.  This landed  him right where he needed to be, working alongside people in the music industry which paved the way for him to work with talents such as Dulce Maria who performed in ‘Premios Juventud’ 2011.

His skills have allowed him to venture off onto the most important project to date, being the drummer for one of the hottest Spanish bands in Miami. I love a musician that’s well rounded in his craft, heck you have to be if you’re planning on making it in this business.   Please don’t forget to follow Gabriel and his band  AvenidaZeroband on twitter, and also like them on facebook for up coming tours & events.